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  • Spider ghoul

    I've been trying to find rules for animal ghouls. I thought I recalled reading a giant spider but can't find it. A player bought one as a retainer background so I wanted to make sure they got their money's worth.

    If I'm chasing my tail then what alternative should I do?

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    Giant as in the biggest real life spider or like the spiders from TES Skyrim?
    the size of a dog?

    English is not my native language, so i apologize for errors in grammar or spelling.


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      Im not really sure there are rules for it, but I believe really old animal Ghouls can begin to grow larger sort of as ST Fiat, after a few decades of basically nightly feeding.

      Off the top of my head, amimal Ghouls can only learn Potence and Fortitude, only use BP to heal, and can not really develope beyond animal intellegence.

      A larger spider becoming the size of a medium-sized dog, IF it is even possible, would probably take a hundred years or more.

      Its more like gaining 150% - 200% body size, max.


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        Nosferatu vitae would help, it's known to commonly cause monsterism in animals.


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          Originally posted by Malkavian87 View Post
          Nosferatu vitae would help, it's known to commonly cause monsterism in animals.
          There are even rules for breeding gigantic animal ghouls in the Nossi Clanbook iirc.


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            I thought non-Nosferatu vitae would just tend to make animal ghouls robust examples of their species, not cause gigantism or other visible mutational effects?


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              Player is a nossie. I'm trying to make it comparable in value to a ghoul valet or ghoul bodyguard. Else it's not worth it. She could just study combo disciplines that nossie have and make her spider dangerous and not worry about investing background points.


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                As far as I recall, the section in Rev Clanbook Nos was not very specific, sort of just saying what I did above.

                But it is hard to say, really. If they are essentially wanting a Nosferatu version of a Homoculis, perhaps something like 2 points in Supernatural Ally might work.

                If they are wanting a small ninja of death, maybe Ally 5?


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                  What lunatic decided to ghoul a spider, anyways?

                  "Yeah, this is a creature that needs to be augmented with supernatural strength, speed and durability! And just for good measure, let's make it 10 times bigger than nature intended!"