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The Typhonian Beast

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  • The Typhonian Beast

    So, with the new v20 dark ages serpentis rules, the lvl 5 power allows you to birth monsters from your flesh, and give it life. This procedure permanetly cost you one healt point per creature, for as long as the flesh is apart from you, and you will gain a health level back once you reunite. Given the setites struggle to gain control of the beast, because they think it can lead them to seth, is it crazy to belive that the Typhonian Beast is actually a PART of seth made with the new lvl 5 power, and that reuniting the beast with the setites, will allow the resurrection of seth?

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    not at all, set supposedly made the typhonic beast with dark magics (completely thematic that its an old ass ghoul transformed by his akhu and serpentis) I doubt something this low level even registers as something needed to make the beast though tbh.