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What... What did I just read? (Reference Desk: Inconnu)

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  • What... What did I just read? (Reference Desk: Inconnu)

    (As a side note, I don't use this website for VTM stuff, I own the books, I came across this particular page through a friend who messaged me saying "WTF is this fanfiction?")

    Clan Name: Inconnus

    Nickname: Manipulators

    Founder: Astrix Maramus

    Current Leader: Bertrum Kell

    Clan Disciplines: Auspex, Celerity, Dominate, Fortitude, Obfuscate, Potence

    Clan Weakness: Strict "entrance policy" and enforcement of clan values.

    The Inconnus are the newest of the clans to be formed. They started out as merely a sect, founded by Astrix Maramus, who had broken away from the Inconnu. Astrix believed that the time for the Inconnu to simply monitor had passed; Gehenna was drawing nearer and nearer and in order to correct the way the world was going before it was to late action must be taken. Instead of feeling superior and "performing their duties as Inconnu well" by simply ignoring the problem and not trying to fix it, Astrix felt that direct intervention was needed. He began his long plan of setting the world back on what he felt was the right track. Over the course of millenia, Astrix gathered followers and resources, until he felt the time was right to activate his long-dormant contingencies. When the last missing puzzle piece was finally found, Astrix unveiled the first stage in his grand plan: the diablerie of a powerful, but weakened, second generation Kindred: Namtaru, focus of the ancient and dark rites that granted the Baali their infernal powers. In his travels and research, Astrix had uncovered the resting place of this lost Childe of Caine, and had planned the battle in his mind ever since. After less than 24 hours of fighting the severely weakened, blood depleted Ancient, Astrix and his followers were able to disable him enough for Astrix to perform the diablerie. With powerful mental shields in place, powered by several methuselahs under his command, Astrix controlled and subdued Namtaru's phyche, though that battle took much, much longer than the battle against his physical form.

    With the diablerie complete, and now with the full powers of a 3rd generation Kindred, Astrix was able to form a bloodline: the Inconnus. Borrowing a few vestiges of the power left form using Namtaru as a dark focus, Astrix was able to create a form of the same ritual that the Baali used to initiate Kindred of other clans into their fold. The Inconnus ritual, however, was much safer both physically and spiritually. A Kindred undertaking this ritual did not have to deal away his soul; in fact, part of the ritual drew upon the powers of Obeah to cleanse the soul in question. Souls tainted and not wishing redemption from the taint automatically failed the ritual; this failsafe was put into place on purpose, to be absolutely certain that there was no lingering Baali influence int he ritual.

    Over the course of the next millenium or so, the Inconnus grew. He led the Grand Council of the Inconnus on a bloody war against some of the most undesirable Antediluvians, using his power as a 3rd generation to help his followers overcome and diablerize such vile Ancients as Absimiliard and Tzimisce. The Inconnus during this time also virtually eliminated both the Sabbat and the Camarilla, though a few stragglers still hold out from each sect. In doing so, he created an alliance of his Council - all 3rd or 4th generation - and other returned Antediluvians, including Saulot of the Salibri, who had finally cast off Tremere's body (which his soul had inhabited after casting Tremere's soul into the body of Goratrix, whose soul in turn was placed into an enchanted mirror). Astrix found the location of yet another, unnammed second generation Kindred, and his allinace attacked that Kindred as well. When the dust finally settled, Astrix had his diablerie, again, and after yet again winning a battle of wills (with help from his allies) was a fully-fledged second generation Kindred himself. Now his bloodline was powerful enough and numerous enough to be a full-fledged Clan, with a second generation at its head instead of a third generation like most clans claimed. After making sure most of his affairs were in order, Astrix again removed himself from almost all direct interference in the world. Figuring the need for his direct meddling was done, he turned over nominal control of the clan to his second-in-command, Bertrum Kell.

    There are two prevailing philosophies that drive the Inconnus: the need for free will in all things, and the belief that flaunting power is a sign of weakness. The Inconnus to make wide use of ghouls and Blood Bonds, but will often give orders through several intermediates so that the vassal will feel little or no "pull" from the Blood Bond to make their Domitor happy, and will comply of their own free will, as much as possible. Though they cultivate the use of Dominate, they are loath to use it to give direct orders; it is more a tool to them than the crutch it is to the Ventrue. This, they believe, leads to better help in the end. The Inconnus therefore lose out on several possible sources of aid, though those who do help them are usually utterly devoted and tend to perform their duties much more enthusiastically. Also, it is considered a violation of the tenets of the Inconnus to flaunt power unnecesarrily. Any Inconnus who lords themselves over others just to show their power often don't last long in that power. Exceptions are mode, of course, for underlings in more military ventures (a soldier who disobeys his commander, for example, deserves to be punished, this is not considered an "unnecessary" use of power). In fact, most of the holdings of the Inconnus (needed both for the Masquerade, and because, like it or not, money makes the world go round) are as subsidiaries with references or credit to the parent companies almost impossible to find.

    Problems with this:

    - Their Progenitor is a Gary Stu. Seriously, you have successful Clan Leaders (Augustus for example) but the books don't jerk off to how amazing Giovanni is, in fact they go as far as mocking him during Gehenna for thinking he could stand up to "real" Antedeluvians.



    - So much more but it's actually difficult to digest, I would appreciate some help. For starters we have the two Diableries of powerful ancient Vampires. Then we have a simple tale which seems to be anti-Jyhad, as it's a simple Hero's Quest for the founder without any nuance. Now such tales do exist in the VTM lore, such as the founding of the Anarch Free State, but that story ends with several sad endings, including gang warfare and the Kuei Jin destroying everything.



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    Looks like fan fiction, like Matt Ward level fan fiction.


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      Originally posted by BurritoMage View Post
      Looks like fan fiction, like Matt Ward level fan fiction.
      This is like Dirty Secrets on speed. This is like Berlin By Night but translated 100 times through google translate. This is inhuman and must be dissected and broken down and understood.



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        Lol Calm Down


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          It's just plain stupid and I would laugh at anyone who would bring this up in one of my chronicles.


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            The really weird thing about this is that I didn't think there was any original material on that site. This obviously isn't from any official book.

            Edit: Astrix Maramus is a character from Final Fantasy 14. Move along, nothing to see here.
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              Originally posted by Schleiermacher View Post
              The really weird thing about this is that I didn't think there was any original material on that site. This obviously isn't from any official book.

              Edit: Astrix Maramus is a character from Final Fantasy 14. Move along, nothing to see here.
              That made me snort my coffee. And yeah, most of the stuff on there is from the books. Well, most of it. Some stuff, occasionally, is made up. Like there being three breeds of Gargoyles and them having different Disciplines.


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                More like CLANfiction huehuehuehuehue

                On a more serious point, it's probably wise to make sure any online resource references the original material and marks out any homebrew shit as such.
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                  Originally posted by 11twiggins View Post
                  Like there being three breeds of Gargoyles and them having different Disciplines.
                  Didn't check what they put on the website, but the 3 breeds of gargoyles was a thing initially, from when they were still created. Depending on which 2 clans they were created from (from Gangrel, Nosferatu, Tzimisce) they were either scouts, warrior or guardians.

                  But this was at the time when Gargoyles weren't truly kindreds, visceratika wasn't a thing yet (they had special powers by rituals cast onto them), and they couldn't embrace amongst other things. If you were masochist enough to want to create one during the Dark Ages (or on a specific campaign that would have such a charater interesting), you could buy a merit for 6 point to be a real kindred & have basically a death sentence on your head if the Tremere ever found out.


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                    What is this heresy.

                    Light inspires illusion and interpretation. Truth can only be found in darkness.


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                      Originally posted by 12dollarburrito View Post
                      What is this heresy.
                      Looks at the VTM Lore

                      Okay, well none of that matters now. My Gary Stu is a bull in a china shop. The china is beloved Lore. Watch out, entire massive Sects! Watch out, Tone of the Entire Game-line!

                      Also, there is an abundance of conveniently locatable and defeatable members of the Second Generation. When an entry has more Antedeluvians than relatable characters, there might be something wrong.