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Charactization (Correspondents of a Brother)

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  • Charactization (Correspondents of a Brother)

    Correspondents of a Brother
    Symbols ** author is speaking out of character, and to the audience.

    Dear Prince of Tunis,
    When was the last time I wrote to you, I know probably ages ago, and I am sorry for that. For my foolish ways Dear Prince but I must write to you know, not out of desire but necessity one that has for more concern over Kindred and Kine, the world is moving my Dear Friend one that I feel even this Camarilla cannot stop. My friend, I tell you this cause the enemies are at the gates, the Sabbat is growing day by day. They court old powers of Europe, the Czar of Russia may even be one of their pawns but what make it worst is Wilhelm II or that is what he will be called once he rise to the throne. The man is a danger to us all not just Kind, but at least Frederick is in line before him, and maybe we can do something about Wilhelm.

    Alas Kine troubles are not why I am writing you, my most Dear Brother it has been so, long since I have written or said Brother. So, many memories come back of our childhood in Agrigento. Do you remember how much trouble you got into by Mother after pissing in the holy water or the times we use to chase each other to the Temple of Concordia or the old man that told us he remember the temple before it became a church, and we laughed at him. Thinking he had lost his mind. “Maybe, he was telling us the truth,” I remembered you saying this once. To be honest I thought you were mad. You know I miss it, the Valle dei Templi, the Porta di Ponte, the people but most of all I miss them. Sometimes on a cool night, when the winds is coming from the south I can remember the smells of the aromatic bath mother, and are sisters use to take or how father would always bring back fabrics and spices from his travels to the court of Osman the first. I always wondered why he traveled their? He never told me, I was too young. Don’t you find that funny?

    Well, I should probably stop lying to you, but if you have gotten this far brother you already realized that. I miss you, I miss how you use to laugh at my terrible jokes or how you use to get so anger about me teasing you over Bibiana, especially me catching you two in the vineyards. What a day that use I learned what Men do with Women, and I think I lost my innocents that day. Those were the best of times, even know in my old age I look back and weep. You know are lives were taken from us. Sure we were given immortality but at what price. Never again will we be able to have children or to taste wonderful wine or truly love. We are brother, the demons in the night, the ones mother use to tell us, in order to scares into being proper little boys. Do you remember any of those ancient fables, I seem to have no recollection other than her tell us about horror that traveled in the night.

    Katka, wishes for me to say something from her. So, there you go my pure child. She also, wishes me to ask about Alba and Nicolau. I wish my Dear Brother that I could write longer but we are about to approach Elysium, and you would know all too well what a letter like this could do.
    You’re Brother Giaches.
    **This is a characterization that I start, one to challenge myself. I felt that very rarely, at least in game I played in, do you get a family blood bond that is not supernatural in any way. A true family bond but on that is hidden not talked about. Only for the flood gates to open up in the letter to some degree, but to also show this elders humanity. Something that I feel we very rarely get this days. If any of you would like to give pointers or ideas it would be great. Also, if you want you could post something you wish to try in a game or have not seen done, and see how it goes.**
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