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Path of Blood r1 - How do?

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  • Path of Blood r1 - How do?

    I get how the power works, and I can see how incredibly useful it could be (especially combined with, say, r3 and Dominate... <_< ) but how do you actually go about getting the blood samples needed to use it?
    I'm sure your rivals won't be lining up to proffer it, and if you could take it forcefully you are probably already in a position of power over them anyway.

    I need some imagination fuel here.

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    You could track down a ghoul of theres and remove your rival's vitae from them. Maybe.


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      It's more of a CSI power to be honest, testing bloodstains and torpid victims. There are a couple of rituals you can use to get blood in a *slightly* less obvious way, like vessel of transference, but the most reliable way to get vitae is to take it from defeated enemies or intimidate people into giving you samples for thaumaturgical analasis to prove they aren't tainted by the infernal, or an undercover sabbat or desended from someone naughty. Use your clan as a stick to threaten them in ways only you can disprove, and then let public perception force them to hand it over...


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        Originally posted by Anarade Relle View Post
        You could track down a ghoul of theres and remove your rival's vitae from them. Maybe.
        Once the vitae is inside the ghoul, it's the ghoul's vitae. Same as if it was drunk by another vampire. If Jerome the Tremere Neotnate somehow drinks 1 BP from Mithras, that 1 BP can't be extracted from Jerome's body and used to power Rituals or other powers targeting Mithras. And if Mariah the Ghoul drinks 1 BP from Jerome, the that 1 BP can't be removed from Mariah and used to target Jerome. The vitae "belongs" to whoever it is inside.

        I'm a professor! Why is no one listening to me?!


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          A Taste for Blood is a woefully useless power. Its highlight is learning whether someone is a diableriest, but everything else about it is meh. I guess if you did manage to somehow obtain and preserve a blood sample of your enemy you could use it to track how much vitae they have and strike when they are low. But that requires you to actually get a sample (a very non-trivial task) and have a separate way of determining the enemy's location so that you can actually strike.
          Generation could theoretically be useful to learn whether diablerizing them is worthwhile, but that's a very niche use.

          But yeah, it's a bad power that fails at what it's supposed to do and is nigh impossible to use.

          EDIT: Whoops. I did not realize how old this topic is. 2017, not 2018.
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