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Prince's assasination

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    Originally posted by Monalfie View Post
    Part of the distinction to me in this situation is that this was the Prince of L.A. and this was (at least from what it seemed) not a Nosferatu of significant power or significant political standing.
    It's possible that managing to destroy a Prince in his haven, while in the company of his ghouls, by definition makes one a significant power. Now, once the investigation is performed and it emerges that the actual killer was someone else, the city may just assume the killer was more powerful (or lucky or strategic) than everyone thought all along. It wouldn't be the first time a powerful vampire has hidden themselves as a fledgling.

    I still think that it is a very long-shot outcome, but the players may be able to twist this around into a Right of Conquest ascent into the Prince's seat. It wouldn't be the first time someone ascended by killing the former Prince. Most of it depends on how much power the killer actually had going in. This could be raw personal power (it's not uncommon for pcs to rapidly build up high levels of disciplines), but it could also be good-will among high ranking local kindred, as depicted in a high Status score.

    Basically, if a random fledgling trips and falls while carrying a ceremonial pike, accidentally decapitating the Prince, there is unlikely to be a right to ascend. If, however, the Primogen was unhappy with the Prince's reign (as we know they are from other posts), find that someone they find personally acceptable has killed the Prince, and the Primogen want a puppet to place on the throne, then the pc might find himself the Prince. The other reason the Primogen may want a stooge on the throne is that the Sabbat has been lurking about. A stooge makes a more obvious target to distract them.

    Plus, granting this stooge the throne would prevent (or at least postpone) the scramble for power that normally follows a dead prince. Given the volatile situation before this incident, that sort of internal struggle could lose LA for the Camarilla.