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Merits/Flaws for Clans and Bloodlines

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  • Merits/Flaws for Clans and Bloodlines

    Frightful Beast

    Brujah - 5 Points

    Your Beast is exceptionally difficult to control, flying to Frenzy over not only hunger and anger, but also Fear. All of the limitations and weaknesses applied to the Brujah over her Self-Control rolls also apply to Courage rolls; she may not spend Willpower on the initial roll, and the rolls are made at +2 difficulty.

    The Finest Vintage

    Ventrue - 2 Points

    You have a special type of blood within your feeding restriction (Abbots among Monks, CEOs among Businessmen) which is even more exquisite than normal. When you consume this type of blood, once per night, you may regain a point of Willpower.

    The Aura Fantastique

    Kiasyd - 3 Points

    You give off an unbreakable sense of the supernatural and esoteric. This basically gives you a free pass for any "oddities" that come as part of the package; of course your boyfriend is a Faerie, and of course you study Blood Magic. It would be strange if you didn't; you strike everyone as someone who should naturally come with a long list of unsurprising surprises. This only covers the whimsical, the relatively harmless and unusual, such as "Bellatrix uses Chimerstry and talks about her adventures with Changelings and Mages" or "Lestrange studies Demonology with a passion and has written (in a non-infernalist way) about the Baali, the Fallen and Infernal Spirits", but does not extend to the truly alarming or malevolent, such as "Bellatrix has black veins in her aura, has a harem of Werewolves in her service and offers up the blood of the innocent to Bulgroth the Unclean One".

    Messy Eater

    Nagaraja - 2 Points

    You eat quickly enough, but you make such a show of it. Maybe you enjoyed it at first and it became a habit you just can't avoid, or maybe you lack the finesse necessary to dine "politely". Whatever the reason, when you feed on flesh you make a lot of noise, you bare your teeth so that they are incredibly obvious to an observer, and you release a shower of "juices" when you take your bites and tear out your mouthfuls. This can result in anything from unwanted attention to mild embarrassment, depending on the nature of ones company.

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    Rootstock Assamite (3 pt merit)
    Sometimes, if an Assamite sire spends little to no time training a childe in the ways of the clan, such as with Sabbat shovelheads, the childe will have only the most tenuous of connections with the Blood of Haqim. Such childer are hypothesized by the Sorcerer caste to be a throwback to the earliest nights of the clan, before the various curses were levied. Rootstocks have the clan disciplines of Auspex, Celerity, and Obfuscate. In addition, they suffer from the Incomplete Understanding flaw regarding Clan Assamite. (v20, p.490) One big plus side, they only suffer from one part of the clan's flaws: the Curse of Growing Darkness.

    Brainwashed (1 pt flaw)
    Some sires, fearing apostasy from their childer, go to great lengths to force loyalty to the ideals of Alamut. During the childe's apprenticeship she is treated to intense psychological pressure to join the Path of Blood, but has not yet done so. She is on another Path, usually with a low Humanity, but may never spend experience to improve any Path other than the Path of Blood.

    Expert (5 point merit)
    Your sire picked you because you were incredibly gifted in one field, such as Academics, Science, Survival, or Firearms. She was not mistaken. You are very simply the best at what you do, and the blood of Haqim you carry is happy to help. Choose any one ability at character creation and you may spend blood to increase that ability temporarily in the same manner as blood-buffing physical attributes. (V20, p.268) This merit is rare among any line other than Viziers, in whom it is nearly always tied to the Curse of Obsession. Prerequisite: at least three dots in the ability must be purchased.


    Curse of Cronus (3 pt flaw)
    Early in your un-life you destroyed your sire. Maybe it was legally sanctioned, like a blood hunt when he wassailed. Maybe you even diablerized him. Maybe the whole city knows, and maybe you have managed to keep it secret. This flaw, however, is not about the social and legal implications, it is about the mystical repercussions. You are incapable of blood bonding any childe you embrace, or even anyone they embrace. Even worse, all of your childer seek to do you harm, similar to the Sire's Resentment flaw (V20, p. 490), except it's the childe's resentment focused on their sire... you! no one can quite put their finger on why your descendants hate you so, but they do. On the upside, if they ever manage to destroy you, they will likely inherit the same flaw...

    Scaredy Cat (4 pt flaw)
    Your clan curse extends to more than just anger frenzies, it also applies to handling Rotschreck. This flaw sometimes manifests with the embrace, but can also develop later after multiple exposures to the banes of vampires, like sunlight and fire. Some observers point out it is more common among elders. Though it is good at keeping the Brujah safe, it also draws the derision of more steadfast clan-mates.

    Control Freak (2 pt merit)
    You neither need nor desire those around you to fawn over you or try to win your approval. In fact, yes-men annoy you with their weakness and pliability. That said, everyone better do what you command them to do. Now. Replace Presence with Dominate as an in-clan discipline.

    Reactionary (1 pt flaw)
    You actively work against the goals and beliefs of most Brujah in your city. If most local Brujah are socialists, you're a libertarian. If most local Brujah are nazi skinheads, you're a multi-culturalist. If most clan-mates oppose the Prince, you're his biggest supporter. You can never gain prestige in your local clan, and, indeed, they likely seek to do you harm. On the other hand, this may ingratiate you with the local non-Brujah power structure.

    Secret Elder (4 pt merit)
    Most clans practice virtual ancestor worship of their elders, not so clan Brujah. You are an elder, potentially hundreds of years old and, perhaps, of powerful blood, but little known by others of your rank. You have recently arisen from a long torpor and have been greatly weakened by the length of your sleep, so your stats resemble those of a simple neo-nate. You pretend to actually be a neo-nate because you are still hiding from whoever put you into torpor, simply to avoid the responsibilities of an elder, or because it would be too dangerous to reveal yourself before you rebuilt your powers. Treat any experience points spent on Disciplines, Attributes, or other traits you may have had in the distant past as simply remembering old tricks, and there is no need for downtime or training to implement new purchases, unless it is a modern trait, like Computer or Science. If a topic related to modern life arises, you may need to do some quick social maneuvering to appear a contemporary of the young whipper-snappers who surround you.


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      The Archimedes Asana (5 pt merit)
      Dr. Laszlo Ferringer earned his degree in Biophysics at Stanford, focusing on the regulation of information loss in decohered polymers, mostly for quantum bio-computing applications. He has many times tried to explain his work to his clanmates. They have many times grown frustrated and angry at their inability to understand; 13th century Slavic lords rarely know about Feynman diagrams and M-theory. Honestly, they rarely even knew how to calculate a basic sine, co-sine or tangent. So, he came up with this little tidbit to get them off his back.

      You take one of your limbs and fuse it to a second limb, building with bony, angled nano-tubules as you go, then extend it in length for as great a length as you possibly can; don't forget to fuse the joints. Then sit down and form the two remaining limbs into a v-shaped construction, making a fulcrum. He skips explaining linear elasticity and measuring rotation angles theta in radians, but his students understand enough to enact the practical applications.

      And then they don't kill him for hoarding secrets from them.

      This very painful procedure is much too delicate to be performed in combat, or even at a hurried rate. It takes a full hour to twist into position, and requires a Stamina+Science roll, difficulty 8. Once in position, the user gains an additional, temporary dot of strength for one simple, non-combat action for every success on the roll. This costs one blood-point for every dot gained, and also inflicts one level of lethal wound on the user for every dot gained. Once the asana is attained, the user may make the roll as often as they like, but have great difficulty re-positioning to perform some other task. The most common uses are digging holes, opening portals, lifting weighty objects and so forth.

      It takes another hour, and the same blood costs compacting yourself back into a recognizable shape. (When teaching this part he always makes a joke about how it doesn't matter if you compactify with S5 or T*S3. No one has ever gotten the joke. If anyone ever does, he will teach that pupil his technique for using Viccissitude to transform into a nanite grey goo. Once he figures out where to get the extra mass while maintaining super-symmetry, Dr. Ferringer plans to fulfill his metamorphosis and become the universe. Or maybe, he'll become an extended one-d object with no mass. He hasn't decided.)

      Renormalizing your form from the Asana position is quite painful, but this trick has saved more than a few clan-mates from Final Death or Torpor. Since the Mexico City earthquake of 1985, when it saved no fewer than nine Tzimisce from entombment under rubble, Dr. Ferringer has had no shortage of pupils. (Prerequisite: Vicissitude 3, Auspex 1)

      "And This Is My Vozhd. I Call Him Mr. Zippers! I'm gonna hug him and squeeze him and..." (4pt flaw)

      Though your character does not have the capacity to create Vozhd, you have somehow acquired one. It has a six in all physical stats, but an animal-like intellect, requiring Animalism and Animal Ken for interaction.

      When you first realized you had the opportunity to adopt one of these mythic beasts you screamed, "Awesome!", and did a little dance. Now, though, the bloom is off the rose.

      You should have thought more about whether you were actually ready for the responsibility of caring for such a pet. They eat a vast amount of food... like, a cow a day. They are still biological creatures, so illness, exercise, and behavioral issues must be dealt with. And you and your pack will tend to be sent into battle against enemies way above your league.

      Picture house breaking a new puppy... except it's the size of a small truck and can crush you with one flick of it's... is that a tentacle? No, wait, that's a three foot exo-spleen. What was that elder smoking when he made this thing?

      At the start of each session, the player must make a Perception + Animal Ken roll, difficulty 10 - dots in Animalism, or Medicine, with a focus on Veterinary Science. If the roll fails, the Vozhd gets up to some sort of hijinx. Did he eat the Bishop's favorite ghoul? Did he chew up the Pack Priest's ritual equipment again? Did he poop all over the communal haven, and your new shovel-head may now have *that* as his favored soil? Did a Prisci decide you are up to storming a Camarilla Conclave alone, since you have a vozhd? You won't know what today's vozhd nightmare is until it happens.

      Good luck, chump!

      Close Kin of the Usurpers (3pt merit)
      Clan Tremere, they say, was created from the blood of a kidnapped Tzimsice ancient. They also say that that ancient was your direct ancestor. By all available blood tests, your blood is identical to that of your average Tremere.

      Adulterine Haven (2pt merit)
      Common havens are for common Cainites. At least, that's your motto. You work with your pack, and that's that. You have secret haven no one else knows about. Not your Pack Priest. Not your Ductus. Not even the Bishop. Your sectmates have so far humored your eccentricity, but for how long you have no idea.

      Boonwork Fugue (3pt flaw)
      It's not often, and you're not even totally sure it really happens, but.... every once in a while you lose a night. Others say you were strangely quiet and vaguely distracted. You have no memory of these episodes, but your pack-mates do. Sometimes you "go weird" for a few hours, sometimes for weeks at a time. There seems to be no rhyme or reason to these bouts, except that you seem to perform odd tasks that no one can explain. Maybe you call an unidentified phone number and speak in a foreign language. Maybe you kill a random human.
      What worries you more than what you do, though, is who you are doing it for.
      (This flaw is especially common among Tzimisce whose players have game session attendance issues...)

      Botany Bey (4pt or 6 pt merit)
      This merit, first designed by an aristocratic Tzimisce in the Ottoman Empire, who delighted in her gardens, has since become popular throughout the region. Usually, Vicissitude is only usable on matter of the Kingdom Animalia, but this expands the discipline to include the Kingdom of Plantae for 4pts, or to Plantae and Fungae for 6pts. This does not grant the ability to instill plants with intelligence or motility - a plant is still a plant, after all - but, the shape and appearance of plants become like clay in your hands.


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        I love all of these haha.


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          Truly Divine Palate (2P Merit)

          Maybe you were a vine snob or maybe the bane of all Ventrue manifests itself a bit different in you. Whatever the case, you know your blood. You know it so well, in fact, that you can taste things in it that should be impossible to taste. You instantly know the difference between vampire and human blood, just by sniffing it and you can gain knowledge about the basic characteristics (height, sex, body fat) from fresh blood by giving it a lick and making a Perception + Investigation Roll (Difficulty 8).

          Sad Lictor (1P Flaw)
          You are a Lictor. Trained to negotiate and enforce the will of the clan, you are the hands and claws of the Ephorate. Basically: Nobody likes you! Other Ventrue see you as an upcomer and silly naysayer at best and as a potential threat at worst, other clans know that the Ephorate probably considers you highly expendable and others might just find the idea of a Venture working hands-on really hilarious. When first introducing yourself and your profession, you get a +1 to the Difficulty of all social rolls until you show that you are to be taken seriously.

          Ceterum Censeo... (2 pt flaw)
          Your Sire had an axe to grind. During your Agoge, he would often go on tirades about a certain clan (usually Brujah) about how he would love to grind their bones into dust and do terribly horrible things to them in general. Let's say you are biased. When interacting with members of that clan, all social rolls are at a +1 difficulty. + 2 if they know who your sire is. And don't expect any favours from them.
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            Overspecialized (1-5 pt flaw)
            You hold power over a single area of influence This would be fine, except you have virtually no influence anywhere else, and refuse to pursue it. Maybe you had wider influence and were reduced to your current rump holdings, or maybe you are just building your empire and have chosen to start with a narrow focus. Either way, all of your backgrounds (except Generation) are in some way dependent on this one specialty, and could be wiped away in a single, disastrous night. Before any unrelated backgrounds can be earned through the course of play, you must pay off this flaw by learning to look up from the project that's right in front of you. Upside, this is a good way to, in effect, take out a mortgage at character generation. Downside, you better never pay attention to anything else, or you could lose everything.

            One Trick Pony (1 pt merit)
            Ventrue sires are notorious for giving their childer a thorough education, often excessively so. Your knowledge of Dominate 1 shows you to be the dubious beneficiary of such a harsh taskmaster. Your sire spent weeks, maybe months, maybe entire years drilling you on exactly one application of Command. At character creation, choose one, and only one commonly used command. For the rest of your existence you are at -3 difficulty for rolls to activate this one Command, but at +2 difficulty for all other uses of Dominate 1. Note, there is no mechanic for buying off a merit...

            Bastard Childe (3 pt flaw)
            Your sire drank you empty. Then some of his blood got into you. You became a Ventrue. That's it. He likely spent no more time than was absolutely necessary to explain the basics of vampiric existence to you, certainly no more than one full night. He does not publicly deny you are his childe, thereby preventing from being called Caitiff, but has made it clear you are just two vampires in the same city and nothing more. The rest of the clan has followed suit, treating you as they would any Toreador, Brujah or Tremere, without undue ill will, but not as a true equal. You may never gain Ventrue Clan Prestige. You will be no more likely to know anything about Clan Ventrue than the average member of another clan. Your primogen grudgingly admits you are of Ventrue blood, but refuses to be held responsible for your actions or advocate on your behalf in court. You will never be accepted by your clan, no matter what. Never!

            Glorious Bastard (2 pt merit)
            Remember when you were first embraced and your sire threw you away? Remember how all of Clan Ventrue treated you like a poor cousin, begging for scraps? Well, they said they would never accept you, but you made good! How? Who knows? Maybe you saved the unlives of the entire Board, and they owe you. Maybe you tracked down enough dirt on the Board that the Prince called a blood hunt on every Ventrue in the city except you, leaving you the last Ventrue standing. Maybe you just became, by hook or by crook, richer than all of them put together and they have to deal with you. The Clan doesn't like to be proven wrong, though. You are +1 difficulty on all social rolls with Ventrue who out-rank you in Clan Prestige (except Intimidation), but for those clanmates with lower Clan Prestige than you, who see you as a Horatio Alger figure, you enjoy a -1 difficulty on all social rolls. Come to think of it, maybe the latter explains the former...

            Not A Team Player (2 pt flaw)
            You don't work well with others. You can never take part in a pooling of Background points. Other Ventrue may be suspicious of this quirk, since it means you are perpetually unwilling to support their projects.

            You Make It Look Easy (3 pt merit)
            Some people are just born to come out on top. It's not that they never lose, they just always seem to recover with grace and flair. This is you. Ordinarily, through the course of play, Backgrounds can be lost through adverse events. This happens to you, too, of course, but if you just take a game session casually searching for another opportunity, those points aren't lost. They reappear in another Background, of the storyteller's choice, the gains in which seem to just fall in your lap. If, however, it seems like you are intentionally allowing your Backgrounds to be lost (such as through profligate gambling) the ST is within her rights to re-assign it somewhere unusual, like Status in the wrong sect, for example.


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              Shadow's Embrace - 3 Points

              You have a natural affinity for the shadows; Stealth rolls are made at -1 difficulty in all but the most well-lit environments.

              Ventrue / Tremere

              Resistance of Will - 5 Points

              Like most Ventrue and Tremere, you spent many years in training as a Fledgeling before making your official debut in the Court. Unlike most, a good portion of this time was spent being psychologically assaulted with Dominate by your Sire (typically with the intention of toughening you up). While this hasn't fostered much good will between you, it has granted you a rudimentary defense against Dominate effects; when targeted with Dominate you may reflexively spend a point of Willpower to increase the minimum number of successes needed to command you (or implant a suggestion, effect your memories etc.) from 1 to 2 for the rest of the Scene.

              Those who possess this merit often have developed relatively high Willpower, but this is not mandatory. Furthermore, possession of the Iron Will merit is not uncommon. Unlike Iron Will this power works regardless of how well the assailant has mastered Dominate; then again, a Methesulah with Elder Dominate (and very large dice pools and difficulty reductions) is likely to gain multiple successes, so this merit may be a small comfort.

              An alternative version of this power may be purchased to work against Presence, if applicable (such as with the Toreador and Ventrue).
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                Spoilt Beast - 3 Point Flaw (Self-Control only)

                All Ventrue risk Frenzy when tasting blood that does not match their feeding restriction. Unlike them, your Beast is loathe to taste such foul offerings, and will punish you with a vengeance if this occurs. When you taste kine blood that does not match your preference, or animal blood of any kind, you automatically enter Frenzy without any roll. If this tendency is uncovered, then expect merciless "pranks" to come your way...


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                  Exotic Rite (3 pt flaw)

                  Setites claim that many roads lead to Set, but... well... yours is particularly foreign to the local community of believers. Sure, most standard snake worshipers know that there are all sorts of variations, like the Daitya, Tlacique, and the Dhamballah, but what do they do with you when you show up at worship services? Frankly, you likewise disdain their practices as bizarre and incomprehensible. You are, as far as you know, the only member of your particular rite for hundreds of miles around. You may never advance past 1 dot in Clan Prestige among the local clan. In addition, you have difficulty performing some forms of Setite Sorcery just for lack of assistants, ritual space, and material components. All such rituals, though not paths, are at +1 difficulty.

                  In Recovery (3 pt flaw)
                  Setites often recruit among those who have survived long, dark journeys of the soul, such as drug addicts, dirty cops, corrupt preachers and the like. This is true for you, except your sire didn't realize your familiarity with vice was (mostly) in the past tense. Sometime before your embrace you kicked the habit, whether through rehab, a religious conversion, a 12-step program, or the daring high-wire of act of white knuckling it through sheer willpower. You have one vice which you absolutely refuse to either indulge in, or encourage others to indulge in. You may even refuse to be around it. This, needless to say, makes you an odd duck among Setites.

                  If you ever do somehow take part in your old vice (such as by accidentally feeding on a vessel who has taken your old drug of choice), you must succeed in a willpower roll or convert this flaw into the Addiction flaw, as your old vice once again becomes active. You may not buy off that flaw, though you may spend a single XP (and considerable effort) to convert it back to this flaw.

                  Serpent of the Light antitribu (3 pt merit)
                  You were embraced into the Serpents of the Light, but grew tired of the constant crusades, the duels, and, honestly, the nightly, bloody atrocities. When your pack and most of the other Sabbat you shared a vaulderie with were destroyed, you took the opportunity and ran. You are trusted by neither the standard Setites, nor anyone else, really. On the upside, though, you have a thorough understanding of the inner workings of both the Sabbat and your old bloodline. You need no further rationale for purchasing Sabbat related traits, like Sabbat Lore, Rituals, Necromancy, and so forth. You would also make an excellent spy against the Serpents, though the idea of this terrifies you.


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                    Dada (1 pt. flaw)
                    Your taste in art is very unique. Peculiar, some of your peers would say. But only because "horrendous", "atrocious" and "shite!" are not genteel enough for the clan of the rose. Whatever, taste is what it is and yours rejects everything that is traditionally seen as "art". No painting, statue or song will trigger your clan weakness but that is the issue: basically anything else might! You might find fascination in the aesthetics of a full dumpster, the gentle scent of vomit or the song of screeching cats.

                    Tunnel Vision (2 pt. merit)
                    You always had this issue, whenever you were stressed out, your peripheral vision seemed to stop working and you could only focus on what's ahead. It was annoying when driving and you need to move your head much more often than the average person. But you got used to it. After your embrace, it has become a gift. It allows you to overlook sights of beauty and delight that could otherwise trigger you clan's weakness. When stressed during a scene, you lower the difficulty to resist the allure of visual fascination by 1. You simply overlook it.
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                      Sorcerer Supreme (6 Point Merit) - Through natural aptitude, a scholarly bent, and active effort to study under the best and brightest minds, you've achieved an amazing degree of arcane might for someone not born to it. If you are of the Warrior or Vizier caste, you have Assamite Sorcery as a 4th In-Clan Discipline. If you are a Sorcerer that has taken this Merit, you start with an additional dot in the Discipline. Regardless of caste, any Occult roll relating to blood magic is at -1 difficulty.

                      Damnation by Association (4 or 7 Point Flaw) - With separate castes dividing things as well interference by Tremere and Baali in centuries past, it's easy to get confused about what weaknesses come from where. In your case, even your blood is confused. On top of the weakness of your own caste, you have that of one of the others. Furthermore, your vitae suffers a bizarre mutation derived from the arcane meddling of the enemies of the Children of Haqim: any ghouls you create suffer the weaknesses of Tremere ghouls. The 7 point version is even more extreme, as you suffer the weaknesses of all 3 castes, your ghouls suffer the additional Tremere ghoul weakness, and there is a %20 chance your childer turn out to be Caitiff. Many Assamites that suffer from this flaw take great pains to hide it, as elders would be loathe to let such a degradation of Haqim's blood live...


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                        The People's Champion (3 Point Merit) - In life people adored you as a hero cut from working class cloth due to your actions. While you may have left that life behind after the Embrace, you still maintain many of the qualities that brought you such a reputation, such as your down to earth attitude. Any Expression roll is at -2 difficulty, as are any uses of Presence that attract people to you, either physically or emotionally.

                        Echoes of Carthage (2 Point Flaw) - While you weren't there to witness the glory (or depravity, according to some) of Carthage, it left a permanent scar on the psyche of someone in your bloodline that has echoed down through the centuries. You require an extra success whenever rolling Self-Control, such as Frenzy or Rötschreck.


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                          Originally posted by SandCarlyle View Post
                          Echoes of Carthage (2 Point Flaw) - While you weren't there to witness the glory (or depravity, according to some) of Carthage, it left a permanent scar on the psyche of someone in your bloodline that has echoed down through the centuries. You require an extra success whenever rolling Self-Control, such as Frenzy or Rötschreck.
                          Rotschrek is a Courage roll, not a Self-Control roll. Plus, is this subtracting one success on all those rolls? It's a bit much when you consider that it's always extended, and RAW you need to accumulate 5 successes total to 100% throw off Frenzy or Rotschrek.
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                            Originally posted by Nosimplehiway View Post

                            Rootstock Assamite (3 pt merit)
                            Sometimes, if an Assamite sire spends little to no time training a childe in the ways of the clan, such as with Sabbat shovelheads, the childe will have only the most tenuous of connections with the Blood of Haqim. Such childer are hypothesized by the Sorcerer caste to be a throwback to the earliest nights of the clan, before the various curses were levied. Rootstocks have the clan disciplines of Auspex, Celerity, and Obfuscate. In addition, they suffer from the Incomplete Understanding flaw regarding Clan Assamite. (v20, p.490) One big plus side, they only suffer from one part of the clan's flaws: the Curse of Growing Darkness.
                            The Curse of Growing Darkness is a weak-sauce weakness for PCs (only becomes a problem past 100 years, where you are visibly different, and you only REALLY face a flaw at 1000+ when you are jet black, which isn't a weakness for PCs), hence why Assamites get other curses. Trading Quietus for Auspex is interesting, but it isn't really a merit or a flaw as it's apples or oranges. Overriding a Clan Weakness is something Merits should avoid doing in all but the most extreme cases, and being a sort half-Caitiff? Eh. I really liked the other ones though.


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                              ECT Addict (2 or 4 pt. Flaw)
                              You already had mental health issues in your living days and you were treated with the state of the art technology. Sadly that used to be ECT or Shock Therapy. Even worse, ever since your embrace made your derangement incurable and your body much more resilient, you started to kinda like it. And these days, you need it. At character creation chose a second permanent derangement. This, and only this, derangement remains dormant as long as you regularly get shock treatment. Once a month for 2 pt, once a week for 4 pt. This doesn't necessarily have to be "professional" treatment. As long as you have a power outlet and the right items lying around, you can make a Intelligence + Medicine roll (difficulty 8) to hook yourself up.

                              Jester (2 pt. Merit)
                              Everyone in Elysium knows you and everyone knows what a joke you are. They think that your suffering and strangeness are an eternal source of hilarity. That being said, nobody dislikes you. Even the prince enjoys hearing from your misadventures and everyone would overlook verbal indiscretions, just to keep you around. All social rolls made against vampires that are above you in the organized food chain are at a -2 difficulty as long as you keep on seeming harmless.
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