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    Critias isn't dead. The disappearance of Critias is, however, a crisis point in terms of Chicago's stability more important than even the fall of the Camarilla. For one hundred years, the millennia-old Athenian has been a bedrock of the city of Chicago and Menele's most powerful piece (his queen if you will avoid making any jokes) in the conflict with Helena.

    After the death of Lodin in Under a Blood Red Moon, there was a huge rush to establish a new Prince that ultimately ended up doing nothing with the Primogen taking over direct control of the city. This is something of a misnomer because Critias was the most powerful of the six members by far, so was ever the "First Among Equals." His "debate" skill, age, and ancient blood meant he was usually able to direct the flow of events far better than Lodin ever could have. Indeed, Lodin had always been the Primogen's puppet. The Chicago Anarch Revolt was the only time in the past century Critias didn't get his way and that was because Helena is an older ancient than himself.

    Critias' choice to put a fake Lodin on the throne was two parts practicality and one part vanity. Up until his meeting with Beckett, Critias was living the life as defacto Prince and everything was going like clockwork. The Jyhad between Helena and Menele was locked in its stalemate, they had survived Lupines ("Spartans!") and Sabbat ("Persians!"), and their position seemed unassailable.

    Right up until Menele woke up and told him he was going to the Middle East to join Troile.

    Critias was on his own.

    To say this shook the ancient, followed by the sudden and (near)complete collapse of the Camarilla is understating matters. So was the fact Critias also finally encountered Portia (which you would have thought would have happened in almost 20 years but it's not like the elder Primogen goes clubbing much). Fueled by his sudden freedom from mental domination and his hatred for the woman who betrayed Carthage, Critias launched himself at her and the two had a Masquerade-tearing battle that Critias decisively lost.

    Except he didn't die.

    Critias woke from a surprisingly light torpor in the middle of a dark underground concrete chamber where UV lights did not cause him damage but left him feeling drained as well as lethargic. Humans immune to mental disciplines interrogated him regularly, asking questions and displaying a far greater knowledge of Kindred than he ever expected. He was also fed barely enough to live and with blood packets so full of drugs that they've weakened him further. Countermeasures include a miniature stake injector above his heart. Even then, he's almost escaped three times.

    Yes, Critias is a prisoner of the Second Inquisition.

    The Department of Public Health and Safety doesn't actually know what they've got nor how lucky they were to get the ancient. Critias belief he can talk his way out of this situation is a bit of Athenian arrogance which is not serving him well. He's still badly injured and hasn't healed some of his more aggravated wounds so he's let far more slip to his interrogators than he's meant to, assuming he's the one directing their conversations. As such, he's let details vampire philosophy, religion, history, and political structures all slip--all of which helped in the Vienna Raid.

    Lodin II actually knows about Critias' condition but is letting him stew, debating whether it's better to heroically "rescue" him or let the Second Inquisition kill him by incinerating him in his cell. Critias, himself, is worried he has unwittingly become a traitor to the Camarilla (which he's certain has rebuilt itself by now) and is starting to dream of the Middle East himself.

    Campaign Update 1#: Critias was rescued from the Second Inquisition by one of the PCs and has returned to his place in the Primogen.
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      Originally posted by CTPhipps View Post

      Rusted Veins is definitely canon for the game. However, this takes place a bit later in the story and what people think has happened isn't necessarily what has happened in the backstories.

      Critias' disappearance is necessary because he was a puppet master everyone trusted to keep the ship sailing.
      Thanks for the clarification. Really like what you are doing.


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        Originally posted by Redwulfe View Post

        Thanks for the clarification. Really like what you are doing.
        Feel free to ask for me to talk about elements from the old Chicago by Nights or WOD. I'm trying to get all my thoughts down for the chronicle.

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          Session 1#: Meeting the Prince

          Meeting the Prince is a seminal mission in virtually any vampire game. Usually, it's meant to set the mood for events where you're under the power of someone else and can't do a damn thing about it. The big difference between V:TM and Dungeons and Dragons is the fact there's a sense of LAW binding your character so the Prince can't automatically kill you while your characters don't necessarily want to kill him.

          Eventually, a lot of my chronicles degenerated into, "and we have to go murder him" but that was at the climax of a campaign. Vampire: Bloodlines is amazing in part because it really did capture that feeling of "I hate this guy but he controls me until I'm strong enough to overthrow him." The player characters get off on the wrong foot with Lodin II immediately, even with Sheriff and an army of goons nearby.

          They almost get themselves shot to death because I put the challenge of Lodin II, "Can you give me a reason not to kill you?" Which the players actually blanked on because they'd gotten so out of practice dealing with social problems. In the end, Lodin basically explained he's not going to kill them because too many Kindred are left and it's better to make use of the ones he can't. He does say, though, he COULD have them killed at any time and they're going to have to "earn" their right to their unlives. He also claims (falsely) to have Dominated them all to being unable to leave town.

          Lodin wants them to do favors for him as his agent and lists two of the three parts of this adventure:

          1. He wants them to go to the Anarchs and introduce themselves. They know some of the Chicago group from past adventures and he'd like them to spy on them. He also wants them to bend one of them to their will. Dominate, seduction, Blood Bond, cash, whatever they decide. Just get another agent for him.
          2. He also wants them to meet with an old insane Kindred hosting a party for himself this week as Lodin's emissaries. Yes, Modius from Gary who has moved into Chicago at last since Gary no longer exists per "Dust to Dust."

          The players rightfully ask why they should do Lodin's dirty work since he's not the first Prince to fuck with them and the Sheriff doesn't scare them. This rattles Lodin II a bit and he points out that he's the only "friend" they have and it's a dangerous new world for them. Chicago is the last functional city for vampires in North America (lie) and he's the devil they know (true). The players sense something is wrong when Lodin immediately caves and gives them ownership of an old apartment building he used to house wayward Kindred, a couple of older cars, and about $2000 each plus a weapon each.

          Also a slave.

          Just to screw up the players' sense of morality, Lodin gives them a 20 year old college student named Elena Choi who Lodin had picked up after she investigated her missing sister too closely. She's now blood bound to Lodin but he's happy to let them become their Regent. He's dominated her into being an adoring fawning servant to them. It's as creepy as it sounds. They then head off to their new property, wondering why Lodin II was so spooked to someone challenging him openly.

          Once we get to their ratty old apartment in the middle of Chicago's slums, the player characters get presentable to an extent and soon find themselves saddled with ANOTHER problem as Lodin neglected to mention there was a half-insane 16th generation Thin Blood in the apartment next door who was locked up there. Heather (named after the Bloodlines character) ends up getting subdued by the PCs who debate what to do with her.

          That's when Theo Bell arrives at their door looking for the Thin Blood.
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            So what is my first adventure about? The one I'm displaying sessions for?

            Well, I'm going to start by throwing my players off into the Deep End. They wake up from torpor, get threatened by Lodin, and then dragooned into multiple story arcs from the very beginning. I usually have more than one story going on simultaneously because it's always better to have too much content than too little.
            It gives a sense of intrigue even when there's straightforward things happening.

            The adventure will consist of three parts:

            1. In this case, the player characters get a Thin Blooded made by Bret Stryker's pet 14th and 15th generation and are set upon the trail of Annabelle Triabell's feeding on her fellow Kindred. Also, that he's blackmailing his sire ever-so subtly for it.

            Yes, Bret has Annabelle over a barrel. What a world we're in.

            2. The PCs will also find the new Anarch situation and how it's completely in a bad state. Juggler is working for the Prince and taking large amounts of money to keep them engaged in constant in-fighting, attacking meaningless targets, and being useless. My plan is at the rave this will be an attempt on Maldavis's life.

            3. They'll also meet the Old Camarilla Club which is a collection of the city's Elders who want to rebuild the Camarilla from the ground up in Chicago. They'll find out Modius is a VERY changed figure and basically it'll be a modern Baptism by Fire, except he's gone from being ridiculous to terrifying.

            It's really three short adventures in one. All designed to introduce the PCs to the power players now in the city.
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              Bret Stryker

              It's an odd thing to say that Bret Stryker, poster child for a brainless beauty of the Toreador, has become one of the most powerful Kindred in Chicago. Part of this is in literal terms. As a 7th generation Toreador, he has a potency of blood that allows him to throw around the mostly 12th and 13th generation vampires of Chicago like ragdolls. In more metaphorical terms, Bret has become smarter and sleazier in a time which rewards both.

              Going from looking like Brad Pitt in Troy to Brad Pitt in Snatch, Bret Stryker lost a lot of humanity when he was serving as Helene's unwilling provider of "food" (mostly young women he turned then gave for her to diablerize) in Chicago by Night, 2nd Edition. He's presently hovering around the 4 Humanity Mark, though nothing would particularly change were he to fall to 3. He's not sadistic, that was never his bag, but he is misogynist as well as utterly without sympathy.

              Helene is no longer present around Chicago, at least as far as Bret can tell, and his mind is his own once more. Deeply affected by his experience, he's learned from it in all the wrong ways. What he learned was how really POWERFUL vampires could be and how utterly they could dominate others. He also learned that certain vampires had needs which needed to be met above and beyond the sex as well as blood that he'd been providing to various sugar mommas.

              So Brett is now a drug-dealer, pimp, and slaver.

              Owning a series of strip-clubs, escort services, and "modeling agencies", Bret provides Kindred meals on wheels in a time when many are afraid to hunt. He's even embraced a vampire at Priscilla Gibb's old establishment and got the place running again. Bret controls his subjects with his Presence but also more mundane tools like heroin and violence.

              Surprisingly, this has actually made Bret very popular in certain segments of both the Anarchs as well as Camarilla. He's unafraid of the Second Inquisition, perhaps stupidly, but keeps the blood flowing--often spiked with various cocktails that makes unlife easier for a variety of undead. He actually has branched out to provide brainwashed stars and other 'special offerings' to mortals as well, which is either insanely risky or brilliant.

              Bret's most recent venture is providing Thin Blooded herds as slaves to elders. He's only got one client so far, Annabelle, but with the terror of the Gehenna War--well, a lot of people are considering him to have a cure.
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                I always hated Brett Stryker. You've given him additional depth to loathe.


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                  Originally posted by Ruthven View Post
                  I always hated Brett Stryker. You've given him additional depth to loathe.
                  I certainly tried.

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                    The game actually is growing and we've got a couple of new players joining us from previous campaigns (though not the original). Dusting off another old character is a member of clan Tremere and another is a Hollow One mage in a crossover game who will be forcibly embraced in a flashback as Primogen Lucita does her best to "plug the holes of the Masquerade" in Chicago. Which means that during torpor, a lot of the previous mortal and friendly NPCs the players knew will either be dead or turned.

                    Which will be fun and alarming for the PCs.

                    We did a couple of sessions based around the Tremere's fall which I look forward to sharing the details about.

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                      Session Two: Theo Bell, Betrayal, and Salubri

                      Theo Bell has always been a favorite NPC of me, even if I tend to treat him as Wesley Snipe's Blade only with Sabbat vampires replacing his usual prey. He's always been an overpowered crazy element that I occasionally throw into my games because my players don't tend to play "trenchcoats and katanas" so it's fun to see how that looks from the outside. I believe in canon he killed Hardestadt so he's an Anarch and probably on the Red List but here he's a much reduced character. Here, Theo just serves as a cameo and explains that he's living in Chicago as an Archon without a Camarilla. He's taken to cleaning up after Lodin and the Sheriff's messes as well as trying to help the local Kindred (the players make a Shaft joke which Theo is annoyed by).

                      One of these is the fact a bunch of young women were kidnapped from a local sorority and embraced as Thin Bloods. Theo thinks its Juggler behind it but he's wrong as its Bret Stryker. Theo is being stonewalled and is somewhat of a pariah in Chicago's new system as he very much is considered a traitor elder as well as a threat to Lodin's power base. Theo isn't fooled for a second by the PC's attempts to hide Heather in the room from him, because Theo isn't an idiot. However, he understands they're worried that he's going to kill her along with the other Thim Bloods which were created (which is a valid fear). However, Theo brought her here to interrogate and is annoyed the safehouse has been handed over to the PCs behind his back.

                      Because Lodin is a dick.

                      Theo basically recruits the PCs to help cover up the potential Masquerade violation of whatever Elder is trying to make a herd of Thin Blooded food. He also is pissed off because the 13th and 14th generation vampires who embraced Heather will undoubtedly die for their actions while the guy who dominated them into doing it (Bret Stryker, natch) will get away scott free. He hopes the PCs will be able to talk to people who might welcome him (i.e. any other vampire in Chicago). So, yes, Quest 1#: Investigate who is embracing Thin Bloods to feed elders.

                      The PCs decide to adopt Heather and look out for her while taking their slave, Elena, to the re-opened Succubus Club where the Anarchs are having a rave. They'll deal with Modius later but are going to meet with an old original NPC of mine, Anubis, who is now the owner of the club. He's actually a character from one of my books I put in the game. I also decide to have Anita Wainwright show up again to meet them in the club's parking lot to finish their previous conversation.
                      The session was kind of dragging at this point, so I decided to add a shocking swerve to end it. Anita Wainwright has been a love interest to this group of PCs as well as a sidekick like I'm setting up Heather to be--as inoffensive an NPC as you're going to get. So, after much cajoling, I reveal she's the person behind their torpor.


                      Through tears of blood, she confesses that she was captured by the Second Inquisition during its early days and cracked under torture. She gave up the names, locations, and powers of a lot of fellow Kindred which were used to prosecute the war against the PCs. However, she didn't necessarily spell out their weaknesses so the PCs were simply gunned down and left for the sun to finish when she finally escaped and she thus was the one who buried them in the junkyard.

                      One of the PCs frenzies and tries to rip her throat out with the other PCs holding him back before telling her to run. All of them are furious, of course. It would have been a good ending but I had a little extra time so Heather flees, horrified at the violence on display. The PCs chase her down and then find her standing over the body of a overdosed junkie on the ground. That's when Heather opens a third eye and suddenly heals her.

                      Yep, she's got the Salubri Obeah.

                      (which is not how 5th Edition Thin Blood powers work but I admit I loved how the Revised Thin Blood's could manifest any clan's powers)
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                        Session Three: The Fall of House Tremere

                        The Fall of Clan Tremere in this game gets a lot more detail now that we have some Tremere player characters and we all ran through a "two year vignette" of them surviving the Fall of New York where the Second Inquisition annihilates virtually every Kindred in the city overnight. It's also set the week after the first group of PCs was put into torpor (as we see above, they were betrayed by a friend and that unwittingly saved their lives). Most of the Kindred in New York are dead. That was where our previous campaign was set.

                        It's also only the first strike of a wave spreading across the country.

                        This triggers the Great Exodus, which is an elaborate and stupid name for trying to gather as many Camarilla Kindred as possible to convene in Chicago. It's organized by Lucita who has been there negotiating the defection of a number of Lasombra as well as a heightened role for the Keepers in the sect. The Chicago Tremere are going to help evacuate the Tremere Chantry in New York, which managed to survive somewhat intact because Anita Wainwright knew shit about the Tremere. As part of the Great Exodus, the survivors kill a lot of the human NPC friends of the PCs in a brief "murder montage" I describe while embracing others.

                        Because vampires are dicks.

                        The embraced Hollow One had a choice of either being embraced, killed, or ghouled with all the abuse that implied. In the crossover game, she'd been a friend of multiple vampires and helped them against the Giovanni. Lucita let her choose her clan, which was a nice moment in the prologue as she has long been a friend of the PCs but never "safe." This was her idea of favor. The Hollow One ended up being embraced by the other PC.

                        The two Tremere PCs hear about the Fall of Vienna but don't "experience it" in part because I wanted to spring the moment on them as a surprise and they were already spoiled by reading 5E. So, instead, I let them get comfy and talk about how the Tremere will survive while the Pyramid is strong. I heavily imply the Council of Seven survived the destruction of the Vienna chantry so it's business as usual. They're all gathering up books in New York's Chantry with Chicago's Tremere for the move and then...the ghouls of the chantry attack along with their gargoyle.

                        It turns out, in my game, Vienna fell and a large part of the Second Inquisition happened because of the "mutation" that changed the Tremere clan flaw into being useless for bonding. I made that much more dramatic and that all of the Tremere's blood bonds more or less fell simultaneously. Well, not simultaneously, but the ghouls first then the vampires.

                        Tremere don't especially treat their ghouls poorly compared to other Kindred. Which means exactly jack as the Tremere's ghouls are still a bunch of degenerate slavish blood junkies. They're also highly educated degenerate blood junkies who know massive amounts about their master's dealings. How did the Second Inquisition find out about the Vienna chantry? How did they find out about hundreds of lairs of Princes, Primogen, elders, and chantries worldwide? Yeah, it's losing that blood bond and showing underneath it there's only humiliation and hatred.

                        The PCs escape the insanity but not before Nicolai is knocked into torpor by Ublo-Satha, Ethrico tries to burn down the chantry around them, and everything is a five way melee. Later, they're in a sleazy hotel lying low as they fell the psychic connection between all Tremere vanish. We also find out that the Inner Council of the Camarilla has been assassinated by Anarchs, the Council of Seven is missing, and a good 47 out of 49 of the "Second Tier" of the Pyramid have gone to the Middle East to fight in Gehenna.

                        This sets up the current state of House Tremere's new divisions:

                        House Goratrix: Goratrix, actually Tremere, has created a cult of personality that is in Mexico and the Southwest United States. He claims it's Gehenna but his army to fight the Antediluvians is really-really not just the Tremere Antiribu redux. He's possibly the only 4th Generation vampire in the world not being called to fight in Gehenna right now. So...irony?

                        House Carna: I actually used House Erichtho because they know Tracy Graves much better but it's the same house or just a division of it. The Tremere Anarchs and a large portion of the female mages in it who feel used, abused, and hate the old Pyramid. They're the ones gathered in California.

                        House Etrius: I actually make this a complete joke because Etrius is either dead or completely off the grid. They are 3rd and 4th tier Pyramid Tremere who are all jockeying for who gets to sit on the "next" Council of Seven or await its return. There's like sixteen of these "houses" and they're all utterly useless.

                        The PCs get to Chicago and find Dusable basically reduced to a shadow of his former self as he babbles all the various secrets of the Chicago Chantry from Nicolai's blood bonding Erichtho to the fact Dusable embraced Maldavis. He then begs the PCs to take over for him (which he'll later regret).

                        So in all of this circumstance, what will the PCs do? Well, clearly, THEY FOUND THEIR OWN HOUSE!

                        Chicago's Tremere are their own Western Loyalist Branch! With technology and hookers!

                        Their current plan is to use a combination of technology and blood sorcery to Hunter-proof the internet or at least a portion of it to get Camarilla, Anarch, and vampire communication back online.


                        * Erichtho is actually the Tremere PC's sire.
                        * Maldavis is openly a Tremere anarch in our games versus a Caitiff. The Tremere PC taught her some bare rudiments of thaumaturgy, which backfired badly as she taught it to a bunch of other Anarchs. They'd be dead if not for the fact, well, the Tremere have bigger problems.
                        * Nicolai's torporous form is being cared for by the PCs but they've also got him stuffed in the basement under heavy guard.
                        * Tremere wasn't ejected from his body by Saulot in this game. It'll probably never come up in our games but Saulot's soul escaped his vampire body to go to heaven (or whatever). The thing possessing Tremere's body is the same thing possessing most of the Tzimisce clan as well as fighting for control of the Tzimsice Antediluvian--Kupala the White Worm.
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                          History went in a slightly different direction in this universe due to the survival of Anatole. Ruthless diablerist or not, Anatole was there to provide spiritual guidance for Lucita after the death of her sire Moncada (essentially removing Lucita's 800 year reasons for living). In the original universe, she ended up becoming a follower of The Path of Night as well as a mass child murderer among other atrocities in her move to the Sabbat. In this universe, she maintains her Humanity and is even planning on becoming a beneficent force.

                          For Kindred, at least. Mortals remain as relevant to her as they do to any other Humanity 4 vampire.

                          Witnessing the essential mass-suicide of the Sabbat by their journey to the Middle East to fight the Antediluvians as well as the fact the Lasombra were either purged or forced to go into hiding by NOT being called by the Beckoning, Lucita is the primary force for negotiating the Lasombra to join the Camarilla instead. Well, a fairly small number of the Lasombra and primarily those who were on the Path of Humanity (low or not).

                          This proved to be a lot of effort for little gain with the majority of Lasombra interested being the Antitribu, who have since appointed Lucita their unofficial clan head. Perhaps only 40 out of 2000 or so Lasombra chose to defect to the Camarilla and that was under duress. Lucita has had much more success with her second project: save vampiredom from the Second Inquisition.

                          Lucita is a passionate driving voice among the vampires of Chicago (and North America as a whole) that the Hunters should be killed, their fellow Kindred rescued, the Antediluvians prepared for, and a more egalitarian society built. Pretty much the exact same philosophy the original Anarchs had.

                          The big difference is that Lucita is aware of this and aware there's no point in rebelling against Elders since she's one of a handful left. It's an odd feeling for her to go from being the Brat Princess (Lestat reference deliberate) and perpetual rebel to being among the only leadership the Camarilla has in North America.

                          Lucita believes herself to be enlightened and a friend to the average Kindred but has something of a savior complex. She, for example, thinks it's quite enlightened of her that Thin Bloods shouldn't be killed but hopes they can be turned into "real" Kindred by science, alchemy, or diablerie of deliberately embraced sacrifices. She also doesn't quite get why slaying as many Hunters as they can as examples isn't the best policy. Anarchs loathe her since she has all the haughty and imperious tone of another elder.

                          Still, Lucita is an Elder on the ground, willing to fight and that makes her a somewhat popular figure in certain circles even if she has no idea who "Selene" is and why she keeps getting called that.


                          * Lucita, as a Lasombra, doesn't suffer from the Beckoning. However, she has graduated to the Methuselah's Thirst due to being nearly a thousand years old. Lucita maintains multiple lovers among Chicago's Kindred and feeds shallowly. She also has a trio of staked Sabbat elders in her basement that she feeds with IVs and drains.
                          * Lucita's strongest ally on the Primogen of Chicago is Patricia Bollingbrook a.k.a Tyler.
                          * Her status on the Primogen is "de jure" and happened after Critias' disappearance. No one in Chicago actually wants her there or interfering in the city's power structure.
                          * Lucita is far more interested in North American issues and trying to "save" Kindred versus running Chicago itself and leaves that to Lodin. Lodin is frankly terrified of er and would very much like her to be eliminated.
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                            Anita Waynewright

                            Anita Waynewright is suffering from intense guilt and has changed a great deal from the somewhat bubbly "hippie" vampire she was for much of the 20th century. She was always a die-hard optimist but the death of so many Anarchs at the hands of Lodin, then again by the Lupines, and now a third time by the government (which she played no small par in) has irrevocably shattered her sense of what's good in this world.

                            While visiting a friend in New York City (Sabbat bishop Ecaterina the Wise, now undercover as a Camarilla elder), she was captured by members of the Second Inquisition. The interrogation did not go well for either party. The Second Inquisition had assembled a huge dossier on Anita from the sixties onward which showed, essentially, nothing but activism and buying animal blood. This outraged the more bigoted members of the Public Health and Safety Bureau that led to her being tortured.

                            Torture is not a particularly effective means of getting information but fear works fine and she cracked under the pressure, revealing the havens of dozens of Kindred. This resulted in the deaths of innumerable friends. Ironically, Anita herself ended up surviving due to the fact her High Humanity "blush of life" and appearing as an adorable girl next door versus a more predatory monster caused some of the Inquisitors to free her.

                            She killed them in response.

                            Anita has since become closed off and more brutal in her methods. She's not anywhere close to being evil (Humanity 7) but that is not something which is out of the question now. She has withdrawn from Anarch circles out of guilt and has started a suicidal mission in the city: finding and identifying those humans who know about vampires in the government then killing them. She's already killed three hunters and is working with hackers to find out the identities of others.

                            This is a OUTSTANDINGLY bad idea.


                            * Anita is keeping Ecaterina's torporous body in a secret location while the Sabbat elder struggles with a rather nightmarish vision quest. Menele was actually attempting to help her through her rebuilding her humanity before the Beckoning called him back to Carthage.
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                              The Masquerade has finally caught up with Alphonse Gabriel Capone. Being one of the world's most famous mobsters from a time when there were many, many, pictures of you is something that was bound to eventually destroy him. Dominate, combined with Presence as well as Ghouldom, meant the Chicago outfit was willing to look the other way for almost a century. The mafioso "in the know" believed he was a distant relative of the man who might have even had plastic surgery to look more like him but he was actually fairly careful with the Masquerade. Well, as careful as a man in the exact same profession as he was in life, could be.

                              The FBI eliminated all of that.

                              Armed with the Second Inquisition's help, the SAD had an almost giddy sense of glee in attacking Al Capone's criminal empire. In a span of a few days, they eradicated his fortune and arrested the majority of his followers. Almost a billion dollars in assets were removed from the Ventrue and the once vast influence of Chicago's most famous vampire disappated. Al, himself, had his face badly damaged from a Hunter's glowing cross that has still yet to heal.

                              Everyone waited for how Al would retaliate.

                              He didn't.

                              Truth be told, being history's biggest mobster had long since lost its appeal for Alphonse who had realized he was stuck in the same pattern of behavior in life. Kindred are slow, if ever, to change but the Sabbat attacks followed by the Second Inquisition made him realize it was time for a change. This was driven in part by a desire for self-improvement but also because Chicago's mobs were no longer a worthy demense for a century-old Elder of the 8th generation.

                              Alphonse Gabriel Capone has since spent the past five years devoted entirely to Kindred politics. He's become a member of the Primogen and official Clan head of the Ventrue in the region, not that there has been much in the way of competition there recently (Note: Two of the PCs killed Ballard about 2 years ago in a previous chronicle).

                              Alphonse has become obsessively devoted to accumulating non-criminal businesses and has become involved in numerous charities to help insulate the Kindred. He's also done something no one has expected and is a Ventrue who routinely reaches out to the Anarchs, often with offers of money or a place to lie low. Alphone wishes to rebuild the Camarilla but rebuild them the way they were as a haven for all Kindred. He also has the strange idea that the next society of them can be more egalitarian.

                              At least officially. Alphonse is aware that as a rich man with presence, his chances of leading the new Kindred society is better than your average poor Neonate.


                              * Alphonse has learned Obfuscate and practices that ability constantly.
                              * The FBI SAD is still searching for Al Capone and very much wants to eliminate him as part of a personal vendetta.
                              * Al has developed a bizarre obsession with "terrorists" and equates the Sabbat with them. He blames them for all of the Camarilla's problems.
                              * Al would very much like to change his face permanently and is tentatively looking for a Lasombra who might have learned Vicissitude to do so.

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                                Robert Weatherbottom

                                The most tireless enemy of hackers is a former hacker. It's just these hackers are the US government and their enemy is a vampire data-warrior.

                                Robert Weatherbottom is a far cry from "The Hurricane" and is no longer an individual who likes to discuss his days of greasy t-shirts and basements. He is the owner of Storm Analytics, a massive information warfare and private intelligence agency which he operates through a fictitious board of directors. The organization provides social media campaigns, fake news, propaganda, datamining, and information to a large portion of the Fortune 500.

                                Robert is notably NOT on the good side of the Camarilla and has been effectively exiled from that organization due to their desire to go low tech rather than high tech. Robert believes that is a mistake, though, and he has become heavily involved with those few Elders who are willing to deal with him as well as the more progressive members of the Anarch movement like Maldavis.

                                Robert's change in behavior is primarily due to the fact his former level and sole vessel is dead. Being constantly hungry all the time would have resulted in her death long ago if not for the fact he'd had the True Love merit. However, True Love does not conquer all when the NSA came calling and she was shot to death. This was almost a decade before the Second Inquisition and, ironically, they had believed "The Hurricane" was just a Anonymous hacker.

                                Robert's feeding weakness has since shifted and he now feeds exclusively on government or ex-government agents. He keeps a number of them ghouled and Dominated while abusing them, mentally and physically. This abuse has led to some committing suicide or having breakdowns but there's always more to be hired at the "lucrative" firm. Few things can stir a Kindred to action like revenge and Robert Weatherbottom hates the Second Inquisition with an intense fury. But he needed the tools of the enemy to bring them down.

                                Storm Analytics is running a complicated campaign against the Second Inquisition that is privately supported by Nosferatu, a number of libertarian Virtual Adepts who don't realize its vampire related, and quite a large number of mercenary hackers. The organization is gathering every bit of information they can about everyone involved in the group, how far the information about vampires has spread, what evidence they have, and which politicians are sympathetic to funding its aims.

                                The company is gradually turning public opinion against the various groups involved in the Second Inquisition and its current heads. He's destroyed numerous otherwise decent politicians simply because they were peripherally related to the project, in order to replace them with corrupt scumbags more easily controlled. He accepts money from anyone who will fund his crusade, including the Giovanni, corporate interests, Alphonse, and Russian Brujah.

                                Robert actually has a decent-sized potent dossier on the Second Inquisition as is and could do immeasurable damage to their efforts globally (or simply get hundreds of agents assassinated--which would cause the survivors to blow the whole thing up in public) but wants to keep it to himself. He wants this to be HIS revenge and hates having to share any of it.


                                * Robert is still a basement dweller but fewer people question a guy who works the night shift at a low level IT position than they do other vampires. He has a fake persona to handle all of the money transfers of his company.
                                * The Department of Public Health and Safety is thoroughly bugged by Bobby, mostly through their regional offices.
                                * Robert is working on funding a new Kindred database with methods of preventing it from falling into the wrong hand. He has created "safe" cellphones, laptops, and devices for mass communication. Also, he has a private server for storing undead information in Utah.
                                * Robert's humanity has dropped to 5. He's murdered a dozen people in his quest for revenge but most of his targets have been involved in vampire hunting.
                                * Robert's computer tech skills are actually lowered from 5 to 4 due to obsolesence. His hacking is all social engineering now, which is much-much easier as a vampire.
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