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    Hey all, just going over Chicago by Night 1st Ed for a game with the wife. It says Lodin killed his co-conspirators after defeating the old prince. Also that the only Venture in Chicago are his children. How is this possible? Would not the clan send new Venture to Chicago? Does Lodin get rid of them so they don't upset his power? Does the clan take a blind eye? Just wondering the community's thoughts. Thank you.

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    The clans aren't very structured entities, first of all. If we're talking about "the clan doing X" in Lodin's case, and presupposing some kind of higher authority he's accountable to, then we're probably talking about the regional Strategos.

    That much said, it's more a question of why the Strategos would send Lictors/Tribunes to Chicago than why s/he wouldn't. The city is safely in Ventrue hands. Things are running smoothly. Lodin's actions are indicative of a fairly controlling Prince, perhaps, but he's not breaking the Traditions or impugning the clan's dignitas. Within those parameters, a Ventrue Prince can run his city more or less as he wills.

    Setting aside the interest any distant elders might have in Lodin's reign, if any younger Ventrue come to Chicago for personal reasons, Lodin is within his rights as Prince to deny them permanent residence within his city. He doesn't need to do anything so drastic as kill every Blue Blood who passes through Chicago, though declaring a blood hunt is also within his rights if they stay in the city anyway and ignore his dictates.

    Lodin's actions ultimately aren't causing that big a problem.

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      His brood has pretty much all the niches a out of town venture would need to get themselves started locked down unless they want to levy some heavy boons to get a finger in the pie.


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        There are only so many Vampires in a city, what with the 1 per 100k humans thing, and the Ventrue are just one clan. Chicago had a very specific bloody situation, and the Camarilla/Ventrue Clan has no recourse to act against a city for having all the Ventrue there related. Not much time has passed, and since there are already ventrue there all they have to do is close rank on those not of their brood to make it inhospitable for others to want to stay there. I mean once you have your brood already with a monopoly the hard part is over. Give it time for more errors to seep into the plan.

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          I believe Lodin killed his co-conspirators for one simple reason. They had betrayed Prince Maxwell and Lodin was making damn sure that they didn't have the chance to betray him as well.

          In regards to other Ventrue, I would suspect he would help sponser them to take praxis elsewhere. If there are busy fighting in other cities then there aren't going to give him any trouble. Any that are stupid enough to try will be quickly dispatched by his brood who have a tight grip on the city if they work together.

          I have always pictured Lodin' brood to be completely dysfunctional but they will close ranks and support each other from outside threats.


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            Also worth mentioning that the reason Lodin actually pulled this stunt so smoothly was because the Ventrue in Chicago had already depleted their ranks during the coup Maxwell, fighting in both sides of the conflict might be said if the background Harold Goodston (the abomination from Under a Blood Red Moon) serves as any indication, not to mention the city's kindred population as a whole had taken a hit with the Great Chicago Fire.

            Summing it up, many had died in the fire, more died in the confrontation with Maxwell or his supporters, the few who actually survived were either supporters of the fallen prince (and had to go, one way or another) or proved less than loyal and had to be destroyed for conspiring behind Lodin's not long after the takeover. So, there's no lack of valid justification and convenient excuses for one to hide behind. Also, the simple fact Lodin managed to get a good chunk of his clanmates to support his hastily pushed seizure as they did seems to point out that the local Ventrue weren't that much of a bid deal in the first place.

            A fact ironically reinforced by how Lodin's decision would come back to bite him as he finds out the Toreador of Chicago apparently were the real power-brokers of kindred society in Chicago and he had just left himself alone and isolated through his own decisions, making him forever dependent on the vagaries of his increasingly large (and unruly) brood to survive the troubles with the labor movement (and Modius) and the messes of the following decades.

            Damn, he was already pretty lucky that the only Ventrue that managed to survive was an Abomination, as it made Pariah pretty ambivalent and divided as a kindred when left on his own. An individual more accepting and with less self-loathing at his kindred condition might have made for a very dangerous rival indeed...
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              Lodin is Prince and therefore he can deny residency to any vampire who arrives. Its his domain at that point.

              As for killing all the other Ventrue, it seems that during times of Praxis seizure almost anything goes and slaying your rivals during the chaos is acceptable. It's just that when it's over, it's over and no more violence is tolerated. I imagine many vampires take the opportunity to settle old scores during the middle of a praxis seizure. I also assume that given the extent of the Great Chicago Fire that there was the more than usual plausible deniability for why Kindred died.