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  • Ambush Free Attack

    Originally posted by V20 Core Book p.274
    If the attacker scores more successes, she can stage one free attack on the target
    I had a situation where a player succeeded an ambush roll and declared stabbing the target 3 times by splitting his dice pool.

    Part of my players claim you can't split the dice pool for that free attack you get upon succeeding the ambush roll. I don't see why splitting dice pool for that attack wouldn't be possible. Opinions?

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    The way it's worded it implies a single attack. Not a single action; a single attack.

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      I second Ben on this one (though the concept of "swift shanking" is at least partially credible -- the multiple rapid stabbings in the stereotypical prison situation when one gets the drop on another... so there is *some* contextual validity to the idea... but in general, barring specific circumstances, it should be one attack and not a full action (which would allow for multi-attack dice-splitting...).

      I have been around here for waaaayyyy too fucking long...


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        The wording is clear

        "one free attack on the target"

        Otherwise the advantage is way too high for Ambushes, Think what Obfuscate can do to assist with that already.


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          So what are you doing with obfuscate and celerity combos?

          In a surprise round the victim has no action. So first attack gains stealth bonuses. And celerity actions come after that normally. But they're uncontested.


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            It's not a free round, it's a free attack. Previous editions have given surprise rounds, so splitting is fine in a round.
            Usual rounds apply after that.

            Otherwise if you could use Celerity to get multiple attacks each time you can make an attack; it would cascade until blood expenditure caps were hit.
            If you follow me.