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    Hey all

    I wondered if you dudes have any regional specific titles for your vampire courts in the Dark Ages? I know the Baronies of Avalon only have one Prince (Mithras) and lots of Barons, and the Voivodate has the Voivode (of course) but are there any others I'm missing? Have you created any?

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    In theory any Prince might use titles derived from local ones to replace any of the normal titles associated with a city (Prince, Seneschal/Chamberlain, Sheriff, etc).

    Some Examples I found in books after a quick search.
    • Monarch: Mithras is Prince of London and also styles himself as the Monarch of the Baronies of Avalon (Dark Ages British Isles). Himilcar the Pale the last Prince of Carthage was also styled Monarch.
      • Baron/Baroness: A vampire filling a role equivalent to a Prince in one of the cities/fiefs under Mithras' banner.
      • Satrap: Mithras' personal force to collect tribute and insure the strength and loyalty of his control.
      • Consul: Equivalent to a Baron used in the fief of Bath.
    • Queen: Used by female Princes especially some of the Toreador Co-rulers in France.
    • Knez: In Eastern Europe there is not only the Voivode but also the Knezi (s Knez) which are Cainites given fiefs within a Voivode's territory and function similar to a Baron.
    • Sultan: Many Middle Eastern Princes (especially Muslim ones) use the title Sultan instead of Prince.
    • KrivĂȘ: The spiritual leader and peacekeeper of the supernatural entities of Lithuania. The last known one is Adrojai the Malkavian.
    • Tai-pan: Foreign Princes in China. Robert Peddler the was the Tai-pan (Prince) of Hong Kong for example.
    • Na'ib: Farnaza the Prince of Mogadishu, Somalia calls herself this.


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      I have a home-made fief set in Provence (France) in 1155, during the wars between Provence and Barcelona.

      The local titles I have are :
      • Princeps (the First among the Kindred).
      • Patricius (a title that existed in Provence during the high middle age, inherited from Rome and carried by the most powerful lords).
      Since there aren't that many kindred, most don't have a specific title but can have specific duties. The Patricius of Arles is a Cappadocian and the one from Avignon a very learned (and very calm) Brujah, so both of them are usually the ones in charge of anything occult or of a scholarly nature. The Patrici of the Baux de Provence, Forcalquier and Sisteron are warriors, the Patricius of Forcalquier being the Ventrue Princeps' sister and the Patricius of Les Baux a 5th generation Salubri, both can act as military leaders.

      Provence isn't densely populated at this time, so it's impossible for the Princeps to deal with everything, and he trusts his Patricii with a lot of things. Last time something happened (a fight between his patrici salubri and a tremere), the Princeps went to deal with the problem with his own men, judged them himself and had the tremere executed all by himself. I guess he has a chambellan as well but we didn't see him or her yet.


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        Every Tzimisce in the Voivodate with a recognized domain was a Voivodes. The ostensible leader of Clan Tzimisce was called the Voivode of Voivodes. In France, the Courts of Love are lead by five Queens, four female and one male. It was an open question of etiquette whether Etienne of Poituou should be addressed as Queen or King, in practice most called him King Etienne, but he respects any vampire with the guts to call him a Queen to his face. The Greeks loved their complicated titles, so the Trinity system in Constantinople has ton of them, too many to quickly list really.

        In the Dark Ages game i played, the local praxis in Genoa used the title Dux, rather appropriate since she was a 3rd Century Roman. The other Genoese Kindred do not really use titles separate from the local mortal ones, so they're mostly Patricians, Lords, and Ladies.

        When our coterie forcibly took over the Latin Quarter of Constantinople, we split power between the Lasombra Marcus Sertorius, a Late Republic Roman, and my Toreador Lucretia de Montegrifo, a Genoese merchant noble. Marcus assumed the title of Dictator, appropriate since we had taken power by force and he intended to keep it by force. Historically speaking, the Roman Dicator's second in command was the Magister Equitum, meaning Master of the Cavalry, and it was an obvious choice for Lucretia's own title, but she flatly refused. She considers herself Marcus' equal, not his second, and will not abide anything that implies otherwise.

        Instead she chose a similar title from the Late Roman Empire, Magister Militum meaning Master of Soldiers which was given to commanders with supreme military authority over a particular era, answerable only to the Emperor. This makes it similar to Dictator in rank, and therefore appropriate for Lucretia to use for herself. There's a funny thing about it though, in Medieval Latin the term "miles" means "knight" rather than "soldier", so to a medieval person Magister Militum basically means Master of Cavalry anyway. So at the end of the day Lucretia found a roundabout way of giving herself basically the same title as Magister Equitum, but without the implication that she's the Dictator's second in command.

        Also, Lucretia calls her right-hand ghoul her Vicar, from the Latin vicarius, meaning "in place of", and all her servant's are instructed to treat that ghoul's commands as if they came from Lucretia herself. It's a very fitting title, the Vicar is secretly Lucretia's eldest daughter and regularly impersonates her in the daytime, she literally acts in place of her mistress-mother.
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