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Seeking Advice: What Edition for a VTM Play By Post?

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  • Seeking Advice: What Edition for a VTM Play By Post?

    So, I will be running a Vampire play-by-post game very soon, and it is explicitly a period piece set in Chicago during the early 1990's using the material from Chicago Chronicles Volume I and some ST tips from the new VTM Style Guide released on the Storyteller's Vault. The chronicle is an even blend of action and politics, and I am intending for it to be very street-level at first. We are going with the setting assumptions of First Edition, and as typical of my type of chronicle, Rule Zero is invoked to remove the metaplot of Revised Edition onward, as Revised's themes, setting, and metaplot are contrary to the kind of game I want to run. But the main issue I am pondering is what system to use.

    I want a First Edition setting, but should I use the actual First Edition rules or simply emulate First Edition's style using the more modern V20 rules? V20 is fairly metaplot-neutral and is the most recent edition and I assume the most popular right now. I love First Edition's rules and setting, but I don't know if I should go whole hog with 1E or do something with a potentially wider audience by running a game with V20 Rules and 1E Setting?

    I know V20 is probably more mechanically streamlined and if I just limit players to the core seven Camarilla clans (Brujah, Gangrel, Malkavian, Nosferatu, Toreador, Tremere, Ventrue), I can probably emulate the 1E feel close enough. I know 1E's corebook is sort of rare and V20 is still in circulation while I am unsure if 1E is even legally available on PDF or not? (I own a physical copy of the 1E Corebook I purchased from Amazon). However, I think using the actual First Edition rules may be more authentic, even if V20's mechanics are less broken by comparison.

    What should I do? Full-on First Edition or First Edition Setting with V20 Rules?

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    The first edition rulebook is legally available as a PDF.

    Blood and Bourbon, my New Orleans-based Vampire chronicle.


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      The mechanics matter less than the story. Just pick the one most readily available to you and your group and use that.
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        Originally posted by PazuzuAxelf View Post
        The mechanics matter less than the story. Just pick the one mossy readily available to you and your group and use that.

        I'll go with First Edition then.


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          Personally, I find the Revised Ed rules to be the best overall, even if you do not like the metaplot direction it goes with. Revised tried to show it was ok to break the mold a bit as far as Clans not being so universal, but each having pretty strong histories, traditions, and lore.

          Much of the metaplot, (but not all), is not in the Core book, but things that are added in later books or novels.

          However, it is largely a matter of preference, and for a PbP, one of the factors you might need to consider is what Edition is most common around the digital table, so everyone is on the same page. Every edition has different Abilities, for instance, and Disciplines can be very different in function in different Editions as well, so everyone being on the same page from the start is a must for these sorts of things. At a table, it is something that can be handled in seconds, (in this game, Potence works like this; ________, or we are going to use the Academics Knowledge instead of Bureaucracy).

          For the ST, converting different NPCs to a given Edition is not difficult, and generally not even needed. Having 2 dots in Music, a Skill that does not exist in some Editions is not going to break anything.

          However, a 1st Ed Tremere is immune to the Blood Bond, as their Clan Weakness is they are Bound to the Seven. In 2nd, it is just 1 step. In Revised, 1 step and -1 Diff to resist Tremere Dominate. In V20, they are 2 steps towards the Seven, and Tremere count the first drink ad two drinks for Blood Bonds. All pretty different, though similar in tone "Weaknesses".

          Gangrel largely have the same Weakness across Editions, (going from 3 Frenzies to 5), though Revised added in the possibility of behaviors instead of physical features, which I think was fantastic, and V20 makes them not permanent, but is too vague for my tastes.

          My point really, is that there are a lot of little variations across the editions, and especially for a PbP, it is important to pick up front. V20, while not my favorate, does have one advantage for online play in that if you have the legal PDF, copy/paste straight from the book is easy.