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    I am something of a newly made fan of what I call "Minor Allies". I'm thinking of what in game terms are "secondary" probably nameless allies and retainers that while not wielding any real power in the world are awesome. Think 1pt or mebbe 2pt at best. Hoping I could solicit some really useful ones. Here's four.

    1. "Bob" Clerk in the Criminal District Court. As a member of Criminal Justice Council he provides has weekly meetings with the Mayor, Chief Administrative Officer, City Attorney's Office, 2 City Council Members-At-Large, 2 Chief Judges, Superintendent PD, DA, Sheriff's Office, Coroner, Department of Corrections and others. That means he is a gateway to accessing some very powerful people.

    2. "Sarah" Married woman with children who is a legal assistant part-timer. She gets paid under the table and is happy to perform all sorts of odd jobs in daylight. She's intelligent, utterly reliable, a general sweetheart and a well-trained professional assistant.

    3. "Dana" works in the Tax Assessor's office. She's happy to find out who owns various buildings, even providing copies of records the public doesn't normally access for a couple of bills.

    4. "David" is a practicing psychologist. For a select clientele he provides counseling and support to people adjusting to the psychological challenges of ghouling or the Bond, as well as occasionally some truly potent antipsychotics.

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    5. "Janet", the local Pagan store owner, who is associated with many of the local Sorcerers in the city. While she lacks any supernatural capabilities herself, she is liked by the local Sorcerer community for her willingness to find them exotic components and rare books. She's intelligent and protective of her clients, but she is willing to make introductions to local Sorcerers if she is treated with respect (and if Tiger, the store cat, seems to approve of the individual requesting the introduction).


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      6. "Joe", assistant to the city's Chief Medical Examiner. While he doesn't have any power himself nor can sign off requests or make decisions he is privy to everything that happens in the city morgue, especially the strange murders, weird marks on bodies, and a lot of other signs of careless feeding or Masquerade breaches which he can either report or help cover up.


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        Dana, hair stylist assistant at the most popular salon in town. The shop is a hub for powerful women and the wives of powerful men. She is invisible to them, gathering gossip and overhearing mobile calls.