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Victorian Age Vampire Trilogy

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  • Victorian Age Vampire Trilogy

    So I just finished the trilogy and I have to say it was a fun read. I think the ending was somewhat weak, but I love how they really tapped into the horror aspect of the game line. There were two separate times where I needed to put down the book because the scene was pretty disturbing. Also, I love how they show how Camarilla Kindred can be just as monstrous as their Sabbat counterparts.

    At first when I started reading it I was apprehensive because they had signature characters that, to be frank, where in White Wolf fiction that I never enjoyed. The writer though did an awesome job making them seem realistic in a way and not cartoony. The story also did well veering away from the katana and trench coat type stories from that period of White Wolf publication. If you took out the Vampire: the Masquerade references it could very well stand as its own story.

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    Very nice to see a review for this material. While I've got so much else to read (lots and lots of it) this may be the part that makes the get my hands on the material.


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      They also did an excellent job cataloging the effects of all sorts of disciplines, establishing Mithras in a great way, and highlighting the monstrosity of the Ventrue and Tremere. Would definitely recommend it too - it would help settle lots of disputes in the forums!