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Celerity and dodging in V20

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  • Celerity and dodging in V20

    Ok so question: do you add celerity to your potential to dodge in V20? Based on how it read to me it sounds like the levels of celerity would add to your Dex related tests. Dex is tied to dodging so does having a dice pool of potentially 15 sound a little broken? Or would any of you rule that particular part out in your games?

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    Each point of Celerity adds one die to every Dexterity-related dice roll.
    That is a pretty unambiguous rule. It also makes logical sense in that a creature that is supernaturally swift would also be difficult to hit. I wouldn't hourserule it our because a 15 dice pool dodge is going to be the outlier not the normal (since that would be Dex 5, Dodge 5, Celerity 5). I also understand that a vampire could buff their Dex with blood, but the attacker can do the same so that is essentially a wash.


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      The short answer is, yes - that is what I use in my tables, except in the case of the character using blood to get extra actions with celerity