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Death’s Communion is Op?

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  • Death’s Communion is Op?

    Hi everybody,
    I do not know if I have wrong version of book or is only my mistake in translation (not native speaker) but in necromantic ritual Death’s Communion (LotC pg.109) is written:

    "System: The caster of this ritual is usually not the
    beneficiary. If the caster and the subject are the same, the
    caster suffers a +1 difficulty to her casting roll. Death’s
    Communion takes one hour to complete. The subject
    of the ritual gains a bonus of +2 dice to all Necromancy
    rolls for one night per success achieved on the casting roll.

    That means you get +2 dice for every success? Like 3 success on activation give you +6 to necromancy rolls?

    If so what do you think? Is it little bit OP? What is your experience?

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    You get an extra night per success, so if you have 3 you get the night you cast it and then two more nights.


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      Oh thank you for clearing up. Then it was only my translation mistake.

      One more thank you BurritoMage.