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The Order of Saint Blaise and Sabbat on Humanity

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  • The Order of Saint Blaise and Sabbat on Humanity

    My buddy was telling me about Saint Blaise, which he said was a sect within the Sabbat that followed humanity and which was thus more humane than the majority of the Sabbat.

    I read a bit about it and couldn't find any reference to this aspect of the order, only that it operated in the church and was a little more restrained in its modus operandi than most Sabbat groups.

    Does anyone know what book it's mentioned in? I'd like to find out a little more about it.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Just found it in the new core book for LARP, as far as the LARP material is concerned, The Order of Saint Blaise is indeed a much more human society of vampires than the average Sabbat member would be and there are tensions between them and other members of the Sabbat.


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      Something to keep in mind is that most vampires in the Sabbat are on Humanity. They may be low Humanity and on a trajectory of degeneration, but Humanity is still the default assumption for most of the Sabbat.


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        The Order of Saint Blaise seems like it would be Humanity 4-6, while the average Humanity Sabbat would be 2-3. (with the Paths of Enlightenment encouraged)