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    Originally posted by Davesknd View Post

    I did it myself! (1 pt flaw)
    Having no reflection is not an issue at all! You can cope by yourself and you don't need any ghouls or whatever to help out. Basically, you do your own hair, make-up by using light sources and guesswork and decide how well your clothes work by looking down. You are not very good at it. To be frank: You are a never-ending source of hilarity and joy to everyone around you. All social rolls based on your superficial appearance are at a +2 difficulty since you are more clown than vampire.
    I absolutely love this one! Brilliant!


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      Drama Queen - 3 Point Merit (Charisma or Appearance must be 4+)

      You're well known for being a bit... dramatic. You have a strong flair and make powerful statements. Since you have some natural social assets, people are keen to forgive you for your momentary "flights of fancy". This plays to your advantage, since people are used to you making extreme or outlandish statements; that's just what you're like, everyone is ready to forgive you, be it for getting into a slap-fight with the Nosferatu Primogen, or declaring that your Sire is "dead to you". Those who hold a grudge are typically viewed as being morally or socially insufficient, and may face increased social difficulties as a result. This is a powerful tool, but will lead to making bitter and jealous enemies, who view your life of constant second chances to be some cosmic slight against them.

      Harpy's Pet - 5 Point Merit (Appearance must be 4+) (Other clans may work at ST discretion) (Other traits like Charisma, Intelligence, Strength, Performance, Academics etc. may replace Appearance at ST discretion)

      The Harpy can't control themself when it comes to you. You're a constant source of heartache and entrancement which belies their maturity and potentially blaze nature. It isn't Presence or Manipulation, it's just that you're exceptionally sexy in a way that they can't find anywhere else. This could range from the refined ("you know, you remind me of a young gentleman I knew in Strasbourg, his eyes were like sapphires") to the crass and fetishistic ("James tells me that you're [redacted]... care to join me for some 'light refreshment'?"). As a result, you can do little wrong in their eyes, and are pampered and treated like a young god or goddess; their resources, allies, contacts and housing are yours to enjoy. This is largely a blessing, save for the crowd of jealous underlings (ghouls, Ancillae, Neonates, childer) who covet your place in their arms (and affections). You can be seen as anything from an overpaid rent-boy or call-girl, to a piece of overly decorated arm-candy, to a serious indiscretion who must be removed for the Harpy's sake.

      - You may access the Harpy's backgrounds with a Manipulation + Expression roll, difficulty determined by the scope of the request. "I wanted to get a new suit fitted" would be an automatic success; they're more than keen to lavish you with decorations. "I was hoping to get a meeting with the Malkavian Primogen" would be difficulty 7; they can sort it out for you easily, but it doesn't line up with treating your or spoiling you in the traditional sense. "I wanted to take a part of Southside as my own Domain, can you sort it out with the Prince my love?" would be difficulty 9 and require multiple successes. Others may become aware that the Harpy is under your spell if you rise like too much of a star, and her influence may be numbed slightly as a result of this; the Prince will roll their eyes when the Harpy makes their third request to get something for you (the right to embrace, recommendation for a court role, a new domain...).

      - Consecutive failures in a social setting may lead to your patron getting bored. This would be the result of a series of botches, or a series of poor roleplay choices. A rival with a similar feature could also threaten this merit; in fact, a rival might embrace someone who exceeds you in some capacity (perhaps possessing even paler skin, brighter red hair, greater musculature, a more narrow waist...) just to achieve this end.

      - You will gain allies and enemies in equal measure as a result of the Harpy's affections; if other Neonates want to talk with them they'll go through you. If someone wants to hurt the Harpy they'll go after you. This should be balanced to be generally positive, but for the sake of the story you may become the victim of one of the Harpy's enemies; if this does happen (and you survive the outcome) then you will find manipulating the Harpy even easier; after all, they almost lost you. Do you want a bodyguard from now on? I know a Gargoyle Upstate who is looking for employment... Or tutelage from an expert in self-defense? I could get you a permit to carry firearms, or maybe an armoured vehicle...
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        Perfection. Perfection I Say! - 1 Point Merit

        Growing a third eye was very bad for your looks at first; while it's symmetrical, it just looks a tad... uncanny. But once you'd learnt how to contour and apply eyeliner to it, it looked exquisite. Your makeup routine has perfectly incorporated your third eye, in such a way that it is a work of art. All Appearance rolls with supernatural creatures, and mortals who have no reason to freak out (excluding those who react negatively to a Salubri, such as Hunters and Tremere) are at -1 difficulty.


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          Never again! (5 pt flaw)
          You made the titanic mistake of attempting to enslave a dybbuk, a victim of the Shoah. Not only was it distasteful, now the Dark Kingdom of Wire has declared you one of their tormentors and some of the most pathos-filled ghosts on the planet will pursue you. Whenever you botch a necromancy discipline or ritual, you will attract their attention. Should your soul ever leave it's body or travel to the Shadowlands, they will be waiting, eager to drag you to the camps and show you what happens to those, who make them line up for another Zählappell. And do not delude yourself that begging for mercy might appease them, there are few spirits in the world that are more justified in being vengeful.
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            The Darkest Journey - 3 Point Merit

            Like all Nagaraja, you have a homing instinct. If you walk in the Shadowlands for 3 nights you will arrive at Enoch, the home of the True Black Hand. You are aware of this, since your Sire told you upon your embrace... but you are unusual in that you have a perfect sense of direction in the Shadowlands, a feature that would typically require hundreds of years of dangerous journeying. While in the Shadowlands (or Low Umbra in 'higher' terms) you need merely pick a destination which you can name or conceptualize (the home of the True Black Hand, the land of the Mummies, the remnants of Carthage, the river Styx, the part of the Shadowlands corresponding to a landmark in the real world) and you can orient towards it. Simply make a Perception + Awareness roll, difficulty 7. Extra successes provide a safer journey, avoiding other sites of interest that may be dangerous (such as the meeting places of potent Wraiths, the locales of Specters, or other umbral travelers).

            Opening The Way - 3 Point Merit

            When you enter the Shadowlands (typically through use of the Ash Path), you may bring other 'creatures of death' with you. Living beings (mortals, Mages, Ghouls, Lupines, Mummies) cannot follow you through this method, even if they have close ties to death. Creatures that are well and truly dead, such as Vampires, Cathayans, Risen, Zombies, Liches and Mummies predating the refined Spell of Life (whose bodies are dead) may follow you.

            Creatures abandoned in the land of the dead are not truly stranded; they may find their way back if they find a place in the Deadlands which is "close to the land of the living" (these correspond to places where the Shroud is weak); once there a simple Willpower roll (against a difficulty of 7) can return them to the Skinlands (they do not truly belong in the Shadowlands since they did not enter through their own magic).

            A Secret Stolen from a Black Hand - 5 Point Merit

            Despite not being a member of the True Black Hand, you know some of their secrets. You possess a Grimoire that holds several potent rituals that are unique to the crazed blood cult, including a ritual which allows you to bring the living into the land of the dead. If your Grimoire, or the rituals you learn from it draw the attention of the Hand, you will gain a 5 Point Sect Enmity flaw which can only be removed by joining the Sect or escaping their sight by changing your identity.

            A Secret Stolen from Venice - 5 Point Merit

            You hold a small journal, stolen from the hand of a Giovanni before they crumbled into bitter ash. This journal includes details of many rituals unique to the Giovanni, including one which allows for the embrace of dead mortals. If your journal, or the rituals that you learn from it gain the attention of Clan Giovanni, you will gain a 5 Point Clan Enmity flaw which cannot be removed; if a "crazy flesh-eater" knows secrets of the family, then she is destined to die.
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              Hellish Reflection (1pt flaw)
              While most Lasombra simply lack a reflection, which can easily be overlooked by the imperceptive, your reflection is a blatantly obvious occult image. Maybe your reflection looks like a swirling miasma of darkness, a fire draped demon with horns, or a wild-eyed serial killer. Your reflection may not exactly match your movements, possibly throwing itself at the inside of the mirror clawing to get at the viewer, making obscene gyrations or, even, brandishing a weapon you aren't holding. These manifestations are immediately noticed by anyone interacting with you enough for either of you to require a social roll, if a reflective surface is available.

              Devil's Tongue (3pt flaw)
              You retain vestiges of respect for the innocent and faithful from your mortal life. You may not use your Dominate against any person whose Humanity is higher than your current temporary willpower. In addition, those with True Faith are completely immune to your Dominate attempts.

              Fearsome Defender (5pt merit)
              One of the most dangerous things for a Lasombra is other Lasombra. You have been targeted for diablerie multiple times, with the approval of your clan elders. Each assailant (including at least one very powerful keeper) has been dispatched by you, either through blind luck or pure bad-assery. Whatever the reason, word has spread that, though you seem an easy mark, you are not to be trifled with. It is very unlikely anyone else will seek your blood.

              Angel of Death (2pt merit)
              You follow the Path of Humanity, but have created a loophole for yourself: you can kill if it is in service to God. No degeneration roll is necessary if the person you kill has a Humanity lower than yours. Unfortunately, you have no special ability to detect others' Humanity score, but a Perception+Empathy roll, difficulty 8+target's Manipulation, will tell you if the target's score is higher or lower than yours.

              Afraid of the Dark (4 pt flaw)
              In the run up to the embrace, many Lasombra sires test their potential progeny by taunting them with Obtenebration. You, obviously, passed the tests, but your sire laid it on a bit too thick. Now, when anyone around you uses Obtenebration, you know -absolutely know- the cosmic evil that lurks behind the shadows. You may remain around manifestations of Obtenebration for a full scene if you spend a point of willpower. If, however, you have no temporary willpower to spend, you enter Rotschreck. You will never agree to learn Obtenebration; substitute Obfuscate as a clan discipline.

              Stygian Eyes (4pt merit)
              You do not suffer from the usual flaw of the Lasombra, rather your eyes look like holes into a cosmic abyss and anyone who stares into them feels a deep chill in their very soul. You suffer a +1 difficulty on all social rolls with mortals and non-mortals on the Path of Humanity, when your eyes are visible. For Intimidation pools, however, double the number of successes gained.

              Entitled (1 pt merit)
              You held an impressive title or pedigree in your mortal life. This could be a literal title of nobility, or a high church office, such as Bishop or Cardinal. This could even be impressive family ties, such as the child of a US President. As a result, you begin play with a single dot of Clan Prestige, which can never be lost. Even vampires outside of your clan might seek you out as a status symbol. Unfortunately, you are constantly in the spotlight and the slightest fault could lead to someone seeking permission for your diablerie, just for the fame of bringing down a luminary.

              Trophy Taker (1 pt flaw)
              While you were embraced with weak blood, likely 13th or 14th generation, you have bettered yourself, all with the approval of your elders. You have gained permission to reclaim wasted blood multiple times from your less capable clan-mates. The most traditional Lasombra see this as a sign of great things lying ahead for you, but more than a few wonder if they will be next. Expect others to behave in a formal and respectful manner around you, unwilling to divulge their slightest fault or involve you any plots that could be spun as slightly disloyal. Ever see a uniformed cop walk into a nightclub? Yeah, like that.

              O Captain! My Captain! (3 pt merit)
              You possess a Domain in the form of a ship. The number of dots determine the size and nature of the vessel. Beyond exerting the usual influence one holds over any domain, you can rejuvenate yourself by performing an inspection of the vessel. Spend a half hour quietly walking the decks, examining the engines or standing watch, and make a Perception + Domain roll, difficulty 6. With any successes you replenish your entire willpower pool. Unfortunately, your very sense of self is tied to the ship. If the ship is ever sunk, you will enter torpor. Upon emerging from this torpor, you may repurchase this merit for a new maritime Domain. The nature of such vessels is widely varied, from commercial fishing boats and commuter ferries, up to oil tankers and cruise ships. A perhaps apocryphal tale circulates among elders of methuselahs who hold an aircraft carrier or nuclear submarine.


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                Broken (3 or 5pt flaw)

                The Nosferatu embrace twists and tears at the body, yet somehow rarely changes that body's functionality. You are the exception. Maybe, you can barely bend your joints. Maybe, you wasted away to an emaciated wisp of your former self. Maybe, your skin peels off in sheets, exposing the highly sensitive flesh beneath. Whatever the details, you are physically disabled. For 3 pts, choose a single physical attribute, and take +1 difficulty on all rolls. For 5 pts., take a +1 difficulty to all physical attributes.

                Ultimate Make-Over (3 pt. or 5pt merit)
                You have perfected the art of hiding your deformity. It involves complex prosthetics and extensive make-up, but it works. It takes an hour to apply, and you need your make-up supplies, but it allows you to pass as human... barely. You still look uncanny; ten layers of special effects make-up can do that. It also is not very durable, and falls apart if you take any damage whatsoever. Roll Perception + Craft (FX Make-up), difficulty 6. With one success, you still have an Appearance of zero, but it's not an auto-failure, roll the second half of the dice pool. With two or more successes, you effectively have an Appearance of one. With the 5 point version, you can devise such strategies for other Nosferatu, but it must be designed on a case by case basis. It costs a single xp to create the initial design, but, thereafter, you can apply this on a clan-mate.

                Bare-faced Vampire (1pt flaw)
                All Nosferatu are ugly. Some look like leprous cannibals, some look like burn victim aliens, some even look like walking corpses. Your clan has strategies for hiding this deformity, but sometimes the mask slips, and mortals just know that they are in the presence of monsters. When your mask slips, though, the mortals see a vampire. The absolute... nearly cartoonish if you weren't so horrific... stereotype of a vampire. If any mortal sees you, there is no doubt in their mind what they saw.

                Courtly (2 pt merit)
                You are a monster, yes, but a highly refined monster, with velvet taste and a glittering personality. Oh, make no mistake, you an one ugly mofo... but you are one high class, ugly mofo. You collect (or create) the finest of art. Your haven is coated in mahogany panels and silk-on-silk hand tied Chinese rugs. Well, not your winter haven on the Cote d'Azur, of course, that modern masterpiece was designed and built by Zaha Hadid. You feed your ghouls blood infused in a nice Cirq Pinot Noir. Your suits are by Kiton. Your watch by Phillipe Patek. Your personal shopper flies to wherever you happen to be, whether Rodeo Drive or the Via Condotti. Any social rolls with "classy" (or wannabe classy) vampires automatically benefit, as if you had a specialty in dealing with them. (Prerequisite: Resources and Charisma of 4+)

                Monstrous Soul (4 pt flaw)
                (Prerequisite: Camarilla or Anarch kindred on Humanity)
                Nosferatu, when they need to feel superior to other vampires, will sometimes opine that their infirmity is on the outside, while the inside, the true self, remains inviolate from the corruption of the Curse. Of course, this is hogwash. Sewer Rats are as likely to frenzy and degenerate as any other lick. Some, such as you, more than others. You see little similarity between yourself and the kine who surround you. You may never spend experience to raise your Humanity.

                Tainted Vitae (3 pt flaw)
                Over time, Nosferatu ghouls exhibit a degrading of their Appearance. Your ghouls have it much worse. Any ghoul or mortal who feeds from you has their Appearance reduced to zero, just like the clan curse. This goes into effect the first time anyone uses Potence while your blood is in their system, whether they are bound to you or not. The deformity only disappears once the victim clears the last drop of your blood from their system.


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                  Ugly Fears (2pt flaw)
                  Your love of beauty has also affected how you view ugliness to the point that ugly things unnerve you. While creatures with an appearance of 1 give you an icky feeling (though you can still function around them), anything with 0 requires a willpower roll to not be uncomfortable in their presence. Although only one success is needed, a failure will render you antsy and creeped out for a scene while a botch forces you to flee. (A Willpower can be spent to allow you to tolerate the hideous one.) Not looking directly at the offender or him/her covering themselves up can help, but it makes things awkward. If the ugly one is someone you've come to know over a long period of time, a roll will no longer be needed.

                  See my splat, Angel: The Revelation (With a MUCH better link):


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                    Bottom Feeder (5 pt Merit)

                    A strange whim of your blood did give you some lenience in your need to devour kine. Unlike the rest of your clan, who need the flesh of kine to survive, you simply need "parts" of them. You can live off ground up bones, body fat, skin flakes and even hair. To you, humans have an additional flesh-point that represents hair, epidermis and fingernails and devouring it does not cause them a level of damage as you shave them and rub down their calluses. Still, you have to pass a difficulty 8 Willpower test to keep the whole ordeal down, as your taste-buds rebel. Other Nagaraja will eagerly mock you for your ability to live off the dumpster of a hair-dresser, but better disgusting than hungry. And no, you don't feed on bottoms!