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Making Pentex great again

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  • Making Pentex great again

    In my chronicle I have Pentex agency making power plays against other entities in the city.

    I've done a good job at making two of their local CEOs be very intimidating to the players.

    Although one player joined them. But through bad luck later lost his character to NPC status. His npc status made him scary too which worked out well.

    I'm fishing for ideas to make them scarier and more interesting while maintaining the masquerade theme.

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    The scariest thing to any player is a competent NPC. While I am not suggesting that every Pentex CEO should be running constant Xanatos Gambits, it should be pretty close to that level.


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      Agreed with Thoth. Even just having the CEOs taking logical precautions or having one or two supplementary plans operating in the wings can make them seem frightening. A character's machinations don't need to be labyrinthine to be effective, or scary.

      Edit: One of the simpler ways to engender dread in your players is to have the CEO characters have more information about the PCs' movements than they otherwise should. And you can easily rationalize it by saying that the Pentex characters have the PCs under surveillance. Draft up a couple characters (as they may be discovered and interrogated at any time), and have them follow the PCs during their normal operations. Roll for the spies to see how well they keep up with the PCs, and roll for the PCs behind the "screen" as to whether said PCs notice the folks tailing them.

      Then the next time the PCs interact with the CEO characters, the latter can pull out knowledge of the former's movements, if they aren't exactly aware of WHAT the PCs are doing. It is, after all, a little unfair if the CEOs know everything about the PCs. Having actual spies, that roll and are rolled against, gives a good idea of how much the CEOs can find out.

      Another thing those spy characters would be tasked with doing is going to where the PCs frequent, and start asking questions of NPCs. If a PC hangs out in a bar, the regulars and staff will probably remember the PC, and might have noticed things.

      All of this, when it comes to light, implies a web of resources and information on the part of the CEOs, for relatively little effort. It also means that the CEOs know the PCs, and could hit them at home, if the CEOs so chose.
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        Alternatively you have the Pentex CEOs operate like Malcom Merlin did in the first season of Arrow. Sure he designed a machine that could generate an earthquake and he planned to use it against the city, but just in case something went wrong, he had two of them in different locations. In short you always have a backup plan.


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          Servants of The Weaver: We're gonna build a wall! And we're gonna make the Umbra pay for it!