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  • Methuselah Game???

    I was wondering if anyone has play a Methuselah game or if it is even possible?

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    Methuselah games are fairly easy to run, the tricky part is understanding that such things have a significantly different tone than standard vampire games.

    ​If you are running the game in the time period when Methuselahs were more common, such as 1000 B.C.E. to 500 B.C.E. then the game runs a lot like an Abyssal Exalted game. You do pretty much what ever you want, go on grand adventures, create kingdoms and empires, fight with mages, battle mythic monsters, etc. For character creation, just decrease the basic starter generation by 1 level every 500 to 1,000 years into the past you are setting the game, and in addition give 1 extra starter discipline dot with the same time frame. Otherwise the starter stats are the same as usual. That's just the house rule I have used when I would run these sorts of games, I based it off of Dark Ages character generation and extrapolated to go back further in time.

    ​If you are running a modern nights game, then the game style is more akin to a grand strategy video game. The PCs will be more powerful than say the average local Primogen or Prince, so the entire social dynamic doesn't really work. So you switch gears to a question of how to deal with multiple cities and territories at once, like figuring out how to control an entire country or state from shadows. Character generation for this has to run a bit differently if you are going with long established elders, which means you have to calculate how much power each Methuselah has accumulated over the ages.

    ​The Modern Nights version can be run almost like a game within a game. Imagine your coterie of Methuselahs meeting to discuss how they want to affect the world. The game is largely social and dealing with underlings, but what is being discussed is things like moving armies around, mobilizing corporations, applying pressure to a given country or rival business corporation, sharing intelligence on the movements of enemy methuselahs, etc. ​Depending on how you want to focus your game you might need to run a mini's wargame to handle what happens in big battles or major maneuvers.


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      Since the youngest Methuselahs will have 15 extra Attribute dots, 50 extra Ability dots, 33 extra Disciplines dots, and probably 33 extra Background dots and/or extra Freebie Points, even a 10th generation Methuselah will be exceptional powerful. I would suggest building the base character with the Elysium rules (allowing you to make characters from 10th to 5th generation) and giving them the bonuses associated with their extraordinary age rather than allowing them to purchase the weak tea that was the Age Elder Background. The characters will be the leaders of the Camarilla (the Anarchs and the Sabbat just do not attract enough Methuselahs to worry about), and they will be spiders hiding in the center of webs that stretch across the Earth.


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        Originally posted by Aya Tari View Post
        The characters will be the leaders of the Camarilla
        The Talmahera is also an interesting possibility, ans well as an independant Elder for some clans.

        And while I do like the Inconnu, the fact that there main point is to stay away from the whole game of the Methuselahs would be a little annoying for that kind of game (or challenging & interesting?)


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          I ran a methuselah's game set shortly after the flood. The characters started out as neonates and thus were embraced by the antediluvians. We had downtimes that lasted several centuries in some cases. Eventually we got into the Roman era by which time the characters had become quite powerful; they had elder level disciplines, armies of followers, influence across the mediterranean and a great deal of would be diablerists after them, some of whom were there childer. We kind of ended it there with the players having betrayed Carthage to the Romans (which I think they did it simply because that's the way it happened in history, though one player admitted to doing it that way because then the game would run in line with the established material).

          I think it can be done well but I think it's best to do at least a prelude session with the characters as neonates, possibly an opening story arc. We did about 7 sessions a story arc followed by increasingly long downtimes.