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Effects of High Levels of Appearance

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    You should probably check the recent thread on Uses of Appearance

    Originally posted by 11twiggins View Post
    - Now of course not everyone is nice to attractive people, so it doesn't solve all problems.
    Precisely, instead of making an Appearance of 6 or more something "inhuman" or perhaps even a default (why would Appearance 8 be a default, but not Strenght, Stamina, Intelligence or Manipulation 8?), I would find alternate ways of going, and the 1st one would be to say that not only you're a real model, but you're a beauty that everyone, no matters what, really loves (even those who dislike beautiful people for whatever reasons - which does happen...).

    I would, for this, take a hint on how V20 talks about backgrounds: more points is not always more in intensity, but can be more in other ways. For instance, a 2 years-old vamp with 5 in Ressources is not necessarily a billionnary, but could be someone whose wealth is difficult to attack, easy to access, to hide, to move around, etc. Making it some sort of continuous low-kind Presence seems quite a good idea also.

    If above 5 appearance makes you "inhuman", than it's actually a flaw, not really better than being a Nosferatu - and this would not only defeat the point, but be profoundly incoherent with other stats.


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      Well, all attributes are described as, being above 5, being obviously ihuman. Does not mean tagged directly as a vampire, just that every human seeing you will consider something's up with you. In term of appearance or charisma you could interpret that some mortal consider you as a Prophet maybe.
      Attributes of 5 aresupposed to be hels only by a handful of mortal in the world, and more of that make any human question of the source of this.
      Let's take Real life example, an appearance 6 for example could give you an physical features that are strange, Like Keanu Reaves is "supposed" to not age --> That kind of eeriness.
      Same, dexterity 6 make you really QUICK, and basically it cannot be passed as simply training and talent. Intelligence 6 may be like Enstein or Hawking. Perception = 6 would be sherlock holmes.

      Basically you are unique and any person will notice that. YOu are without equal in the world (for humans at least). You deserve to be written in history and Myth will be chanted of you during millenia. Charisma 6 may be Arthur Pendragon for example, people interpreted him as gifted by God.
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