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    Originally posted by Zennis View Post

    I hear you, it's a tough place to run a game unless you tweak the setting in which case you're not really using the material in CBN as it's written.

    This is one reason why i like post crusade Constantinople, it's a simpler place to set a game and you can still use the triumvirate, just a weakened body with Latin vampires hold more influence.

    Knock out the NPCs you feel are too difficult to use and make the playing field a bit less complex while still keeping the grandeur of the city (to a lesser extent).

    You can even have the players sent there by a group of Latin vampires who want them to influence the city or serve as their agents or spies.

    I was actually looking for something that makes sense for their presence in that city - going through several other books I figured my second best guess would be Transilvania chronicles but during my chat with the players we decided to settle in CBN. I will probably avoid the more powerful cainites in the early games, stick to simple intrigues on fledgling level. Not ready to roleplay Micheal and likes at all ;-) Agents ( willing or not ) of the latin vampires sounds really good, especially since one of the pc is a Lasombra. I will let them decide during the game if they want to preserve or destroy the dream ( or leave all together ).
    We managed to adjust their stories and backgrounds to fit in the new ( old ) date, it seems the fixed date in DA20 has no real consequence on the game contrary to my belief and worry.

    I guess it's time to learn some history, ready the book and see where it goes ;-) I appreciate all the input from everyone - cheers.