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[Flaw] What's your Dark secret ?

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  • [Flaw] What's your Dark secret ?

    Dark secret is a one point flaw :

    You have some sort of secret that, if uncovered, would be of immense embarrassment to you and would make you a pariah in the Kindred community. This can be anything from having murdered an elder to having once been a member of the Sabbat. While this secret weighs on your mind at all times, it will only surface in occasional stories. Otherwise, it will being to lose its impact.

    What's the darkest/funniest/strangest secret you've had ?

    Here's mine : In the city of Paris where Francois Villon is the Toreador Prince, my character is a Kleptomaniac Malkavian stealing... art. The Prince is mad and it has taken enormous proportion, with me and the other PC looking for clue to find me. People are starting to talk about Fantômas coming to life and every Toreador in the city started being paranoid. If they found me I will probably meet the Final Death.

    English is not my native language, please forgive my mistakes

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    My PC partially blood-bound a mortal detective to heal her from certain death by Sabbat attackers. She then helped the detective escape the city so she could avoid becoming a ghoul. Luckily the detective was unconscious at the time of healing, and somehow words like "Kindred" and "vampire" and "drinking blood" were never brought up, but it's still hard to ignore glowing red eyes and a supernaturally healed collar bone and arm (broken from a previous incident).

    My PC has no idea where the detective went or what she's doing now, but PC's bf educated her on how common it is for former ghouls to become hunters, and a True Faith priest recently arrived in the city. Also my PC's unstable sire, who wants his fledgling back under his wing, is very good at gathering intel, and would be more than happy to give the Prince a reason to expel her. All of this is circumstantial evidence, but, uh...she's not liking the looks of things.

    She also enjoys a friendship with a well-known Noddist who previously led the destruction of a major Camarilla stronghold as a Sabbat bishop. Oh, she's also friends with a Ravnos and an Akunanse...and she's a Gangrel.

    ...She's not very good at the whole "group solidarity" thing.


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      For a Venture I created for the Transylvania Chronicles: His dark secret was that like the Tzimisce, he suffered from ancestral soil dependence. To compound the problem, he was a base-born of a Szekler lord and a Vlach servant. He was embraced into the clan as a propaganda tool, which would allow the Ventrue to go: "See? Now we too are of this land!" Were his additional curse to be discovered, it would severely embarrass his sire as well as himself, as he would be regarded as a Tzimisce byblow.

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        Well, a pile of them, depending on specific character - but then, what's a kindred, one might ask?

        Let me throw two PCs that quicly come to mind.

        Jesse Blue (Chicago by Night)
        - Not really a Gangrel, but a Setite in disguise.
        - Commited Diablerie (true) on Prince Lodin (false, it was Schumpeter) amidst Anabelle's praxis seizure.
        - Actually allied with a hidden Lodin and conspiring to slowly take down the secret powers holding the city's reins (true).

        Mirkal Kallistenos (Miami by Night/A World of Darkness)
        - Is actually an elder of uncertain origin with memory problems (true).
        - The Tremere want him for the many esoteric secrets he has learned/stolen through his centuries of wandering (true).
        - Managed to once invade the Vienna Chantry, is the source of the "Tremere as a worm" rumor (true).
        - Was once a Red Lister for countless crimes against princes in dozens of domains, but the Camarilla believes "Red Nemo" was already decades ago (true).
        - Has strong ties to the Sabbat and was at least once a Priscus (true).
        - Is in truth a Malkavian elder descended of a line of demon-worshippers (false).
        - In fact one of the earliest members of the Tremere (true...from a certain point of view).
        - Has sired countless Caitiff broods across the world and is himself a Caitiff (true).
        - His true sire was one of the first Gargoyles, gone rogue and lost to the clan (true).


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          Originally posted by Baaldam View Post
          - Not really a Gangrel, but a Setite in disguise.
          Actually something I was considering for one of my upcoming characters. Seemed like the best disguise for one, given the powersets.


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            Originally posted by Monalfie View Post
            Actually something I was considering for one of my upcoming characters. Seemed like the best disguise for one, given the powersets.
            In fact this character is a funny case because he actually started as Gangrel, though a very sociable, decadent, artistic and far from typical one, but as the story progressed i saw the Followers of Set for the first time in the Player's Guide and ended up discussing with the ST the idea of the character as an imposter and so he became a Setite by retcon under the group's noses. It made for a nice twist when, after messing with a setite cult trying to establish himself in the city, i actually stole the leader's heart in the session's final scene.

            Back then we even subsumed Serpentis 1-4 into Protean - as an aside, giving Protean to Setites worked very well with imagery of Set as a hunter and god of the wastes - with the differences as simply "regional variants" covered by stuff like the Gift of Proteus merit and turned the heart-stealing power into a ritual unique to the cult. My favorite part of those changes was probably turning into a sandstorm instead of mist at Protean/Serpentis 5.
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              I never Comite Diablerie, i played with a Assamita Lealist but i never comite Diablerie, for the general NPC always are everyting but vampire are no the list, or there are fellow Assamites and the other Vampires are the players and i not want be a a$$hole


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                The image of a well-bred lady presented by Lucretia de Montegriffo is a lie, a mask behind which hides a woman who once was little more than a common whore, with a pedigree that starts and ends at a street gutter in Genoa. Her home was the street, her family the other urchins, her education the cruel hands of lustful men. Not content with her lot in life, she used her beauty and wiles to lie, cheat, seduce, manipulate, and murder her way up the social ladder. As a mortal she made it to well off courtesan, as a vampire she's made it to proper noble. Lucretia wears her aristocratic privilege like she was born into into it, and as far as anyone else knows she was. Because after spending so long rising above her origins, she will be damned if she's going to let the sneering patricians of Constantinople hold them against her.
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                  I played in an elder game set in Detroit immediately after a Camarilla reconquista. I played a Lasombra antitribu who had been a former head of internal security, and a caudillo dictator in South America for a brief period toward the end of the Infamous Decade. Lacking a clan structure and the usual feedback of a social set to help reign in his more extreme impulses, his Humanity was dropping fast. (Spending ten years undercover in pre-conquest Sabbat Detroit didn't help.)

                  He followed all the rules of the Camarilla, technically, but had a Dark Secret. He very often had feeding "errors", in which he killed his vessels. Often, like weekly. To dispose of them he would chain their feet to concrete blocks, and drop them in a private lake on his estate. When he had a difficult decision to make or just needed to relax, he would swim down to his "secret garden". He would sit and meditate there, in the watery depths, surrounded by his floating victims... a forest of watery corpses in inky, wet blackness.

                  Sometimes, if the mood struck him, he would turn on his underwater speakers and dance among them, to Julio Sosa's Cambalache. The ST started to have him hallucinate/dream other songs, most prominently David Bowie's "Panic in Detroit", Laura Nyro's "And When I Die" and, from Evita, "Waltz for Eva and Che". I interpreted this, of course, as a warning of the character's threadbare sanity, slipping by the night. Humanity 2 is a very precarious place.

                  El Caudillo's secret was uncovered by the Ventrue primogen, a PC, who decided it was similar enough to the Ventrue weakness, as a feeding related affliction, to overlook. That, and I had some dirt on him.

                  Had my character's "secret garden" been discovered by the Camarilla, he would have certainly been destroyed on presumption of loyalties gained during his undercover work. I had intended to take the character in the direction of either abyss mysticism or necromancy, probably on Path of Death and the Soul, but the chronicle ended.


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                    Originally posted by Nosimplehiway View Post
                    Well, that was pretty awesome. I love me some unhinged kindred with original concepts!


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                      My Tzimisce is ... a Brony.

                      What is tolerance? It is the consequence of humanity. We are all formed of frailty and error; let us pardon reciprocally each other's folly. That is the first law of nature.
                      Voltaire, "Tolerance" (1764)


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                        Originally posted by No One of Consequence View Post
                        My Tzimisce is ... a Brony.
                        The Fiend stood above the frightened mortal, bound and gagged to a chair. He raised his hand - each finger uniform in length - and ripped the gag away.

                        "Gah!" the mortal gasped, sputtering. "Ah!" he cried, "w-what do you want?!"

                        Bending forward, the vampire leaned on the back of the man's chair, so he bent over his captive. "Little fly...I am wondering what I shall do with you." He grabbed the man by his sweat-stained hair, and sniffed it. ""

                        "I'll g-give you anything!" the man said, shaking his head, face contorted in fear.


                        "Anything, anything! I'll tell you whatever you want to know! Just don't hurt me!"

                        The Fiend nodded, the corners of his mouth turning up, bemused. Grabbing the back of the chair, he slowly turned his captive around. "Tell me, little fly..."

                        He gestured to the wall the mortal now faced. Posters of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic were plastered in excess across its surface. Bending down, the Fiend whispered in the man's ear, "Who is best pony?"

                        The man blinked, breathing heavily. His face contorted in confusion. In time, he shook his head, mouth frowning uneasily. "...ugh...Rarity...?"

                        The Tzimisce spun the man around, teeth bared in rage. "Liar!" he yelled in the mortal's face. "Fluttershy is best pony! Your mouth lies!"

                        He clapped his hand over the man's mouth, a muffled whine issuing from it.

                        "So I will take that lying mouth from you."

                        And so it was, the hand came away, and the mortal's mouth was gone. The man's muffled sobs turned to muffled screams.

                        The Tzimisce grabbed the chair and tipped it back, beginning to drag it and its bound occupant across the concrete floor.

                        "We have so much work to do, my new friend."


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                          Originally posted by No One of Consequence View Post
                          My Tzimisce is ... a Brony.

                          And all his ghouls have cutie marks?


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                            Originally posted by The_Livewire View Post

                            And all his ghouls have cutie marks?
                            Cutie marks, brands, tomayto, tomahto ….

                            What is tolerance? It is the consequence of humanity. We are all formed of frailty and error; let us pardon reciprocally each other's folly. That is the first law of nature.
                            Voltaire, "Tolerance" (1764)


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                              Well, for the Tremere I played in my TC game, where do I even begin...

                              1. He was a centuries-old master before the Embrace. As in, was present at the Pax Hermetica old. [Playing a character who was for all intents and purposes a neonate, but already had an elder's perspective and lifespan, was damned interesting.]
                              2. Was actually censured by the Order of Hermes for committing what they considered atrocities, during the purge of the Diedne of all things. It was that bad.
                              3. Unbroken Lineage...straight to Goratrix.
                              4. He would have likely been Embraced at fifth or sixth Generation, but for the fact he discovered the Tremere's secret, was about to sell his own House out to the Quaesitor and found out, and killed a metric fuckload of Tremere before being taken out. So, as punishment he was Embraced by his own 10th Generation former apprentice and fully bound to the Chalice.
                              5. Was...well, he started with Vykos as an Ally. They went way back, and my PC had beef with Goratrix for screwing Vykos over. Vykos and my PC were selling each other secrets to eliminate their rivals within their own clans.

                              [My character's ties to Vykos, and his and Goratrix's mutual loathing of each other, made the first couple TC stories...interesting. In retrospect, the ST okayed all this probably because he was too amused at the prospect and wanted to see how I could navigate this without getting my PC killed. I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I made the PC, having never read nor read about TC prior.]

                              Then TC started, and I had to deal with the fallout of learning all the shit you learn in that chronicle about Saulot and the ramifications it has on Tremere, the Council, and the clan. To this date, I'm still the only PC that ST has ran into that ended up on the Red List, for one thing, and not just survived it but ended up so entrenched, powerful, and elusive Alastors would run for the hills at a rumor of my PC's sighting.