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    Some of the lower-level rituals are awesome, sometimes unexpectedly so. My favorite this instant is Craft Bloodstone (level 2). It's an RFID tracker. Thirty minutes per day for a month gives you thirty pebbles that you know their relative position. Doesn't sound very exciting does it? Here are some ideas that pop into mind

    1. Sew it into the clothes of your ghoul, so you know where he is (without him knowing)
    2. Stick it with a piece of gum or a magnet to the car of someone you want to follow home. Love this one
    3. Someone broke into your home and stole that box in the safe? You're about two blocks behind him, and your coterie members are coming in from the west.
    4. It's always nice to know when the Sheriff, Scourge or other people's vehicles are approaching your house.
    5. That armored car you were planning on robbing? It's 4 miles down the interstate, moving toward you. Better get your goons ready.

    Essentially, if you aren't bugging a Tremere you will always be able to find what you seek.

    So, what are your favorite (and useful) rituals?
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    Also with Bloodstones:

    If you have two in separate locations, and are good at geometry, you can always triangulate your current location.

    If you like hunting animals for blood, attach it to a herd animal and know where the herd can be found.

    In games set before modern communications, a system of locational semaphore could be worked out. "Okay, give me your two bloodstones. Go ahead and deal with your business in Rome, but when the stones are separated from one another, it's time to return to Vienna. The further apart they are, the greater the haste."

    In games set before gps or decent maps, just leave one in your haven so you never get lost on your way home.

    Have a spy in your enemy's forces (willing or not) carry the stone behind enemy lines, and near the enemy commander, making it easier to target the enemy with heavy artillery.


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      Without looking through all the books here are the ones I can think of off the top of my head that I tend to consistently gravitate to. Note that some of these may be DAV20 since I play both systems and sometimes forget which are specific to one.

      Level 1
      • Defense of the Sacred Haven: Sunproof haven, easily avoid one of the banes of vampiric existence.
      Level 2
      • Burning Blade: Easy access to aggravated damage.
      • Craft Bloodstone: As mentioned above.
      • Commune with Cainite: Talk to any Cainite so long as you have a physical token great for sires, mentors, patrons, allies, spies, etc.
      • Extinguish: Fire can easily kill vampires, being able to just negate up to bonfires removes one of the best tools against you.
      • Principal Focus of Vitae Infusion: Make portable blood points. There is no limit beyond time and the blood you want to spend to craft these so a Tremere with time to prepare could have untold amounts of blood hidden in innocuous things - pennies, marbles, paperclips, used gift cards the list is only as limited as your imagination. Pocket change could represent a full refresh on your blood pool.
      Level 3
      • Incorporeal Passage: Walking through walls speaks for itself.
      • Shaft of Belated Quiescence: A Tremere doesn't have to be a combat master to stake an opponent now, they just have to hit. Just have some archery and you have a nearly unerring ranged stake attack.
      Level 4
      • Bone of Lies: Forcing the truth for questions like, What clan are you? What generation are you? Did you diablerize [name] vampire? can turn difficult investigations into cakewalks.
      • Scry: May very well be one of the best rituals ever just based on how much you can learn.
      Level 5
      • Court of Hallowed Truth (Level 5): Make a room a truth zone
      • Escape to True Haven: Haven being invaded? Just teleport away to scry and plan your vengeance.