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    So I read through many of the Requiem Disciplines... a lot of them were 2edgy4me (this is a power which calls upon the power of your tears to evoke traumatic childhood experiences, this is a power which makes you bleed the way Christ did to boost your attributes (have fun guessing which of those, if any, I made up)) but a few were quite cool.

    The one that stood out was Continence. It's a Discipline for Blood Storage, not very 'sexy' but also very practical and fitting.

    System (probably should note that I made this system up, this isn't a direct lift from VTR): Every point in Continence increases your Blood Pool by a certain amount (1, 2, 2, 2, 3), so a 13th Generation Cainite with Continence 1 would have a blood pool of 11, while a 13th Generation Cainite with Continence 5 would have a blood pool of 20. Obviously this is a big investment (the alternative could be "can possess a mortal with eye contact") and so this feels fair.

    As an added benefit, those with Continence can roll their Continence to "soak" attempts to remove blood from their body. Each success subtracts from the normal amount removed (so 3 points per turn with a Vampire chomped on your neck, Successes points if it's someone using Path of Blood 4). This makes you a tad harder to Diablerise or disable.

    Anyone else experimented with porting these powers over? You could make them the preserve of some Elder or obscure Gehenna Cult or bloodline, or a group of Anarchs or thin-bloods.
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    Here's a list of Requiem Disciplines I've ported over to Masquerade as part of a larger project compiling and updating old "abandoned" VTM disciplines to V20 standards.

    I thought it would be fun to include Requiem Disciplines that weren't flat-out stupid (creating perfume scents...). There are some I haven't yet ported over but tell me what you think. (These are just the requiem ones)