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    I have the book forArchons and templars. Good combo investigate abilities.

    Any suggestions for giving stats to an archon?

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    Archons and Templars are badasses, and I consider them elite Knights (serving the institution of the Camarilla, with the Sabbat having equivalents). That being said, they are badasses because of who they work for and not because they are gods unto themselves. After all, the leader of the CIA is just an old man and easily killed, but we fear that old man because we could wake up and our whole family is in a box.

    Typically I assume at least 3 dots per Attribute, and 3 attributes have 5. Abilities tend to be broad (lots of 3s) with a few specialties with more.
    The "stats that matter most" are Backgrounds and Disciplines. Lots of 2-dot disciplines, the fruits of many favors acquired along the way. They will have a half dozen ghouls and other cainites on call at all times.

    The backgrounds are the best part. If your Archon/Templar are there on business, they have all the backgrounds of your Prince, Primogen and ancillae. As a representative of the Sect at large his word is law. If he decides to drag your staked body into the middle of Elysium while his ghouls play bagpipe music and a well-choreographed dance routine before diablerizing you, the Court will watch and clap if appropriate.


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      Camarilla archons are NOT all fighters. Far from it.
      In v20, it's clearly assessed that Archons is a very broad term to name a close servant of a Justicar. I'm pretty sure it means that Archons can be extremely specialist : a Spy, and Enforcer, a Magical scholar, an assassin's a Human specialist (technology and politique), a mole specialist. Etc

      If you want a more technical guideline i would give you this :
      Try to build your archon AS you would build a PC, in an optimisation way. Do you want it's role to be the enforcer of the Justicar, then focus on fighting skill. DO you want him to be a Spy that can fools even the princes of cities, then focus on auspex Obfuscate etc. A sneaky assassin : a little bit of both.
      Also, Consider that Justicar, while wielding powerful authority are not really loved by other cainites, as their are blatantly untouchable and all powerful. A prince wil NEVER be keen on learning a Justicar or Archons is in her cities, as everyone have things to hide, and those guys pretty much don't deal in middle ground.
      I think an archons should always be created by giving an important place to it's link to the Justicar : what made the Justicar choose him ? to what extent is he loyal ? For what reason ? what are his personal goals on the long run ?
      Archons are Important NPC, they should be given a Background and unique RP.

      Take some template of NPV gen 8-7 or even 6.
      Whatever the gen of your archons that the kind of stats he should have, distributed in specific area that fit his role.
      Finally, remember that what's important for archons are not their inherent skills, but the fact that they are Officials of the Justicar, Himself Official of the Camarilla council. You don't want to get on the wrong side of an Archon.


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        Archons and Templars had its own good words of advice on the subject.

        "Boiled down to its simplest form, an archon is any Kindred who serves a justicar. We have no prerequisites, no fitness tests or Civil Service Exams. If a justicar thinks you're useful, and if you're willing to serve her, you're an archon."
        "Not every one of us has to be a buffed out, chaingun-toting combat warlord, but each archon must be eminently skilled at what he does--whatever that might be. A hacker, a cat burglar, a mechanic or even (Caine forbid!) a lawyer are all archon material, if they've the proper temperament and level of proficiency--and if that happens to be what a justicar requires at the moment. Don't embarrass your boss and don't bollix your assignments; everything else is negotiable."

        Blood and Bourbon, my New Orleans-based Vampire chronicle.


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          I bet the stats for a bunch of Archons exist online. You could use them for ideas. Theo Bell comes to mind.