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Prince's Gambit errata

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  • Prince's Gambit errata

    The print and play version of Prince's Gambit will be going out to backers soon. Please use this thread to report any typos or visual glitches. Please take any discussion of rules to other threads. Thanks!

    Cavaliers of Mars Creator

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    Prince's Gambit PDF:

    page 3, 2nd paragraph - "Players may not trade or gift Trait cards among each other" - missing a period at the end
    page 6, 4th paragraph - "Usurping the Prince’s Favor may happen only once before another Intrigue is chosen and re-solved." - no need to hyphenate 'resolved'


    Giovanni Card - Necromancy Text - replace " resolving the Intrigue and add it to your hand." with " resolving that Intrigue and add it to your hand." to keep it consistent with other card's texts.
    Tzimisce Card - Vicissitude Text - replace "If you choose, switch one Trait used in resolving the Intrigue with one in your hand." with "You may choose to switch.."


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      Seats and pictures in Prince's Gambit PDF:
      Section VI says, "... increase the SEAT numbers clockwise."
      But in the pictures the seat numbers ascend anti clockwise. Either the text or the pictures are wrong.