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Describing vampire emotions.

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  • Describing vampire emotions.

    For humans, strong emotions have a strong physical component. A knotted stomach, a rapidly-beating heart, sweaty palms. Emotions have little salience without these manifestations. Vampires, who do not have beating hearts or other working organs, still feel strong emotions--Rötschreck, Frenzy, bloodlust, the Blood Bond. But what do these things feel like physically? Since all things vampiric come from the Blood, maybe vampire emotions are best-described in terms of blood. Actually a lot of this would feel kind of familiar to a human. Rötschreck could be described as a freezing of the blood. Frenzy could feel like the blood burns as it courses through your undead veins. Hunger could feel like a sputtering low pressure throughout the body, and the Blood Bond like a throbbing, pulsing pressure.

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    I think you are on the right track, though I have often gone with a slightly different sensation set. I focus on the absence of living reactions as well as the new sensations associated with vampiric physiology.

    ​If you spent your mortal life with a "normal" emotional range, for years after becoming a vampire, you will be acutely aware by their absence in connection to physical sensations and reactions. You might feel anxiety, but you won't feel your heart racing when you jump off a cliff. The lack of that heart beat will bother you, so rather than being distracted by the heart racing, in those emotional moments you are distracted by its absence.

    ​By the same concept, once an individual has gotten used to the vampiric existence, they can be off put by smaller amounts of genuine emotion. Kind of like having a wine glass that is empty and dry, then after a chance encounter with a charming mortal, your emotional glass has a few drops in it. Once again it is a big difference from a mortal response, but you are distracted by its appearance.

    ​As for new sensations, I go with a cainites fangs itching or throbbing when they are aggravated in some way, be it hunger, annoyance or anxiety. This can be further filled out depending on the vampires disciplines. If they know high level protean, they might want to stretch like their animal form, but feel stuck because they are still in human form and the muscles just don't work that way. This is further personalized by the character style and the various disciplines.