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  • Learning True Names

    I've always been a fan of True Names, and VtM does also. The Blood Walk ritual lets you learn some true names, and the Research skill does also.

    Are there any mechanics for learning a true name anywhere?

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    I'm not sure about prior editions, but I think true name just means their actual birth name in V20. Given that it specifies it is easier to find for younger Kindred than Elders, is needed for something like 'escape to a true friend' and isn't capitalized. Not sure if Rites of the Blood has more.


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      If you understand True name by the sens of the birth name and not your "occult" true name , i think for many vampires you have it. and the problem is more to know her false names she uses in her everyday life. Ok the prince of my city is Theodonic the Brave but is electricity bills arrive for Jason Macgallagan and i can do something with that ^^


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        I had it suggested I try to hit up the Fallen and Mummy players. They have True Names as a prominent part of their magical system. I think I presented my initial question poorly. I thank you both for your thoughts, but I think I should rephrase my question to them.


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          My thing with true names is that for them to be interesting you kind of have to go all in on the culture surrounding them. Either everyone is super paranoid about their true name and wraps themselves in layers of artifice, or nobody really cares and everyone goes by their real name.


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            Vampire seems to go with paranoia and artifice for Methuselahs and Antediluvians, and nobody really cares for everyone else. Maybe the ancient ones know something the others do not.


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              I've always been fascinated by true name, when I use them in my game, true name does not mean the name given at birth, it is a celestial name, the one given to your soul at its creation, only God in my game knows the true name of a Human soul. Demon and Angel knows their own true name and knowing that would give you a very powerful edge in attempting to summon, control or destroy that being. For example in my game the only way a demon can truly be exorcised and sent back to hell, is by forcing it to reveal its true name, after which the exorcist can banish it to hell.

              In my game, methuselah and antedeluvian do not know their true name, and well, I was going to say Caine, but that never actually came up, maybe I would actually let Caine know his true name.