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What's a reasonable expected timeframe to recover Willpower?

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  • What's a reasonable expected timeframe to recover Willpower?

    I know, I know, it's really going to be up to how the Storyteller runs their game.
    ​I've just been noticing a lot of Disciplines seem to have a WP cost, and going by the core suggested mechanics, it seems really hard to recover.

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    just like their blood reserve, the onus is on the player to manage their willpower reserve. People spending willpower need to keep their Nature in mind and look for chances to pursue actions that recover it, just like they have to go hunting when they're low on that sinister merlot.

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      I generally allow characters to recover one point of WP per game day if they find time to sleep. Beyond that, they need to RP their Nature to regain points of WP, and I limit that to one point of WP per scene of Nature RP.


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        I try to balance the natures a bit.
        Some are easy to RP (1 point)
        Some are damn hard to achieve (full recovery)
        Many are in between.

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          The more important point with WP in the 20th books is that current WP is the difficulty or resisting dice pool for many powers. That is why makes Psychic Vampirism so powerful, a character can supercharge to 10 points of WP and recover WP by dealing bashing damage with a touch.


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            In a gameplay sense, if the ST is reward the ST prerogative WP gains even handedly:

            PCs are going to start most Stories with full WP.
            PCs are going to regain 1 WP each night most of the time.
            PCs are going to regain 1 WP after any major successful advancement of the plot, which should probably be ~1 per Chapter assuming each session lasts long enough to handle a few plot points.
            PCs are going to regains 1-3 WP every time their Nature is brought to the forefront (this also makes balancing them a bit easier). Easy to come up Natures will come up more frequently for less rewards, while harder natures will be more infrequent but with a bigger reward.

            IME players that have settled into the game are going to be able to regain ~3 WP during a session fairly reliably if WP is not feeling heavily taxes, and ~4 if the players are seeking more via Natures due to the high stress of the scenes.