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Meerlinda - 5th to 4th Generation

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  • Meerlinda - 5th to 4th Generation

    I have a question for the scholars out there:

    Do we know when Meerlinda committed diablerie to lower her Generation from 5th to 4th? I'm looking for an exact year.

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    We don't. The closest dates we have are from House of Tremere, which say that Tremere first committed diablerie on a Roman vampire in 1121. By 1125, Tremere realized that Amaranth was his clan's ticket to the top and led Methuselah-hunting expeditions with the rest of the Inner Council. Dark Ages: British Isles is set in 1230 and has Meerlinda's generation listed as 4th. So sometime between those years.

    Meerlinda's childe Abetorius is also listed as 5th generation in 1197 (the date of Constantinople by Night) and has an 1103 Embrace date. This doesn't fit with the Tremere not kicking off their mass diablerie campaign until 1125, so he's probably a diablerist as well.

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      I am going to be 100% honest when I say how its awesome you guys can remember all these different facts.

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