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  • Make Your Own Bloodline!

    Include possible progenitor(s), disciplines, a weakness and any additional information, such as organization, embraces, or information on new disciplines.

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    My current WoD project is a Lasombra Bloodline. So far early history (until c. 1000 AD) is done with a 2 page General description and some mechanical ideas afterward.

    they are older than the "stock" Lasombra and have Fortitude, Obfuscate and Obtenebration as in clan discipline. Necromancy and Abyss Mysticism are quite common. And for weakness, their shadow have a life of it's own and move in ways that doesn't match the body.

    They are very secretive and are rarely seen, and most would technically qualify as Elders. And they really despise Lasombra. They tend to embrace people with brain and who know how to remain discreet. They also have their own breed of Revenant.
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    Project consolidation:
    Rough Draft: Dhole Shifters, Ottawa By Night, Tribebook Bunyip, Garou Variant
    In redaction: Lasombra Bloodline


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      Awesome idea, thank you!


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        I've recently been considering an idea for some Nosferatu who get their hands on a unique version of Protean, similar to how to aquatic Gangrel are able to learn a marine version of the discipline. Their particular form of Protean would cause their clan weakness to manifest even in animal form, thus causing them to transform into hideously mutated beasts and probably giving even their fellow vampires a heart attack!

        Haven't decided on what kind of weakness to give them, yet. Right now, I'm thinking of either making them more prone to Frenzy, or causing them to progressively mutate over time until there's virtually nothing left of their human form.

        Obviously, this bloodline would be affiliated with the Sabbat, and probably got their hands on Protean in hopes of wielding it against the Niktuku.


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          Well, for what it's worth, this is the unholiness birthed in my last TC story.

          The I Haven't Thought Far Ahead Enough to Name Them Bloodline, not that They Need a Name Anyways, Right?

          Parent clan: a couple Gangrel who unwittingly touched [Tzimisce]'s blood.

          Clan disciplines: Animalism, Fortitude, Vicissitude.

          Clan weakness: Members of this bloodline are Embraced with the Soul Infection derangement.

          Lore: The Asakku were in truth but one part of the Eldest's scheme to subvert the Curse of Caine. Originally Tzimisce whose wills had been subsumed by the Eldest, the Asakku served as its eyes, ears, appendages, but most importantly its feeding apparatus -- while [Tzimisce] fell to the Methuselah's Thirst eons ago, the younger and more supple Cainites it transformed into Asakku were easily capable of feeding upon the kine. Thus, the Eldest was able to feed from its Asakku, who slaked their thirsts on mortals in turn, without predating its childer, grandchilder, the get of other Antediluvians, or upon the potent blood of other supernaturals. Likewise, the earliest Tzimisce looked to the Asakku as avatars and voices of their progenitor -- and as a dire warning that those who challenged the Eldest's supremacy and will might join the ranks of the Asakku as repayment for treachery.

          When the Salubri warriors, led by Samiel, struck into the Tzimisce's ancestral homelands, their war was first and foremost against the Asakku at Saulot's behest. Saulot was not merely looking to purge Cainite society of yet another infernal cancer; the Antediluvian instead looked to strike at a blood-brother in rage and jealousy it had succeeded, where the most pious and dutiful of Caine's grandchilder had failed. When the last of the original Asakku fell, the Eldest was soon to follow at Samiel's hands.

          When the Eldest prematurely awoke in 1225, drawn from torpor by the blood shed between Yorak, Damek Ruthven, and their respective pawns, [Tzimisce]'s plight was dire. It was not yet ready to rejoin the Jyhad, let alone strike back at Caine's prodigal grandchilde Saulot, thus it had to quietly and ever so subtly rebuild its strength. Providence brought in 1289 a pack of Cainites seeking refuge from the Inquisition, whose exploits had become central to Transylvanian politics and the Jyhad itself.

          Two of those Cainites -- both Gangrel -- directly contacted the Eldest's blood in order to communicate with it. The Eldest, in return, unbeknownst to them gifted them potency of blood, reducing their Generation by one apiece, but left their blood tainted so long as the Eldest resides in them...for any childer they sire from that point forward, are doomed to be the first in a new iteration of Asakku. This time, they are not to be the Eldest's eyes and ears, but the tip of its spear in the great Jyhad.
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            I had an idea for a Nosferatu bloodline for the Victorian Age based on the legend of the Gremlins and that it would have been obsessed with tinkering with machinery and that its blood could affect said machiery causing to, well, experience misfortune or stop working. But I realized that this would require a new Discipline so I abandoned the project and think about introducing the same kind of effect by a Background that one can buy which allows this effect from one's blood.


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              Originally posted by Gurkhal View Post
              I had an idea for a Nosferatu bloodline for the Victorian Age based on the legend of the Gremlins and that it would have been obsessed with tinkering with machinery and that its blood could affect said machiery causing to, well, experience misfortune or stop working. But I realized that this would require a new Discipline so I abandoned the project and think about introducing the same kind of effect by a Background that one can buy which allows this effect from one's blood.

              Not gremlins, but there's these guys in Requiem 2E homebrew, who interact with machines.

              MtAw Homebrew: Even more Legacies, updated to 2E


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                Some bloodlines have ancient origins, with mysterious founders known only in rumor and myth. Such is not the case with Las Arrivistas, well, not really.

                Their founder was born Patricia Anne Kozaczuk in Emporia, Kansas. In 1965, at the age of 18, she quit school, changed her name to "Patty Kake", and got on the bus to Los Angeles. She had always dreamed of being famous, and this was her chance. Unfortunately, she couldn't sing, act, or dance. There was only one thing she was very, very good at. And, that, made her lots of male friends in lots of high places.

                The next few years she worked her way up the groupie circuit. First, local acts working for tips in MacArthur Park. Then session musicians who introduced her to the big guys. She started touring with national acts. Her five favorite words were, "I'm with the band, asshole."

                She gained some minor fame of her own as a courtesan and hanger-on. She "acted" in a Warhol movie. She was photgraphed by Richard Avedon and Dianne Arbus. She had one night stands with David Bowie, and Mick Jagger, as well as David Bowie and Mick Jagger. She sewed costumes for Elton John, and decorated David Cassidy's beach house. Her name was known by gossip columnists and the writers at Rolling Stone magazine as their most reliable source for unattributed quotes. She made a small fortune selling stories to the scandal rags.

                Then, in 1979, she met Kent. He was a music producer who promised to make her a star in her own right. Instead, he made her his ghoul. She served him as a lure and personal servant until 2004, when he simply left one night, and never came back. Patty was desperate. If she didn't get blood soon, she would start aging. Given she was actually a woman in her fifties, this was simply unacceptable.

                She searched everywhere for him. Finally, while questioning the patrons at a downtown club, she came across some no-class baby vamp from Santa Monica. Long story short, turns out the newbie lied to her about where Kent was. Even worse, Patty was sent into the clutches of a serial killer, who she quickly out-witted and escaped. What kind of an asshole intentionally sends a girl they just met to a serial killer?

                She never found Kent, but did find an elder vampire who was willing to take her in, as his childe. This was even better, except that during the embrace Patty frenzied and killed her sire, before she could even discover his clan. He was a loser, anyway, and all this technically made Patty a Caitiff. Quelle horreur!

                Luckily, the city's vampiric establishment was in shambles. Bombs going off. Anarchs hiding out in hotels. Zombies in Hollywood. Plague cults killing hundreds. Patty, ever the opportunist, managed to finagle her way in as things settled down.

                She made up a story about a fictional sire who had founded a bloodline in the 12th century. Ironically, it was partially true. Turns out Patty was an inceptor who founded the Arrivistas, a name she cribbed from a band in her hometown, which she cribbed because it sounded cool. She had no idea what the term meant until a Harpy pointed it out in Elysium, but by that time she was stuck with it. Patty and her brood have been laughingstocks ever since.

                Patty wanted to set-up in Beverly Hills or Bel Air, or somewhere else classy. Turns out everywhere she went was already taken, so she established a domain in beautiful, downtown West Covina. She embraced a dozen of the best people she could find before the political situation fully gelled in LA. Her haven is a tastefully redecorated trucking depot.

                All but three of her childer left her after various soap opera dramas stemming from Patty's condescending tirades. She doesn't mind as she sees the ones who left as "total losers, anyway".
                Patty and her brood spend every night commuting on the I-10, so they can hunt West LA for blood "good enough for their refined palates". Many nights, they barely make it back in time.

                The Arrivistas who left West Covina have proven unusually prolific for such a new line, having spread out to Las Vegas, Dallas, Atlanta, and Orlando. A few have settled in Milton-Keynes, Luton, and Brighton in the UK. Each place they go, they tend to embrace a lover or friend, sometimes in exchange for a large pile of cash, then move on to greener pastures.

                The Arrivistas now number nearly three dozen, and though some Archons have discussed taking action to stop their explosive growth, the Camarilla is too busy dealing with bigger threats to deal with what most consider a brood of celebrity-obsessed lightweights, who make their havens on the outskirts of larger domains.

                Nickname: Too few know about them to give them a nickname, but some in LA call them "Patty's Kids", or "Gold-diggers". A few Archons have referred to them as "Simonists" for their habit of selling the embrace for cash.

                Sect: The Arrivistas have only a dim awareness of how Camarilla society and governance works, making them effectively Autarkis. A few have apolitical Anarch leanings based on personal loyalties to individual Anarchs. No known Arrivista has joined the Sabbat, and they consider the Sword of Caine to be "gross and scary".

                Appearance: A Arrivistas tend to embrace those who make a good first impression. They are often well-dressed, albeit in outlet mall versions of well-known designers. They are well-groomed and carry themselves with a somewhat comic dignity, given many of them have humble backgrounds. Most of the first embracees were women in their twenties, as Patty was seeking friends and comrades. The line is already becoming more diverse, as it spreads. Originating in LA, the line has the ethnic diversity emblematic of that city.

                Haven: Being a line of neonates, they tend to make the best of what they can scrounge, usually in the barrens around large cities. Basement apartments, vacant strip-mall stores, movie theaters, and department store warehouses have all seen use as havens. These humble properties are usually decorated in the latest style, at least the latest available at thrift shops and chain stores. Given their line's weakness requires them to associate with the upper classes, they refuse to stay in any haven which carries bad smells or is dirty, like a sewer, a root cellar, or an abandoned factory.

                Background: In theory, the line wants to embrace the best of the best, but they haven't really worked out a system for doing that. They tend to embrace based on first impressions, often to fill in a skill-set the sire lacks. If someone seems smart, pretty, or tough, they may just be added to the roster. Many were on the outer edge of the wealthy and powerful, like servants or salespeople. All tend to be ambitious and have a habit of punching above their weight socially.

                Character Creation: Social attributes are primary, with Physical a close second, especially for men. Needing to be self-sufficient, Arrivistas tend to be generalists, rather than specialists. A Talent, or Skill above a rating of three is nearly unheard of. They are not the most cerebral of lines, and no known Arrivista has a Knowledge above three.

                They have a bad habit of overlapping their Herd with their other Backgrounds, making Resources, Influence, and Fame more efficient to administer, but leaving them quite vulnerable when their Herd is attacked. An unusual number of them have a Mentor who is a powerful human. Patty was lucky enough to be embraced to the 7th generation, and few of her get are much past this. Status in the Camarilla is unheard of past the first dot.

                The Harmless merit, and the Laughingstock, Botched Presentation, and Uppity flaws are unusually common among the line, as are High Society Ties.

                Common Virtues are socially oriented, like Helpful, Ambitious, and Honest. Common Vices are centered around their insecurities, like Arrogant, Cruel, and Greedy.

                A few Arrivistas have recently been embraced in exchange for large cash bribes. These recruits, of course, tend to be quite wealthy. Their sires rarely explain ahead of time the difficulty this will cause when feeding. (see below)

                Disciplines: Celerity, Fortitude, Presence

                Weakness: Because Arrivistas see high-quality blood as a means to advance themselves, they refuse to feed on the inferior. They may only feed on vessels whose total Appearance, Influence, Fame, and Resources is higher than the total of their own Appearance, Influence, Fame, and Resources.

                Most adjust to this requirement by drinking from only the richest, most famous, and most influential people they can acquire. None seem to have as yet realized that they could just reject the trappings of worldly success, thereby feeding on nearly anyone. Such asceticism is completely foreign to the mindset of an Arrivista.

                Ghoul Weakness: All ghouls created by the Arrivistas suffer from the Uppity flaw. (V20, p. 492)

                1.Greedy: You deserve to have the good things in life. Lie, cheat, steal, whatever it takes to get the one object that will finally make you happy. You'll love it more than that loser who has it now.
                2.Critical: Your Beast heightens your ability to sense others' flaws. This would be fine, except it also insists on pointing them out in the most obvious way possible. You're just trying to help!
                3.Rejected: You believe that everyone and everything is stacked against you. How can they not see how great you are? You storm out of the current scene, probably telling someone off on the way.
                4.Jealous Rage: You identify the person who most outshines you and attack their best feature. Rake your claws across their beautiful face, rip out the throat of a singer, burn down their glamorous home, or smash the skull of someone who thinks they're smarter than you.
                5.Acquisitive: You identify someone better than you in some way, and your Beast demands to bring them under the influence of the Beast as well. Embrace them! Now!

                Organization: There are so few of this line that most know one another. Patty is given some respect, especially to her face, as she has destroyed a few fledglings who failed to meet her standards, had failed embraces... or simply annoyed her. Most Arrivistas are released quite quickly after the embrace, so sires have little involvement with their childer. And, because they get on one another's nerves.

                Sample Character Concepts: Gold-digging trophy wife, Douchey personal trainer, Best yoga instructor in all of Barstow, Lawyer who attended community college, Buyer at high-end department store, Youtube celebutante, Housekeeper for a billionaire, Military veteran/exotic dancer, Concierge physician, Slacker trust-fund kid who didn't know what he was buying, High-end rent-boy, Schmoozy real estate agent, Bouncer at the most exclusive club in town, Personal assistant to an Oscar winner, Retired financial manager, Luxury car sales rep, Impoverished aristocrat, Scholarship student at exclusive school

                Assamites, Giovanni, Lasombra, Ravnos: Uhh, who?
                Brujah: Some of them are super-hot, in a bad-boy kind of way. Unfortuantely, they're more action movie than romcom, so leave before stuff starts blowing up.
                Followers of Set: These guys seem a lot like us, though more down-market. They keep doing me favors, and just want to be friends. Should that make me nervous?
                Gangrel: Those are the ones who wear flannel and look like furries, right? They have nothing I need.
                Malkavians: A school shooting just waiting to happen. No matter how normal they seem, just smile and back away verrry slowwwwly.
                Nosferatu: Eww! Gross! You're telling me the elders like them, but not us? There's no accounting for lack of taste.
                Toreador: Nothing but awesome. These guys have it figured out. Don't dare tell them I said that! I don't want them to think I'm too eager.
                Tremere: I don't know. They seem okay, if a little nerdy and cliquey, like the chess club in school. Some people say they're super-evil, but then again, those are the same people who are mean to us. Maybe, just avoid them for now?
                Tzimisce: I knew an Arrivista in Lauderdale who went to one of these vampires to get a quickie facelift. He never came back. I don't know what that means, but I left town, just to be safe.
                Ventrue: I'm... not sure. Everybody says they're the classiest, richest, most organized vampires around. So, why are we the only ones who notice how they seem to keep failing at everything they do lately?
                Caitiff: No, I am not a Caitiff! I am a member of a bloodline founded in the 12th century! Got it? <pulls out stake, growls, and left eye starts to twitch menacingly>
                Camarilla: The only game in town. Probably safer to just hang out on the edges, until we know the rules. Once we do, though, well... even then, what do we need them for?
                Sabbat: I hear they're like an evil mirror universe. The stylish ones will eat you, but the ones with dirt under their fingernails are harmless. Could that be possibly right? It sounds backwards.
                Anarchs: Different rules. Different rulers. Same rulings. Yawn.

                Views from others:
                Brujah: The Arrivistas are a pain in my ass. God, such whiney little bitches. That said, they're surprisingly good in a fight. Even better at running when you need them most.
                Followers of Set: I give 'em twenty years, at the outside. Is it even worth putting them in debt?
                Gangrel: Don't they ever shut up?
                Malkavians: They're not an accident. They're how that clan used to be, back in the really, really old days. It's like when the boss walks in, and you try to look busy. Except the boss is going to eat us all.
                Nosferatu: In their early nights I spent some time in the Inland Empire surveilling them. All I actually learned was that Keeping Up With The Kardashians has a surprisingly nuanced plot.
                Toreador: Nice shoes. I didn't know Prada had a licensing agreement with Walmart.
                Tremere: Another bloodline? Will I never finish my research? Let's see what we have here. <examines sample> Hmm... that's odd. I may need to perform experiments on them more... directly.
                Ventrue: Sigh. She's here again? Tell her I'm in a meeti... oh, Patty! How nice to see you... again. And... so soon.
                Caitiff: Hey, Harmony Kendall, tossing your hair and speaking in fry register all the time doesn't make you cooler than your fellow Caitiff.
                Camarilla: How many new lines has LA spit out total? Those people breed like cockroaches.
                Sabbat: Toreador? Ventrue? Uppity Brujah? Who cares? Just kill 'em, already.
                Anarchs: I should have told her Kent was in Tijuana. Another twenty miles and the Sabbat would have prevented this whole train wreck.
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                  Originally posted by Nosimplehiway View Post
                  This was a fun read. I love the idea of a 'poseur' sort of bloodline, and LA is a perfect place for that to form.


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                    Nosimplehiway See, this is why I just eat Patty most playthroughs. She's nothing but trouble. (Seriously, I love this enough to steal it for future use. Funny and thoughtful writeup you got here. You deserve pie.)

                    “Nobody is purely good or purely evil. Most of us are in-between. There are moths that explore the day and butterflies that play at night.”
                    - Suzy Kassem, Rise Up and Salute The Sun


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                      Here's a seed of an idea I just came up with: a bloodline (probably an offshoot of Capadocian) that grows progressively older in appearance as they age.

                      These "Wizened" begin vampiric existence as normal, but aren't as ageless as other licks. They have eternal (un)life, but not eternal youth. (They are distinct from Capadocians because the latter grow more corpse-like, whereas the Wizened look as alive as a vampire can be. Just really, really old.)

                      The issue I run into is "how fast do they age"? Indeed, "what does their aging even look like, over a long enough time scale?" See, it's difficult to imagine a person centuries old and looking it. No one gets that old these days. Further, it's presumed that the sort of decrepitude that afflicts people is proportional to how close to death they are; if a person could live for centuries, we'd expect them to look pretty good for such a long life. They'd have to, if they were healthy enough to do so. How much of an aged person's appearance is a result of the inevitable effects of a long life, and how much are the effects of the body breaking down?

                      As you can see, it's a difficult process, hammering out the kinks of this bloodline. And those are just the questions I've come up with in the minutes since having this idea.

                      For the sake of simplicity, we'll assume a Wizened doesn't lose actual Attribute scores as they age (except perhaps Appearance). They get wrinkled, lose the color in their hair, develop liver spots, etc, but they don't shrivel up into a useless, fragile wretch. That wouldn't exactly make them much of a threat in the Jyhad. Plus, it's sort of a dick move for players of Wizened who reach the Elder levels, and start losing dots they put points into. For the sake of playability and value as NPCs, we'll assume an Elder Wizened is exactly as powerful as a regular Elder. They just don't look it (which can be a bit of a boon, in some cases).

                      A Wizened should perhaps also age at a decelerated rate. Or else their appearance "plateaus" in terms of agedness, to get around the question of how they can get exponentially more aged. Don't think I or most players and storytellers could imagine someone truly centuries old.

                      Alternatively, a Wizened's relative appearance could fluctuate based on how much blood they have in their system. The closer they are to empty - or perhaps the longer since they've fed - the closer to their true age a Wizened becomes. So they look as they did at the Embrace when blood is fresh in their system, but become bent, grey, and wrinkled as the freshness of feeding wanes.

                      For Disciplines, I'm imagining the Wizened have Celerity, to link them to time. It also creates the interesting effect of having a character who looks ancient, but is faster than many spry youths running around. If their age fluctuates, it may even result in a Wizened aging mid-battle, as their use of blood lowers their blood pool, which in turn causes them to appear older. They speed up their own time for extra activity, but in doing so make time catch up to them. It's a fascinating and thematic idea.

                      Other Disciplines I'm less clear on. Auspex, I think, and/or Obfuscate. I'm debating whether, as a Capadocian bloodline, they ought to have Necromancy, or if they should have all common Disciplines. There's something to be said about Wizened - the bloodline of the obscenely old - being connected to ghosts. On the other hand, we have plenty of Clans and Bloodlines who can use Necromancy, and so few that make due with a common Discipline spread.

                      The three possible combinations would be:
                      1) Auspex, Celerity, Obfuscate
                      2) Auspex, Celerity, Necromancy
                      3) Celerity, Necromancy, Obfuscate


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                        I think figuring the niche could help figure out the Discipline. Oddly enough, thinking back at my own grandmother (who turned 100 on June 6th), I would see them having Presence, giving them a grandfatherly/grandmotherly feel or maybe Fortitude for the "ruggedness" of living this far.

                        Aging-wise, I see your point, maybe look at the Revenant's lifespan/aging and eyeball it from them for the aging process.
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                        Project consolidation:
                        Rough Draft: Dhole Shifters, Ottawa By Night, Tribebook Bunyip, Garou Variant
                        In redaction: Lasombra Bloodline


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                          While thinking about this thread, I remembered a bloodline I wrote up a while back, based on Garou Kinfolk involved in the Indian Royal Navy Mutiny of 1946. The Vidrohissaya are described here.

                          Ian Turner

                          Thank you for the compliments. I wrote the Arrivistas because I always felt a little sympathetic towards Patty. Yeah, she's obnoxious, but does she really deserve to be sent to have her limbs hacked off by a serial killer? Mostly, I just see her as a broken and sad person... who I would want to spend absolutely no time around, mind you.

                          Plus, I've often thought it a little odd that vampire clans and bloodlines all seem to actually be good at their concept. IRL, lots of countries and organizations have aspirations they fail to reach. I thought it could be fun to see a line that really wants to fit a concept, but just doesn't have it in them.


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                            I usually send Patty away because I don't want to harm her or see her harmed by getting entangled with the Kindred. Unfortunate people brings out more compassion from me than scorn and one of the things I regret most in my life so far is that I probably could have done more to help people less fortunate them myself. But its kind of too late now.


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                              The Isha Ventrue

                              Progenitor: Isha Yusuf was a Ventrue embraced for his tactical acumen, as well as his peerless skill in managing people. An accomplished negotiator, Isha was well known in and around his city for his ability to create consensus between the most warring parties. He could make a Toreador and Nosferatu shake hands, and a an anarch bend the knee before the prince. This was because he had a different perspective on leadership than the other Ventrue: he believed the truest expression of Noblesse Oblige was not to rule, but to facilitate cooperation. United power will always be greater than personal power, and the greatest leader is one that helps his underlings grow.

                              Isha hated the use of Dominate; it went against everything he stood for as a leader. He believed it hurt the soul to command, and that no true leader should ever need such a crutch. He and a Malkavian friend of similar mindset began experimenting with ways of cheating this curse of Caine. For years, decades, they toiled to find a cure for the curse of domination. Isha put himself through hell at the hands of his Malkavian ally, who took everything he knew about the man and rewrote his mind and blood from the ground up. At the end of it, Isha recognized himself, but his propensity to dominate others was gone, replaced with something wholly other, dormant in the blood since the time of Caine. He named his brood and bloodline for himself, and they have since spread to the court of many a Ventrue looking for some cooperation in their ranks. They quietly prosper in the shadow of the Blue Bloods, running their organizations and cities with meticulous accuracy.

                              Nickname: Diplomats, Negotiators, Wheel-Greasers (derogatory)

                              Disciplines: Fortitude, Presence, Amicitia (explained below)

                              Weakness: The Diplomats have two weaknesses: they have the normal Ventrue weakness, being a bloodline of that clan. In addition, their blood is completely incapable of forming a blood bond. There is no bond binding sire and childe together, and they can never create ghouls.

                              Organization: Though they are few in number, the Isha credo of cooperation and harmony leads them to become a close-knit bunch whenever they meet. Every decade, all members of the Bloodline are invited to a conference, organized by an elder. Here, they share tales, strategies, and sometimes their very souls.
                              The Isha follow a few laws amongst themselves:
                              > The principle of Peace: An Isha must never physically hurt another Isha.
                              > The principle of Honesty: An Isha must never lie to another of the bloodline. If lying becomes necessary, they must inform their brother of the falsehood at the earliest convenience, and their reasons for it.
                              > The principle of Cooperation: If the goals of two Isha do not contradict, they must not refuse one another aid.
                              > The principle of Negotiation: If the goals of two Isha do contradict, they must resolve their differences until their goals no longer contradict.
                              > The principle of Non-Competition: If one Isha has achieved something, be it riches, status or loyalties, another Isha may not attempt to steal or usurp that achievement in any way.

                              Embraces: The Isha tend to embrace people in business, law, or those who display a propensity for debate and reconciling differences. They vet their prospective childer rigorously before the embrace, often engingeering tests and traps for them to see if they are truly worthy of the blood of Isha.

                              Character Creation: Social attributes are at a premium for the Isha. They value Empathy highly, as well as Subterfuge and Expression. They also tend to be learned types, investing inKnowledges, Intelligence and Wits. Combat powers are rarely taught among the clan: they rely on fortitude and social skills to resolve conflicts, rather than violence.

                              Amicitia is the discipline of understanding, empathy and clear communication. Integral to the Isha clan and rarly if ever taught to outsiders, Amicitia enables the Cainite to clear away confusion and open up Cainites to one another. The Diplomats are often sought out by princes for this power in times of crisis, in order to unite their fractured domains.
                              In order to learn Amicitia, the Cainite must follow the Path of Humanity, and have a Humanity rating of at least 7. If they ever fall below Humanity 7, they lose access to their highest dot in Amicitia for each Humanity below 7. Simply put, the Discipline requires a level of willingness to cooperate that the Beast, ever the lone wolf, very much hates.
                              ¤ Exchange of Ideas
                              The first step on the path of understanding is being able to communicate clearly, and in turn allowing others to speak their mind. This power aids the Diplomat in just that, enhancing their skills in the art of conflict resolution. They can bring their own ideas across with no misunderstandings, and can easily see past the deceptions of others to arrive at what they truly want.
                              System: The Cainite spends one blood point to activate the power, which remains active until the end of the scene. For the duration, the Cainite adds their Empathy rating to all their Expression and Subterfuge rolls.
                              ¤¤ Deep Talk
                              Diplomats have an uncanny insight into what people’s true desires are, separating the wheat from the chaff. This power enables the Diplomat to, through brief conversation, read the surface thoughts of their subject.
                              System: When speaking with a person for at least a minute, the Cainite may spend a blood point and roll Perception+Empathy (Difficulty equal to the subjects Willpower) Depending on the number of successes, the Cainite gains differing levels of insight into their target.
                              1 success: The targets current true emotional state.
                              2 successes: All previous, as well as the targets Humanity/Path rating.
                              3 successes: All previous, as well as the targets Derangements.
                              4 successes: All previous, as well as the targets intentions with the current conversation.
                              5 successes: All previous, as well as the targets Nature.
                              ¤¤¤ In your shoes
                              An accomplished diplomat must be able to understand the perspectives of others. At remnant from the Possession power from Dominate, this power allows the Diplomat can step into the world of his fellows, sharing their life for a brief period. Stepping out of themselves, the Diplomat takes on a passenger seat behind the eyes of their subject until the night is through.
                              System: The Cainite spends a point of Willpower to activate this power, and targets a human, cainite, or other supernatural creature they can see and rolls Charisma+Subterfuge (difficulty is the targets current Willpower). If successful, the Cainite falls into a Torpor-like sleep, which lasts for an hour per success, or until the next sunrise, whichever comes first. As long as the power is active, the Cainite will see, hear, and otherwise experience everything their target does, including sensations experienced through supernatural powers. They cannot, however, change their targets behavior, actions, or use any of their own disciplines while riding someone’s psyche like this.
                              This power cannot be cancelled, but ends automatically when the Cainite who activated it falls into daysleep.
                              ¤¤¤¤Benefit of the Doubt
                              Cainites are suspicious, paranoid creatures by nature and necessity. While this instinct might keep one alive, it also keeps them from solving interpersonal conflicts. For especially stubborn cases, Diplomats may instill a little positive thinking into their lives. Simply put, this power subtly affects the target’s perceptions, leading them to assume others have no ill intent. A snide comment becomes a joke, a threat becomes a misunderstanding. While this can severely impair the targets ability for duplicity, that is more often than not part of the point the Diplomat is trying to make.
                              System: The Diplomat spends a blood point and rolls Manipulation + Empathy, and chooses a target. Each success gives -1 difficulty to all social rolls made against the target for the rest of the night. In addition, the target has +1 difficulty for each success on all rolls trying to determine the motives of someone else: it automatically assumes the best of people.
                              ¤¤¤¤¤ Harmony
                              The truest expression of Amicitia, it allows people to sympathize with one another on a fundamental level. People linked through the power of Harmony feel each other’s emotions, hear each other's thoughts and can even see through each other’s eyes. Allowing peerless cooperation, this power is the example the Diplomats bring up as the ideal they are trying to achieve.
                              System: The Cainite spends a point of Willpower and rolls Manipulation + Empathy. The first success allows them to choose two people, whose minds she may link. Each additional success allows them to add one additional person to the link. They cannot, no matter how many successes, include themselves in this linking of minds.
                              People who are joined this way enjoy several benefits. The Social and Mental Attributes of all members in the link, as well as all skills and knowledges, are considered to be the highest of all people included in the link. (For example, if a character has Academics 1 and another in the link has Academics 4, both are considered to have Academics 4.)
                              All characters in the link have +1 Courage for each other person in the link.
                              If any characters have different virtues, they can choose to use their own or one of their linked compatriots. For example, a person with Self-Control may choose to “Ride the wave” of a frenzy of another in the link has Instinct, and vice versa.
                              Characters in a link will have a hard time harming one another. If they try, they will suffer the same damage they inflict, sharing pain through the mystical link.
                              The link lasts for a number of hours equal to the number of successes rolled, or until sunrise, whichever comes first. One cannot voluntarily leave the link.

                              Furthermore, I believe Carthage should be destroyed.