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Necromancy - The Bone Path(Shambling Hordes)

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  • Necromancy - The Bone Path(Shambling Hordes)

    Shambling Hordes creates obvious results: reanimated corpses with the ability to attack, albeit neither very
    well nor very quickly. Once primed by this power, the
    corpses wait — for years, if necessary — to fulfill the
    command given them. The orders might be to protect
    a certain site or simply to attack immediately, but they
    will be carried out until every last one of the decomposing monsters is destroyed.
    System: The player spends a point of Willpower.
    The player then must succeed on a Wits + Occult roll
    (difficulty 8). Each success allows the vampire to raise
    another corpse from the grave, and costs one blood
    point. If the player cannot or chooses not to pay the
    blood point cost of additional zombies past a certain
    number, the extra successes are simply lost. Each zombie can follow one simple instruction, such as “Stay
    here and guard this graveyard against any intruders,”
    or “Kill them!”
    Note: Zombies created by Shambling Hordes will
    wait forever if need be to fulfill their functions. Long
    after the flesh has rotted off their mystically animated
    bones, the zombies will wait and wait and wait, still
    able to perform their duties
    My question is, can there be multiple commands over time or is it a one time command only that they'll follow until they are destroyed ? for example, i've acquired 3 zombies and i've commanded them to stay and guard a site against intruders, can i later on command them to perhaps guard a different site ? or command them to target a specific target and so on ? or command them to suddenly lash out at a certain group while they are simply guarding a site ?

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    One command forever. If you want a new command, you need to raise new zombies.

    I'm a professor! Why is no one listening to me?!


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      Yeah, you only get one command for each group of zombies. It is a fairly limited power, but it does have its uses. You could raise a bunch of zombies and have them attack annoying college kids, guard the basement where you sleep during the day, tend your garden, etc.