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Will you be sticking with VtM 20th Anniversary or moving on to 5th edition?

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  • Will you be sticking with VtM 20th Anniversary or moving on to 5th edition?

    Just wondering what edition people will use now, me personally I will try using both and see what is better for my play style.

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    Likely stick, thouh I'll give a go for the new book. If it turns out as I'm expecting, I'll use mainly the new lore, mostly in a toned-down version.

    Maybe porting some conepts, like Generation+ blood potenc, or applying some form of hunger to the bloodpool system, or the cutting down of combat rolls, dunno.

    If nothing worked, then let's think!


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      What can I say? I'm an old-fashioned gal. V20 all the way.

      If I wanted to port Requiem-style mechanics into VtM, I'd do that. Breaking Points Humanity is much more elegant and flexible than Convictions, and same with CoD Touchstones. If I wanted a Requiem-style setting and lore...heck, I'd just play it instead of VtM. V5 does nothing for me.


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        I'll go with v5 for while,when the nostalgia hit I'll go back to v20,especially because v20 has my beloved Sabbat.


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          I'll probably use both... I'll use the metaplot and the V5 setting with either V20 or V5.

          That's what's cool about the whole system... you can choose what you want


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            Classic for me.

            All the lore can be had for free on Wiki, Podcasts, Forums, etc... I dislike the new game, and V5 is really V1 of a new game. If they print Chicago by Night and sell it in stores, I'll read a bit to see if it's worth getting. DAV20 is all the rules I need barring them doing a HUGE discount on V20. No need to spend $30 to get rules for guns.


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              I've already got a V5 chronicle planned for some long-time vampire players.

              I play what I like, and I like all of them.

              We might swing back to Revised in a couple of years (I have never invested in V20, didn't find a real need for it with the huge Revised/2e collection).

              We might play Requiem again afterwards.

              We have options, and that's a GOOD THING. We can play what we want and tweak and use to our hearts content.


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                Mostly Revised with a touch of 1st/2nd/20th. V5's lore seems, only from what I hear (being kind) maybe 50% possibly interesting and 50% wtf. But, overall, just far too much meh for too many things, and my understanding is the vast majority of the actual lore and story/plot is a few books away.


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                  Worked out for me. I'm running a dark ages v20 game right now, so once that is done I'll have been able to read a few of the V5 supplements and can decide at that point.


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                    Sticking to V20 when I play VtM (which I admit is rarely compared to Requiem) for the foreseeable future. I only play VtM as a nostalgia thing so... an update that seeks to change too much (esp. in the direction of VtR) doesn't really have a purpose to me.


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                      Will most likely play both.


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                        V5 for modern games, V20DA for my ongoing Dark Ages Chronicle. Even if they release a Dark Ages ruleset, I would conclude the ongoing Chronicle before switching over. My modern games are all concluded as of this week, so switching over is not an issue. And V5 is exactly what I‘ve been looking for: more streamlined than V1-V4 and a lot better design than VtR2.


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                          V20 feels more inclusive and definitive to me. V5 is cool as a sort of spin-off, but it feels very different. I might steal some things, but V20 and V20DA feel more rounded and flexible.


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                            It's a little amusing to see how the exact same debate occurs every time a new edition is published. When Revised came people bitched and whined and when Requiem came "nothing was ever the same again!". It's of course understandable as this game attracts a rather zealous fanbase (myself included), but it is still a little amusing.

                            I'm still playing 2nd edition but I often borrow mechanics from the later editions. At the end of the day what makes this game great is the atmosphere and no core book will ever fully be able to capture that - it's created by the people who play it and the research and imagination of the ST.

                            I'm looking forward to see this new blood potency mechanics.



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                              Going with V5.

                              Have mixed feelings about ditching VTR 2e, but not sad to see the back of the clutter of V20 / V20DA.