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Dominate Combo Power Stunning Awe

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  • Dominate Combo Power Stunning Awe

    It's a 2pt Presence, 2pt Dominate power. My question is, does this combo power suffer from the Dominate weakness in terms of being able to affect people or not depending on generation? Or does by virtue of it being a combo power not suffer from it?

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    As i understand the rules, it can be shut down the way Presence can (Spend 1 WP, roll Willpower Diff 8, negate all Presence for a scene), and it can be shut down the way Dominate can (be lower generation). Vampire writers were sometimes terrified of the players having nice things, so Combo Disciplines have this habit of being overpriced and underpowered. Except when they're overpowered because the writers sometimes can't do math.