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Need help with the Discipline of Arachnis

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  • Need help with the Discipline of Arachnis

    In our Pen & Paper Group the GM light heartedly had an NPC appear who had that Discipline. One of us successfully drank his vitae empty and got Arachnis from him. After searching all books we had and tried the web we couldn't find it. Can someone help and tell what this Discipline does?

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    I mean, where did it come from? If it is something that exists in the game, how did you guys hear about it?


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      Many Thanks for being the first to answer my plea ^^

      Our GM stumbled across an NPC from an Adventure who had it on 3 and it happened that it fully transfered during the diablerie. It may have to do with predaphiles but all of us are unsure about its whereabouts. Only we knew the guy who had it was a vampire and all we can find on google are links leading to flowers, Spiders and Ananasi.
      Each of us took days over the web to no avail because theres a major lack of information and we had not much clues to go by.
      My hope was to find someone in an active Forum who knew about the Discipline.
      We already looked in the books for high clans, low clans, lots of clanbooks and even into clansecrets. The adventure(I wasn't involved due to a flu and they didn't tell me the name) itself also tells nothing about it.
      All I had found was a dead link:

      We weren't able to make it work and lead us to what we need to know but it is proof that somewhere this has to be.


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        If the adventure was bought from the ST vault it may be a creation of someone on there?


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          I would suggest finding the name of the NPC and the adventure. Tracing the sources of those would be the best lead at this point. Give there's nothing really I see online off-hand or in books (as you've checked) then figuring out where it came from is where to start.

          If the best so far is a dead link, it might have been a homebrewed thing. Especially if it was a homebrewed adventure. Or a really old one-off book.
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              On the other hand, your characters wouldn't have access to information on the discipline. Maybe just sit back and enjoy solving the mystery... in-game?


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                Yeah I use I Hate All Life's Arachnis. I believe it was Poisonous Bite, Wall Crawling, and Blood Webbing.

                It is a time for great deeds!


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                  Thank you a lot both Jargal and Monalfie! Sadly I couldn't ask our GM for more detail before Jargal solved the Mystery for the players BUT I am sure ingame it will be more of either scientifically researched or just tried on the field in aggravated situations.

                  You guys helped big time so again, Thank you very much for the help!