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Building Better Minions

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  • Building Better Minions

    In our campaign, my character (a Ventrue, 11th gen) is working on developing power Ventrue-style, by investing in better minions. One Bound is part of an arranged marriage into a banking family with a lack of suitable (male, non-moronic) heirs. Another I am doing my level best to set up to control a piece of the underworld pie by having my minions "recruit" successful criminals (capo and soldiers). After all, the only thing better than a useful minion is a really useful minion.

    How do you all go about improving your minions?

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    Invest in good HR managers?


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      My last Ventrue was a really nice guy, so he had only friends and co-workers. I did manage to Ghoul a local mage because she was really into vampire lore and we saved her from a Giovanni blood ritual. So... just wait till you meet interesting people and be nice at them until they let you blood bond them?
      I'm such a bad blue blood....


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        It is fairly straightforward. The richer or more powerful the people in your pocket are, the better. The problem is that Elders and Ancilla wil have long since claimed all the good ones. So it's best to focus on nobodies that have a lot of potential. Or alternatively unnoticeable underlings in another's business or organisation. Spy or undermine a rival's interests in favor of your own.