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Could this type of PC work?

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  • Could this type of PC work?

    I am thinking about getting V 20 and while thinking about characters i thought up a interesting idea. Basically, my PC used to be a police detective who was embraced after he impressed his sire when he nailed a elusive serial killer. After becoming a Kindred, my PC decided to become a PI to not only get blood, but to help retain his humanity.

    Could this PC work and if so, which Clan would embrace him and would the local Camerilla allow him to be a PI.

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    The first problem is that you'd have to become a PI who is somehow allowed to work at night, arriving after sunset and leaving before sunrise. How are you going to handle that?


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      I come from Requiem so i wont be much help for clan and camarilla and such.
      But i ran an 80s Miami game where one of my players played a PI that was embrace when he found out what he should'nt have found.

      What we did is instead of just being a PI, instead, he ran a PI agency. He had employees during the day (just another PI and a secretary) and he took the night shifts. Anyway, night is when the interesting stuff happens.
      Mechanically we ran that with the Staff merit, but honestly Allies, Contact, Retainer, would all work to represent the day employees. For bonus masquerade protection ghoul the secretary or the other PI (or both).
      If the Camarilla works like the Invictus then i don't think they'd have a problem with the PI work (the sheriff might even find it useful). So long as you can show clearly that the masquerade is safe (ghouling day staff could be enough).

      Hope that helps.

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        Originally posted by Beriorn View Post
        The first problem is that you'd have to become a PI who is somehow allowed to work at night, arriving after sunset and leaving before sunrise. How are you going to handle that?
        Take a partner or employee to handle the daylight stuff.

        Also - a solution my Ventrue use a lot in the Dark Ages - use Dominate 3, if you have it, to tweak your clients' memories so that they think they met you an hour before sunset, instead of an hour afterwards, or that the meeting they had with your employee was actually with you.

        Would the Camarilla allow him to be a PI? Sure, provided he took care to protect the Masquerade. Which clan would Embrace him? Short answer, any clan you like, particularly any of the Camarilla clans. Off the top of my head...


        The Brujah have plenty of crusaders for a cause in its ranks. Some would certainly be attracted to the pursuit-of-justice aspect of the character. They have a long intellectual tradition which would fit with a Sherlock Holmes type character, although their discipline spread - Celerity / Potence / Presence - lends itself more to the "charismatic tough guy" style of PI. Presence is useful in persuading a witness to talk. Some Brujah are involved in crime themselves, and might Embrace a PI to ensure that the only bastards out there are their bastards.


        "Some of them can talk to pigeons, for Chrissakes. Did you even go outside and not see a pigeon?" - Carpenter, the Walking Dead

        Some Gangrel adhere to rough-and-ready notions of honor, and look down on thieves and murderers. Some dislike the idea of rival predators on their territory. Some just like the challenge of a hunt. Some are driven by pure curiosity. Making generalizations about any clan is a fool's errand, (even though that's just what I'm doing here), but more so than most with the Gangrel. Pick a motive for the sire. Whichever one you choose, it will fit some Gangrel somewhere. The Gangrel Disciplines allow them to turn animals into informants, shrug off injuries, see in pitch darkness, grow deadly stabbing weapons (which also double as climbing aids), at will, take refuge from the sun anywhere there's a patch of earth, and use animal shapes to spy on (or escape) their quarry. They're ideally suited to be PIs


        "I'm not a psychopath, I'm a high-functioning sociopath. Do your research" - Sherlock

        High intelligence, enhanced (and extrasensory) perception, and the ability to turn invisible or assume different appearances. Need one say more? A Malkavian with an obsessive regard for justice (or simply order - think Constable Odo), would be drawn to take a PI as a childe, and support his work. And their Disciplines and bias towards intellectualism strongly favors the "deductive genius" style of investigator.


        Many Nosferatu have a soft spot for the underdog; even more have a predilection for rooting out secrets. Without Obfuscate 3, a Nosferatu's ability to deal with mortal clients without violating the Masquerade would be hampered, without some creativity ("I took some heavy facial burns on my last case and the mask is to protect the plastic surgery until it heals"), but they share the Gangrel's ability to communicate with animals and the Malkavian's ability to conceal or disguise themselves. (They can also hit people really hard, if they need to). They could function very well as PIs, and they could be motivated by a mix of sympathy for the vulnerable victims of crime, eagerness to get some dirt on the rich and powerful victims of crime, and access to investigative resources in the mortal world.


        The Toreador are perhaps the clan closest to their Humanity (and to humanity), and likely to have many members who might wish to Embrace a PI out of a simple desire to protect (or avenge) innocent mortals. They share the Malkavians' superlative senses and the Brujah's ability to charm (or intimidate) witnesses, and they can run away very fast if necessary. The clan's focus on art would make a specialist in art theft or fraud an obvious fit, but the perceived romance of Embracing a crusader for justice (perceived, probably, through the lens of one or another genre of detective fiction), might easily appeal to a Toreador sire.


        The Tremere aren't exclusively wizards. They've been Embracing military and mercenary types since their medieval days. A PI working for the Tremere might allow them to exert influence in mortal society - it's always useful to know the little "indiscretions" of the rich and powerful, and to build connections with the police. The Tremere are researchers and investigators, and in the World of Darkness, the ancient document in the locked filing cabinet may be of more than mundane significance. They share the Auspex Discipline with the Toreador and Malkavians, Dominate allows them to force people to talk (and erase their memories afterwards), and Thaumaturgy... well, it can do all sorts of things, including a rather nifty ritual invented by the Regent of Chicago which repairs the damage to a corpse and makes it look as if death was due to natural causes. A PI is an asset to the Masquerade, something that I also explore below.


        "We own the world, so you don't have to" - Motivational poster, anon.

        The Ventrue value order and stability. Serial killers, spectacular robberies, and large-scale frauds tend to disrupt the power bases which they build in human society, and draw Masquerade-threatening attention from the authorities. A competent PI is an asset which they can use to prevent or minimize the damage. More than the other clans, they also cultivate a sense of noblesse oblige, and having a PI on the payroll lets them accumulate favors ("The ghoul who does your double-entry bookkeeping has been kidnapped? Tut, tut. Don't worry about a thing, old chap, we have someone on staff who's terribly good at dealing with that sort of thing"). And a few Ventrue still retain the ideals promoted by the old Road of Chivalry, and see protection of their "lessers" (mortals), as an obligation upon them. Their Disciplines allow them to extract information from witnesses by charm, intimidation or force, suppress or alter memories, and shrug off damage from fights.

        Those are just a few ideas. Others will doubtless be able to think of more.

        In summary, though, sure, it's a perfectly viable concept.


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          Yes, pretty much any, and yes.

          You will probably want to have an assistant or partner (either a ghoul just paid retainer) to do day-light work.

          Discipline wise, Auspex and Obfuscate are the most useful for what real life PIs tend to spend a lot of their time doing. But, most powers can be cleverly adapted.

          The only real issues is what, if any, levels of fame the character developed after catching the serial killer, because it can sometimes be a complication for a vampire. It's not a deal breaker or anything, just something to consider.

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            I can see my guy either being a Gangrel or Malkaveian, possibly a Toreador. Now I feel tempted to give him a Vampiric arch enemy to deal with like how Holmes has to deal with Moriarty.


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              Absolutely it would work. The thing is, neonates and younger ancillae foster mortal certification and licensing to achieve odds, ends, and goals regularly. How would a PI be any different in this regard than, say, a CPA, paralegal or attorney, nurse or doctor, psychologist, or professor -- all of which are professional occupations that require some combination of higher education, certification, or bureaucratic approval, and are commonly-accepted occupations for Kindred PC's?

              As far as (Camarilla) clans, the three that are an immediate fit are Ventrue, Tremere, and (Dominate) Malkavian. Dominate Malkies are pretty much ideal for this -- the ability to hide, control minds, and sense the unseen, all in a package that trends towards greater mental stability than main-clan Malkies. What more could you want? The utility of Thaumaturgy for private investigation is self-explanatory, and Ventrue are perfectly-suited to, as others suggested, managing a private investigation agency itself.

              Brujah and Gangrel enter the picture ideally if part of the character's investigatory actions are enforcing bail bonds (i.e. bounty hunting). In this regard, I'd actually suggest another fairly-common bloodline: city Gangrel. But, if city Gangrel are a no-sell with your ST, an Assamite (any caste, really) might suffice, although mortal PI work would be considerably below their pay grade, and likely just a front or instrument in other, supernatural, investigation.