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Kyoko Shinsegawa why Anathema?

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  • Kyoko Shinsegawa why Anathema?

    Hi I was wondering Kyoko Shinsegawa ended on the Red List, unless I miss something neither her her history nor her power level (she wouldn't really be much of a thread for a group of starting charcters) seem to justify that.

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    You can´t base the threat of an Anathema in it's sheet. Sometimes, simbolically, the simple existence of an Anathema is a threat to Camarillas's authority or understanding in a given thing. Geographically, it's problematic to have a Tremere unbonded in foreign territory. She is problematic and potencialy, an huge political trheat.

    Edit: And there is something else about her, don't you think? The reasons are unknow for her to be in the list. Maybe, she knows too much?
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      The Camarilla realized they know nothing of her before she arrived in San Francisco and she's been using her skills as a Scourge to pick off influential vampires while slowing losing her humanity to the beast. They put her on the red list because she's dangerously close to breaking the Masquerade with her frenzies and assassinations.


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        Originally posted by Aahz View Post
        Hi I was wondering Kyoko Shinsegawa ended on the Red List, unless I miss something neither her her history nor her power level (she wouldn't really be much of a thread for a group of starting charcters) seem to justify that.
        So...Anathema are not meant to be “boss battles” even though some of them do indeed have scary power levels. They are threats to the Camarilla, some are indeed powerful, others political, others still are embarrassments or personal vendettas. The Justicars have a wide latitude when it comes to the Red List.

        Kyoko fits a couple of categories:

        She is a threat to the Masquerade if she loses all her Humanity and Frenzies in public. By putting her on the List the Justicars are sending a message to Sheriffs and Princes everywhere to crack down on this sort of thing.

        She is hunting vampires and she is good at it. If she was only doing this in San Francisco it would be a local problem, but she is doing it all over the place and has proven to be really good at hiding and avoiding local Sheriff and Scourge teams. So, if putting her on the List gets more Kindred involved in hunting her down and destroying her quickly, that is a good thing.

        She betrayed the Tremere and the Camarilla. The Tremere probably regret giving her as much power as they have because she is now an embarrassment to their reputation. Additionally, she had a powerful position in the local Camarilla structure. By going wild and murdering other Kindred she has shown people that the Camarilla can be betrayed and that must be punished. By putting her on the List the Justicars are telling everyone that you will be destroyed if you betray us.

        When I put her on the List I wanted to give Storytellers some options and a variety of threats they could use depending on their game. Perhaps she isn’t as powerful as other Anathema and hunting her down could be done with the right group...which means they get a Trophy and now they are expected to go after other threats...forever. You don’t get to retire from being an Alastor and the Justicars will expect more results.


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          Thanks for the answer.

          If I read it correctly she killed only 3 kindred (and at least in one case she was the one who was attacked).

          Her Masquarade breaches don't sound that severe, and at least if I look at her stats she doesn't seem like an extremely dangerous Vampire Killer. I mean if she had a dot more in Thaumaturgy, and higher Willpower and a few more rituals she would allready be much more convincing.

          She might be dangerous but not that dangerous that you need to send Alastors after her.

          And the Camarilla can probably warn the local Sheriffs about a dangerous Vampire without putting him on the most wanted list. I mean there are very likely other vampires out there that are wanted by the Camarialla than just these 13, and a lot are very likely more dangerous than Kyoko (just look in the Alternate Anathema section of the book).

          I mean I get the out of universe reason to add a "low level" character on the list, but in universe it doesn't make much sense for me.
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            She has commited enough crimes across multiple domains to be co sidered a camarilla wide threat, she is young enough and not connected enough to be considered easy pickings. It's an easy win for the Camarilla and their propaganda machine.

            True that there are alot more vampires that could considered more of a threat but remember that Red List members are usually individuals that do not have major backing, otherwise the top of the list would most limely always be occupied by the Regent of the Sabbat and a few Cardinals, not to mention Vykos and others of their ilk.

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              Her being on the Redlist is probably expected to solve her as a problem really quick. Since she is a neonate the Tremere can't just assassinate her from a distance, I guess no blood samples? But they could probably pretty easily send a spirit to assassinate her.

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