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Ghoul's blood and master's vitae, a problematic approach

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  • Ghoul's blood and master's vitae, a problematic approach

    Hi, i came around with a simple question, but with huge consequences all around.

    My question is: It would be possible to separete magically of physically the ghoul's mortal blood from it's master's vitae?

    I assume that, if they are materially different, they are observable with scientifical and magical procedures.
    If the mortal blood and vampiric vitae are indistinguishable from each other, magically, it would be possible based in the principle of identity.
    Or, it's now, by all means, the ghoul's vitae and does not carry any resemblance with the master's identity? Making it impossible to affect the master with magical means? If so, how the vitae continues to make possible the use of disciplines, healing and such without sustain it in the master's identity?

    That's the implication. It would make Tremere's and others magical users lives much more easier, Thaumaturgy even more powerful and having ghouls even more dangerous.

    I can think in a lot of side effects if we consider this possible.

    The answer lies in the principle of identity, or am i missing something?
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    I would opt for only possible with magic (and enlightened procedures if mages get involved).

    Personally I would make it rather hard, making actual vitae from the vampire a requirement. Though I would allow the requirement be satisfied with vitae drunk from the vampire.

    So, this Zen Master walks up to a hot dog stand and says: "Make me one with everything!"


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      You don't get blood bound by drinking someones ghoul so, vitae inside the ghoul changes to the Ghouls blood, maybe ghouls taste a bit tastier, revenents would.

      Though I would say strong blood magic rituals could probably refine a ghoul's blood into the master's vitae, this would undoubtedly involve killing the ghoul however.

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