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  • Custom Kraina Rites

    Hey folks, I made a couple of custom Kraina rites somewhat based on the mechanics found in Tome of Secrets, and I would love to hear any opinions or feedback on them.

    Wind Borne Whispers
    Level 1 Rite - The Transylvanian Kraina -
    Attribute: Manipulation

    Just as the Koldun oversees it's domain, it is imperative that he can issue commands to those he observes. Legends abound of Koldun whose words are heard when the wind blows in the most remote corners of the land.
    System: Upon completion of the rite, the Koldun can choose a recipient for his message, by whispering an individual's name, or targeting an individual or location that he can see or sense through his own eyes, Disciplines or other Koldunic powers. He then exhales his intended message in a whisper, which is immediately lost to the wind and carried to it's destination. If an individual has been targeted, the intended person hears the message after 1 minute as if the Koldun was whispering on his ear, if a location has been targeted, anyone in a radius of 5 yards x Kraina level hears whispers of the intended message. This rite can send missives to anyone within a mile of the Koldun's location who is not in sealed room. However, recipients of the sorcerer's message are unable to communicate back anything to the Koldun without use of their own magics or methods of communication. This rite ends once the Koldun rises the volume of his voice by screaming or shouting.

    Becoming the Breeze
    Level 3 Rite - The Transylvanian Kraina -
    Attribute: Dexterity

    As the Koldun extends it's mastery over the elements, he becomes one with the wind that surrounds him.
    System: Upon completion of the rite, the Koldun can choose to become light and weightless as the wind, allowing him to levitate and float as his mode of transportation. When he does he can move at his normal walking speed, and all attempts at moving stealthily enjoy a -1 in difficulty. The Koldun can increase his velocity of flight up to his normal running speed, but any additional actions taken while doing so lose 1 dice. While in flight and if possessing enough strength, the Koldun may carry up to 50lbs/25kg. Additionally the Koldun can only fly in open spaces or rooms with at least access to a breeze, while flight is impossible in sealed rooms. If the Koldun is ever knocked prone against his will while levitating, this rite ends immediately.

    Please check out my artwork for Exalted, Vampire: The Masquerade and at my DeviantArt page