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Necessary (or close to) Books for a (relativly) New ST

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  • Necessary (or close to) Books for a (relativly) New ST

    I have a few books already, the core book, New York by Night, ghouls: fatal addiction and even WTA core. Just curious on what books more experienced Storytellers and players alike think are mandatory or just plain helpful.

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    I find that the the Lore of the CLans is pretty much necessary if you want to deepens slightly your game.
    It give very nie insight on the history of clans, and is useful for those clans that are a bit shadowy (Assamite, Tremere, Giovanny, Malkavian) and can be hard to integrate in youtr story without plothole.
    If you want to the Lor of the Bloodlines have the same purpose, but is needed only if you plan on integrating Bloodlines;
    Finally for me, if you plan on having tremere character (either PC or NPC) or having the magical world important in your Chronicle, Rite of Blood and/or Blood Magic : secrets of Thaumaturgy are important.