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Help with Gargoyle Merits and Flaws

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  • Help with Gargoyle Merits and Flaws

    As part of the original rules for the Gargoyles, they didn't have any displines, but possesed Merits and flaws that could give them access to discipline like powers.
    i have found some of them in the "dark ages storytellers companion", but i know from previous reading i did years ago, that there is another book with more power like; a Tail for easier flight and for use in combat, Fire breathing or Passiv Regeneration, and i wonder if anyone can help me locate the book with these merits?

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    The old rules used to be the early Generations of Gargoyles weren't even Vampires but alchemical Golems, but now history kinda got revised so that they were kind of always vampires but didn't always have the power to embrace.

    Right now their are Blood Sorcerery rituals that can be permanently added to Gargoyles to give them powers like protection from sunlight by turning to stone during torpor.

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      You find the powers you are looking for in the Players Guide to the Low Clans at Page 191.


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        One of the best sources for gargoyles and rituals for them is House Of Tremere (