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  • The second adventure of the chronicle I've got roughly planned out around adapting a number of plotlines from Bloodlines and also giving a stronger focus to the Second Inquisition.

    1. The primary plotline is Lodin, Edward Neally, and Juggler's attempts to get the Dracula coffin. This is because they believe Dracula is inside and they will attempt to drink his 5th Generation blood and make themselves invincible. Son and Balthazar also have designs on it, unbeknownst to the others. Of course, as we know from the game, Dracula isn't in the coffin and this is a gambit from a 3rd party.

    I may introduce Monty Coven having survived the end of London as the architect behind this plot, Dracula, or the Anubis character. It could also be a Malkavian prank designed to eliminate one of the major powers in the city. Needless to say, if any of the player characters try to open the box to diablerize Dracula, it will be their end.

    2. Mina Murray is going to be there to provide a nice contrast to the normal vampires and show a Gangrel elder who has become more animal than human but is far from wassail. She's incorrect that her sire doesn't have this all under control.

    3. Sullivan Dane who is dying of cancer and wants last great hunt before he dies. He hopes for Modius or Juggler but will settle for any sufficienlty powerful low humanity Kindred. He is being chased by a team of Society of Leopold Hunters who want to either kill him or bring him back in for going rogue. He wants the players help because he no longer quite believes in vampires being as innately evil as he used to--again, a reason why he's seeking them out.

    4. Evelyn Stephens and her brother Gregory Stephens are going to have their plot from Baptism by Fire played out. Evelyn has escaped Juggler's control and Blood Bond to become a vampire stripper (because Sophia Ayes is dead) but is on the run from her own problems.

    Yes, her former Sabbat Pack. DUN DUN DUN.
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    • Evelyn Stephens

      Evelyn Stephens disappeared from the history of Gary around 1992, not long after she was introduced to Prince Modius at the same party which introduced the coterie of Kindred that rescued the original Lodin was his deranged ghoul. For the most part, Kindred assumed she had met the Final Death like so many others of her kind. One less Neonate was not something anyone was particularly worried about and the greatest consequence of this loss was Juggler swearing eternal blood enmity to Modius, who he blamed for the loss of his childer.

      In truth, Evelyn made contact with her brother and realizing that both of them would be killed for the Masquerade violation, she was helped by Lucien to escape Indiana. Unfortunately, the cruel Methuselah played his idea of a practical joke on the beautiful Brujah. He gave her the true but misleading answer she could break her Blood Bond to Juggler by visiting the Kindred of New York. Evelyn was forcibly induced into the Sabbat and saw her humanity rapidly drain. She was part of the siege of Chicago during the events of Under a Blood Red Moon and managed to escape when the rest of her pack was destroyed by Lupines.

      Or so she thought.

      A bit more worldly, Evelyn reached the Anarch Free States and lived there until the destruction of said location by the Cathayans where she ended up badly injured and entered torpor using what skills at Protean she'd learned from Gangrel friends. Evelyn has only recently arisen from said torpor and is stunned at how much has changed in the past decade and a half. The Anarchs are no longer a minor faction, the Elders are not quite so invincible, the government is hunting Kindred, and there was a black President.

      Having returned to Chicago and Gary, she has slowly ingratiated herself back with the Kindred community while trying to stay away from Juggler. The kind of jobs she takes aren't the most dignified but she remains a woman of incredible beauty and grace in a profession that doesn't alway require either. What she doesn't know is that Wendy Wade and Gordon Keaton both recognize her as a member of the Sabbat packs sent to take Chicago. They're less concerned about bringing her back into the fold than the fact both are very worried about her identifying THEM as Sabbat. As such, she is marked for death as a traitor or the Vinculum.

      Then there's the issue of her brother.


      * Evelyn is a 9th generation Brujah and surprisingly powerful for her age and lengthy torpor. She has Protean as an out of Clan Discipline to go with her high clan disciplines.
      * Evelyn is slowly building up her humanity but it's stuck at 5 where she's incredibly jaded but wishes she was better.
      * Evelyn learned the art of stripping from VV in Los Angeles, another fellow Sabbat refugee. So she's actually quite good at it.
      * Evelyn would probably want to embrace her brother if she knew he was still looking for her--with all the complications that would entail.

      Gregory Stephens

      Detective Gregory Stephens is not sure how he became a quisling to the human race or whether he is or whether there's any sides to really care about in the subject. Officially, he's a lieutenant and in charge of the overworked homicide division of Gary, Indiana. He's also a paid consultant for the Bureau of Public Health and Safety, which he has been offered multiple transfers to over the past decade and even a position with the FBI's Special Affairs Division. Gregory is a known vampire hunter by then with two confirmed kills to his name and a good deal of on the street experience with them.

      He's also a ghoul.

      Gregory Stephens answers to Malcolm, the Gangrel vigilante turned Kindred ferryman between Milwaukee and Chicago. The two of them became friends and later master/servant during Gregory's futile quest to find his sister. Determining his sister was dead, Gregory became obsessed with the idea Kevin Jackson was responsible for her death and killed a pair of his childer before Malcolm rescued him from the inevitable retaliation.

      Malcolm gradually drifted away from trying to persecute the city's drug abusers and his "friendship" with Gregory waned, but by that time Gregory had discovered a number of Thin Bloods he actually intimidates into giving him a regular supply of blood. He also used his abilities to make a small but real difference in the dying city's crime rate. Gregory became corrupt, angry, and brutal but self-righteous as a way of coping with his circumstances.

      Then the Second Inquisition began and he was given ground floor seats thanks to his consulation with new Special Affairs Division Special Agent Matthew Shepard. Gregory found himself surrounded by Hunters who eradicated whole swaths of the Kindred and made it possible to believe the war against them was winnable. During one of their observations of Chicago's Kindred, which he has his suspicions are getting trashed as soon as they're recorded, he saw his sister alive and well. Or, unwell.

      Gregory is now torn between doing the "right" thing and attempting to help them purge the Kindred of Chicago as well as root out the corruption of the local branch of the Bureau of Public Health and Safety (he's smart enough to know Chicago is vampire central but no one is doing anything about it) or following his heart to protect his family member. Gregory is also aware that while most Kindred are, in his mind, "complete fucking assholes", he's seen enough of them to know they're rarely axiomatically worse than regular humans with power.


      * Gregory has more than a passing familiarity with most of the Kindred who have visited Gary and quite a few in Chicago. He has trained his Investigation and Perception skills that he has a decent chance of identifying a Kindred at a glance.
      * Gregory looks to be in his thirties but is actually in his mid-fifties. Not getting his monthly supply of blood would probably kill him via a heart attack.
      * Gregory had a relationship with a Thin Blooded woman during his time as Gary's head of homicide. He is unaware he sired a child with her and that it was even possible.
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      • I admit, I'm debating establishing this as canon in my games:

        Here's the thing you need to know about the Kue-jin.

        Everything you have heard about them is complete bullshit.

        They're Cainites.

        Most of what they claim about themselves is superficially true. However, just about all the weird and mysterious stuff they talk about is the exact same stuff we have, only by a different name. It's kind of like how all those wannabe Buddhists in the 80s started claiming they understood the thousands of year old culture they knew from a weekend trip to China and reading a couple of books.

        What are the Kuei-jin? They're 13 Clans of Cainites and various bloodlines. They follow Paths of Enlightenment. They have Thin Blooded. They have dhampyrs. They use Thaumaturgy. They have feuding sects. They have Anarchs, Traditionalists, and Crazy Mofos.

        No, there's no Tremere. There's no Giovanni. There are, however, three-eyed religious nutters and some suspiciously corpse-looking scholars. Do NOT attempt to suggest they're Salubri and Cappadochians, however. Maybe if you actually get one to talk to you, they'll admit Kindred might be from a bastardized version of their clan.

        But the Western Cainites do the exact same thing.

        They don't believe in Caine, so no Book of Nod, but neither do the Setites. They believe each of their line was cursed by the gods to fight worse demons and redeem themselves or something, I'm still working it out.

        As for the Yama Kings? If you get one of them to open up, you'll find out that refers to their mysterious progenitors versus actual demons (though they deal with those too). Monsters who will one day return to reclaim their blood and must have their schemes fought at all time.

        Remind you of anything?

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        • Session 10: Beckett

          BIG SESSION

          The Elizabeth Dane

          Note: This session did fairly well for getting a lot of twists and turns out. I also decided to throw out the "twist" of Bloodlines to an extent and go with a more sincere, "This is a coffin you should not open for decidedly Gehenna-esque reasons."

          The player characters call up one of their old contacts who I said had moved to Chicago and become a highly placed doctor there. She is bewildered why they want some credentials and aid in confirming that they are, yes, doctors but combined with a combination of disciplines as well as subterfuge, they manage to get onboard the Elizabeth Dane where Lodin's people are still managing a quarantine that is "barely" holding.

          The interior of the Elizabeth Dane is a horrific massacre where the people inside have been torn to pieces and scattered around the place like a NC-17 horror movie. I rule all of the players have to make a Hunger roll because it's properly disgusting that they might be forced to kneel down and lap up the blood on the walls from a gorn massacre. All of them make it but just barely, one of them having to Celerity through the worst of it.

          They head to the ship's security room first and discover someone has already wiped the hard drive. They also find a dying survivor. The damage is terminal but I present a somewhat Satanic little bargain that since he's dying, what's the harm in giving him a "mercy kill" for the extra blood? This allows me to use the V5 rule that "killing with the Kiss" will quiet the blood for the rest of the night. This isn't even an actual rule but flavor but causes an interesting scenario when one of the players, yes, does kill him.

          The Doctor no less. I decide to do another Memorium


          The scene is short but sweet with the doctor character flashing back to a time before the Second Inquisition when one of his colleagues, a surgeon, visits him in private and asks for him to kill him. The surgeon has sussed out the fact his friend is a vampire (his weird refusal to do anything but consult on surgeries he's qualified for, missing blood, weird hours, and the time he actually found him dead in the closet of his office a half-hour before sundown and was about to tell the hospital before the character woke up while he was out of the room--the surgeon even mentions the PC isn't breathing now that he knows he's a vampire).

          The surgeon is suicidal because he's a drug addict and has killed a number of patients due to his condition but the hospital lawyers are sharks. Worse, they have decided that he's more useful on staff even in his condition than he is getting let go (as that would open them to liability and he does a lot of grunt work other surgeons won't). I'm somewhat stereotypical that the last patient he killed was 8 months pregnant. He wants the PC to kill him with the Kiss and then harvest his organs so to make sure he dies for a good cause.

          The PC instead (voluntarily) dominates him every day to help him overcome his addiction until he's put in torpor by the Second Inquisition. The PC has no idea what happened to their surgeon friend after that.


          I rule because of the past story the player character keeps his humanity despite his mercy kill. The other players find a pack of dead werewolves (and they're mostly Metis so it's very obvious they're werewolves). This adds a new wrinkle to the event as the Second Inquisition finding out about werewolves SEEMS like it would be a good thing for Kindred but would only make things worse for everybody.

          Also, what the hell is strong enough to have killed a pack of werewolves?

          Note: It was Dracula using an enchanted sword and using a combination of Celerity, Obfuscate, and picking them off one by one horror-movie style. They're notably also Black Spiral Dancers and the people who actually did this massacre the players were attributing to the Sabbat).

          The player characters finally head to the cargo hold to investigate Dracula's tomb and find Beckett merrily reading away in a room full of books, artifacts, and other material which is priceless to the Noddist scholar. There is also a huge stone coffin in the center of the place that has a Blood Magic seal on it. Playing canon characters is always fun and I have a hoot playing Beckett, who all the players immediately bond with. I play him as a combination of incredibly smug, sarcastic, skeptical, and overly intelligent but also helpful as well as friendly. He's there investigating the materials recovered from Dracula's torpor resting place.

          Beckett explains the following:

          * Dracula was ruler of Toronto in this universe, serving as an independent Prince until recently. I just find the idea of him being ruler of the city inherently funny and also a nice nod to Forever Knight which was set there.
          * The body in the tomb is NOT Dracula but someone Dracula had used Koldunic Sorcery to seal away. The diary Beckett is reading says the figure is the 4th generation Ventrue Tiamat from Diablerie: Britain and is carrying a demon inside her. So, killing her or diablerizing her would be a terrible idea.
          * Dracula acquired Tiamat's coffin in what I state is a combination of the dungeon crawling adventure and The Lair of the White Worm which he also related to Bram Stoker. Tiamat in this universe has Protean 7 (9?) and can assume a Dragon form.
          * Dracula was actually awake and accompanying this place to find out who was looted his tomb and chastise them.
          * Beckett isn't responsible for the werewolf pack being slain (HA!-Beckett) but watched from a safe distance as a Sabbat War Pack attacked the place and then a "Scottish Pict Devil worshiper breed" pack attacked them. The werewolves wiped out the war pact before Dracula killed them. Dracula was actually critically injured and misted away.
          * Beckett intends to help him to the artifacts and books inside but is happy to share the spoils because saving as much as possible is a good thing.
          * He also has a bag full of plastic explosives he's planning to plant around the place and sink the ship with. There's just too much evidence inside this place to be allowed to fall into mortal hands.

          The players must decide what to do about the fact that not only is Dracula not-onboard this ship but an even older, even more powerful Methuselah is. They all universally agree, "Fuck Lodin" and the idea of letting him unleash a Kindred apocalypse by diablerizing a demon-possessed 4th generation is an amazingly bad idea. They proceed to come up with a typical player character plan of moving the coffin, dumping it in the ocean, and transporting it underwater themselves (which I'm ruling is feasible because screw realism--maybe the blood magic makes the coffin lighter). They also create a distraction that keeps the FBI and an unnamed second group sending unmarked black helicopters from getting to the place before they get rid of the coffin and sink the ship.

          Note: I actually have no idea who the second group is but I'm going to say it was the Technocracy or maybe Monty Coven's PMC.

          No sooner do the PCs carry the coffin underwater to the shoreline, where they intend to try and hand it over to the Lupines (they are vaguely aware from a previous adventure the Lupines are spiritually aware and this is the kind of thing they would know how to dispose of in an "Ark of the Covenant" sort of way--it's a bad plan) or the Tremere (Even worse) -- they are ambushed by the Chicago Sabbat.

          Wendy Wade, Gordon Keaton and one of the few remaining war packs are accompanied by a shocking number of ghouled mortals. They're Grimaldi and because the Sabbat is so weakened, the ghouls have a much bigger place in the world.

          The PCs notably recognize Wade and Keaton, so there's no way the pair are going to let them live.

          Until Dracula arrives to help them in a big fight scene. The PCs tear into the Sabbat but the Grimaldi get away with the coffin in a van while the PCs capture the two named Sabbat. There's some nasty frenzies here too.

          Beckett, of course, mists away because "Sorry, guys!"

          Overall, a great session.
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          • Session 11: Sullivan Dane

            A relatively short but meaningful session where Yolanda the vampire hunter internally debates True Faith, Numina, and God before going to meet with Sullivan Dane. Mina Harker is with her and they find Dane to be a friendly, if reserved, individual who basically states that he still thinks vampirism is a scourge against the world as well as an affront to God. However, he also wonders if it was ever the place of Hunters to kill them and points out the Mark of Caine was meant to PROTECT Caine. Furthermore, that anyone who did harm Caine was cursed seven times over.

            Which he points to the lives of hunters being proof of their misery.

            Yolanda's reaction is, "Maybe you're taking this all a bit too literally."

            Sullivan is excommunicado from the Society of Leopold because he didn't agree with the government sanctioned Society's new policy of killing all of the Herds, Ghouls, and seemingly "half cursed" that he believes could be treated (and healed a couple with his True Faith as well as exorcisms--something the Society reasonably pointed out is not possible for most members).This action has severely split the Society because Sullivan is actually a genuine miracle working saint. Part of the reason why the Society wants him captured alive even if some others believe he needs to be put down precisely because he works miracles and yet argues for mercy. Therefore, he must be tainted by the Devil!

            Note: It causes the players to also discuss whether in-canon, Sullivan is a hedge mage or spiritualist who just so happens to have a pact with whatever spirit is "God" in this universe. They get into an argument it's the Unconquered Sun in the nerdiest argument at my table in years.

            Sullivan also reveals he has lung cancer. It's terminal, especially as he can't get treatment for it without the Inquisition finding him and he has about six months to live.

            Sullivan claims he had a vision of a terrible evil in the city and wants to do three things before he dies:

            1. Find Evelyn Stephens, who he tried to find years ago and never did. He believes he can possibly heal her of vampirism with his current True Faith level (7) and a serum he possesses. If not, at least he tried and would like to give what comfort he can as well as well as what he'd learned of Golconda.
            2. Kill Lodin, Modius, and/or Juggler because they are the worst Kindred he's ever met. Which is an exaggeration as Sullivan alludes to actually entering a Baali Hive and surviving.
            3. Find whatever terrible evil this is (Tiamat) and destroy it.

            The player characters, since Sullivan has let them get close, could kill him but since Yolanda is an ex-vampire hunter and Sullivan Dane is the only vampire hunter in history to specialize in Elders and survive--agrees to help him with all three. Certainly, she has no love of Modius or Juggler but informs him that Lodin has been dead for decades. Sullivan says he'll pray for his soul--after all of the souls of his victims.

            They then head to the Asp because Anubis is their primary Kindred contact and they're meta-gaming a bit.

            It's also funny because they're taking the holy man to a strip club, while Sullivan points out that it's far far from the sleaziest place he's ever been to in Gary let alone his entire career.
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            • Wendy Wade
              9th Generation Tzimisce

              Wendy Wade is a living example of being careful what you wish for as she's now a respected Camarilla Ancilla of "Clan Toreador." With all of the refugees from the Great Exodus, no one is particularly questioning yet another vampire among the crowds even though the Anarchs have known Wade for years. Some people privately suspect she might be Caitiff or is actually a Ventrue of a degraded bloodline but no one has any idea she's actually a Tzimisce Bishop of the Sabbat--sort of.

              The Vinculum has worn down considerably for her after literal decades of being undercover in Chicago and her opinion of the Black Hand has gone down to almost nothing. She's still a psychotic murderous killer on the Path of Power and the Inner Voice (5) but she uses Vicissitude to give herself the "Blush of Life" (buying it with experience points) and Gordon Keaton has given her rituals to disguise both her diablerie as well as the strength of her Beast.

              Indeed, she's found herself happier working as a night-trader for the Grimaldi than she's ever had working for the Sabbat and frankly has come to believe the Camarilla is a much-much better horse to back. She's not welcome in their illustrious halls but at 9th generation, her wealth and ancilla status means she's not exactly rejected either.

              Unfortunately, like Edward Neally she's trapped in trying to resurrect a sect she doesn't believe in anymore. Having raised her willpower steadily, she's quite happy to leave the Sabbat behind and would very much like to torch the evidence she was ever involved. Unfortunately, that may get her in trouble with the Grimaldi (who are no longer even giving even lip service to the idea they're subservient to the undead) and her husband.

              Oh yes, did we forget to mention that? Wendy Wade is married to Gordon Keaton.

              It's a love match. Of sorts.

              Two American Psychos in love.

              Gordon Keaton
              8th Generation Caitiff

              Gordon is the happiest he's been in his unlife. Gordon Keaton is now an incredibly well-respected Anarch, second in command to Juggler, and also a man who has learned a small amount of Thaumaturgy from the Tremere clan that has provided him numerous rituals for covering up the fact he's a homicidal maniac and hobbyist serial killer. He's roughly third in command of the Chicago Sabbat, which isn't saying much but now has a job as a Grimaldi front man. Gordon goes into business meetings, Presences everyone, and pretty much gets people to sign whatever deals he wants.

              Life is good.

              Honestly, Gordon has hit the Peter Principle hard and is unaware of how much out of his depth he is even if he's now "decently" along the Path of Power and the Inner Voice (3). He really is just following a kind of bastardized Objectivism but he has made Wendy Wade his "Touchstone" just like she has him. The sexist Gordon never thought he'd met a woman he'd respect but she's won him over.

              Lucky her.

              Gordon is, unfortunately (for him), cashing checks his Kindred body can't cash. He believes he's a lot stronger a Kindred than he is because of his now lowered generation and 'leadership position' in the Sabbat. Neally sarcastically promoted him to Pricius and Gordon now fully identifies by that title in his interactions with packs as well as older Kindred (who think of him as nothing more than a upjumped money man with a power suit).

              The Grimaldi tolerate him because he's a vampire perfectly willing to drain numerous mortal and then give their blood back to them in exchange for spending money (which the Grimaldi need until they have more staked Thin Bloods) as well as serve as cover for whatever plans they have against vampires who won't tolerate treating revenants as equals. He's actually of a low enough generation they've let him embrace three or four of their ranks that they've sent abroad, unaware how irrelevant this is making him.

              Gordon thinks he can perhaps replace Edward Neally as Regent, Lodin as Prince, or maybe even set himself up as the leader of the Techno-Anarchs in place of Maldavis. He doesn't understand money and influence (which aren't his anyway) are not the only currency which the Sabbat Remnant deals in.

              Wendy may have to end up claiming his blood.
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              • You took Dane in an interesting direction coming into the modern age, I actually like it quite a bit. Looking forward to the next bit.

                Since you still have Wendy around feel free to make use of my Tzimisce splat if you like it, not entirely sure it works for your normal take on the Clan but the splat is complete now. That said, you might find better use out of the one khelek posted (along with their take on Vicissitude). Unless you've worked up your own thing, of course - you clearly have worked up a number of things already.

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                • Originally posted by Red Eye View Post
                  You took Dane in an interesting direction coming into the modern age, I actually like it quite a bit. Looking forward to the next bit.

                  Since you still have Wendy around feel free to make use of my Tzimisce splat if you like it, not entirely sure it works for your normal take on the Clan but the splat is complete now. That said, you might find better use out of the one khelek posted (along with their take on Vicissitude). Unless you've worked up your own thing, of course - you clearly have worked up a number of things already.
                  Despite the whole "Kupala corrupted the Tzimisce clan" I actually have had a player run a heroic Tzimisce woman in the past. She was an Elder so the humanity limit was never an issue but I probably note that my love of the Black Hand blinds me to people who like the Tzimsice just being fleshcrafting weirdos but not actually malevolent (or more so than other vampires). Certainly, I think your rules will be exceptionally useful.

                  I may also reveal that Dracula and Mina are Tzimisce of your breed rather than Gangrel.

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                  • Red Eye

                    I like Sullivan Dane as a potential character you can use a bit like Michael Carpenter from the Dresden Files in that he is a hardcore Orthodox Christian but representing the better side of the religious spectrum than the typical hypocrites, fanatics, and sinister ministers you see in the World of Darkness. The fact the player characters (and some of the players) are people who take an existentialist view of the World of Darkness also makes it interesting.

                    One of the players had a nice little chat about the subject where they believed True Faith was just another form of Numina (which is an in-universe term because why not) since so many different religions could wield it. Another character had a more traditional, "Maybe it's just there is a God and we're damned."

                    It'll be interesting if Dracula and Sullivan Dane meet in this game. I already have an idea for a climax as well where Sullivan might sacrifice himself to destroy the Demon inside Tiamat. Which works as a person who unambiguously tried to do the right thing and (maybe?) succeeded as a contrast to the rest of the doom and gloom of the WOD. Which sounds good but for the fact Sullivan isn't passing a torch and his sacrifice just means one less vampire hunter in the world.

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                    • Vlad III Draculesti a.k.a Dracula a.k.a Dimitri Basarab (Alias)
                      5th Generation Tzimisce (7th generation Gangrel?)
                      Prince of Toronto

                      Prince Vlad III of Wallachia is a figure who has gone through quite a few changes in recent years, abandoning the Inconnu in the Carpethian Mountains and joining the rest of Kindred Society after an extended century-long absence following the publication of Dracula by Bram Stoker along with numerous other pieces of fiction about his life which included some ridiculous adventures.

                      The legend of Vlad III among Kindred is something of an exaggeration even without the fact he's the most famous vampire of all time. There's a decent argument that Vlad, himself, forwards that the story he embraced himself and diablerized his grandsire is completely fictitious. Vlad III is nothing if not a magnificent storyteller and has never let facts get in the way of a good story. Indeed, theatricality was always his chief weapon as a mortal warlord with the impalements of bodies meant to terrify the world's most powerful empire of the time into leaving a much-much smaller nation alone.

                      However, the truth of Vlad III's activities were the fact that for about a century, every Kindred in the world wanted him dead and the only reason he wasn't on the Red List was because no one wanted to embarrass themselves further by making "Dracula" a martyr. He was, in his own way, the biggest Masquerade breach of all time as while Carmilla and The Vampyre existed, he was the founder of a world-wide industry that made vampires common knowledge. For all his power, Vlad III would have been dead if he'd set foot anywhere outside of Inconnu territory.

                      The wheel always turns as the Laibon say, though, and by 1999, Vlad III's reputation had changed as plenty of Kindred had been Embraced with him as a "okay, I know what the hell I am before being changed and after." It eased things considerably for many Elders who previously had to explain at great length about the Curse of Caine but could now, simply, rely on pop culture to handle the basics. It also prevented a massive number of Masquerade breaches in the fact that lurid fiction was not a reputable source of scientific facts.

                      As such, Vlad III was able to take over the territory of Toronto, Canada as Prince with few objections and establish his own independent sectless kingdom. Indeed, the city became prone to a large amount of Anarch, Camarilla, and Sabbat tourism where individuals would come to meet the Prince then depart. He felt rather silly breaking out the sharpened flagpoles to impale Kindred for the sun when they broke the Masquerade but it worked surprisingly well.

                      There are some notable elements to Vlad's rule that some Kindred have found curious. For one, Vlad III actively denies that he is Tzimisce either Old Clan or New. He maintains he's a 7th generation Gangrel and has demonstrated the clan flaw (which may be him using Vicissitude). Certainly, his mastery of Protean is considerable. He also has a great deal of contempt for modern Tzimisce and has killed quite a few who have entered his home. Confusion about clan has also afflicted his own childer as he has little hesitation about embracing and some have identified as Gangrel or Tzimisce.

                      There is also his odd hobby: demon hunting.

                      Whether he picked it up from some Tal'Mah'Ra associates, the Sabbat Inquisition, or his own Koldunic studies (of which he is not nearly as versatile or talented as legends claim)--Dracula believes in the forces of hell and their dire threat to his fellow Kindred. This led him to the acquisition of the torporous body of Tiamat and seeking some way to destroy the demon Kupala. He doesn't believe Vicissitude is demon-tainted but possesses only moderate skill in it, occasionally changing his features from an old man to a young one and that may actually be a joke.

                      Dracula, himself, eschews all stereotypes and generally looks as well as dresses like a biker. When he dresses in cotton shirts and jeans, he can actually fit in among the working class of Canada just fine.

                      He carries around the Sword of Dracula and a sawed off shotgun full of dragonsbreath rounds like a 90s Anarch but this is because he has had endless attempts to try to kill him over the years. He also is a Kindred who prefers to handle his enemies directly versus dealing with them sideways. He is not stuck in 1462 and doesn't even have much of his old noble pretensions. He rules because he's the strongest in the area and someone needs to force the rules which are bloody, cruel, and swift (his humanity has actually improved from his mortal days too in an odd twist).


                      * The only subject Dracula is actively stereotypical about is God. He still maintains a passionate belief in him and fully believes he was damned by actions not his own. The fact that he hates God does not in any way affect his hatred of demons, though, and it's very likely he's had an encounter with a fallen that has soured him on both sides. As such, he does have a "Repulsed by Crosses" flaw.
                      * Curiously, despite his Basarab blood, he's apparently overcome his hate of garlic and actively eats it as a joke sometime (keeping it down for an hour or more).
                      * Dracula speaks English with a mild Canadian accent now.
                      * Despite Dracula's impressive generation, assuming he is a 5th generation Tzimisce, his powers are somewhat overstated. At five hundred years old, he's powerful but nowhere near invincible and has often retreated from fights with his Mist powers. He generally uses stealth, tactics, and hits hard before moving out of range to hit hard again.
                      * Dracula's humanity is presently 4 and was 2 in life. He's made attempts to raise it to 5 but has incredibly low tolerance for bullshit that leads him to kill opponents as a matter of course.
                      * Dracula will tolerate Dracula jokes to a "rule of three" degree. He'll basically tolerate three before he gets pissed off. The exception is if it's genuinely funny.
                      * The Sword of Dracula inflicts aggravated wounds on Kindred, Spirits, and Lupines. It restores a point of blood for every point of damage it inflicts. It is capable of permanently destroying demons as well. It is notably of Tremere, not Tzimisce make.
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                      • Reposted from another thread. I think this will be very helpful for players and STs. It's stuff I've found out/used from my currently on-going Chicago game.


                        I strongly suggest you try and search the internet for a PDF of Rusted Veins because I think a big part of the problem in the main book is the fact Rusted Veins wasn't included within the chronicle and you don't actually get a sense of HOW the game is supposed to be run unless you either read it or listen to the Gentleman Gamer's 7 video series on how the universe has changed.

                        Part 1:
                        Part 2:
                        Part 3:
                        Part 4:
                        Part 5:
                        Part 6:
                        Part 7:

                        Honestly, you shouldn't have to have 7 vlogs to understand things or an adventure model but I think the problem isn't that new gamers can't understand V5. It's that OLD GAMERS have difficulty understanding what is different versus what is the same. A lot of gamers think all elders are dead/beckoned, that no vampire can actually meet with other vampires, and other crazy stuff they get from exaggerating the idea.

                        Rusted Veins and the videos above depict a "back to basics" sort of universe that the metaplot is trying to encourage you to of:

                        1. Anarchs vs. Camarilla
                        2. Older vampires vs. new ones
                        3. Trying to keep ties with your human life or humans you care about
                        4. trying to avoid people spotting you as a vampire

                        What Rusted Veins tells us about 5E

                        If you can't track down Rusted Veins, the premise is actually really simple. Your player characters are a coterie of vampires who live in Gary and have been embraced there. An old contact of them is involved in organized crime (of the shitty low paying kind) and tells them about a hugely profitable drug deal that's about to take place. Either because they're nervous, they're snitching, or they want to share the good news.

                        Well, this being Gary, the whole deal goes South and the cops of Gary steal the drugs and the money because they want to make a shit ton of money for themselves--because it's the World of Darkness. It's only the players who discover how much of a shistorm this has caused because the drugs belonged to Modius who has been reduced to drug dealing to maintain his *airquotes* "lavish" lifestyle. The book even nicely states Modius is shit at this and giving way too a good a selection of drugs for the price he's asking.

                        Modius wants to kill every mortal involved in this clusterfuck, including the PC's friend and the cops (which will draw heavy heat because killing a bunch of cops even in Gary is the kind of thing that gets noticed by the Second Inquisition).

                        Juggler and Sullivan Dane are side characters with the former wanting the money and drugs himself (which he can sell at a much-much better price than Modius) while being willing to split it with the PCs--he's just mostly interested in sticking it to the Prince now.

                        Sullivan Dane is an old man now but still spry enough to want to save a bunch of humans from an insane old elder. The book states Sullivan is fully prepared to substitute himself to be killed by Modius for the PC's friend, reminding us that while many religious people are hypocrites in the WOD--SD walks the walk. Also, it will kill Modius since his blood is like holy acid to Kindred.

                        Then the Primogen of Chicago arrive because this has turned into an epic clusterfuck. This allows the PCs to make a good first impression.

                        It's a VERY first edition and frankly awesome module that should have been included with the main book like Baptism by Fire.

                        Things to remember when using V5

                        When I use the "new" rules for 1st Edition style games, I told all of my players to basically forget the specifics and focus on the themes--which are not that difficult to remember or implement.

                        Here's steps 1-10 for that.

                        1. Have your players tell you, in detail, how your characters feed. Incentivize it with the fact they will get a bonus to skills and maybe an attribute or even discipline depending on how interesting it is. We're all adults here and a few extra points here and there is not a gamebreaker. Do you mug people, seduce them, presence them, or run an elaborate scam about New Age blood treatments?

                        2. Tell your player characters that if they kill someone with the Kiss, they don't have to roll for Hunger frenzies for the rest of the night. It's a small detail but it's something that highlights the terrible temptation to finish off your enemies via feeding.

                        3. Tell the player characters to mark something on their sheet that your character actually believes in. Like, "overthrow the Prince", "protect blacks from my neighborhood against corrupt cops and white developers", or "make sure my mom is cared for despite the fact I'm dead and she's demented."

                        Tell them this will help their humanity or degeneration depending on it.

                        4. Ask the players to have one mortal who means something to them. It doesn't have to be a GOOD relationship and I encourage it to be fucked up in some way. I use Heather Poe as an example. Your hot ghoul girlfriend who you have wanted to protect and love but you've kind of, well, made her your sex slave.

                        Other examples being:

                        * The aforementioned demented mother who is your last tie to your old life and WILL die soon.
                        * Your mortal brother and/or his kids.
                        * Dave your old war buddy who is also your ghoul but almost an equal because he still has enough of a willpower score not to be Renfield and even occasionally talk back.
                        * A child prodigy who you finance through art school because you, kinda, sorta, killed her parents.

                        5. Tell the player characters the Kindred world is still largely mysterious to them. If they have Occult, they have HEARD of the Banu Haqim, Giovanni, and Ministry of Set but note it's pretty rare for them to be encountered. Also, the Sabbat has been oft kilter for like a decade so if you're a new vampire then they're more like ISIS terrorists at best (heard of but rarely encountered) or the boogeyman everyone older than you remembers.

                        I.e. very much like Chicago 1st Edition where there's all manner of horrifying and terrible secrets but none of the indie clans. The Sabbat are the 0 Humanity but still apparently functional psychopaths out to save everyone.

                        A couple of other setting points:

                        6. Thin Bloods are a much bigger deal in 5th Edition than they are in 1st Edition and provide, essentially, a bunch of people lower on the totem pole than the PCs. PCs are meant to be 12th and 13th generation nobodies in the original 1st Edition so, "the lowest of the low" but this gives them someone to feel protective of since they're Queen of the Damned Lestat compared to these guys. I recommend letting the PCs know a couple or even consider being one as the rules are there and well designed.

                        7. The changes of feeding mean that roughly this is the case:

                        8th and 9th generation vampires can't feed on animal blood or blood bags. They need a herd and to feed directly from the tap.
                        10th generation I'm iffy on.

                        11th, 12th, and 13th can drink animal blood and blood bags as a substitute.

                        This is a big change as it gives a cost to being a vampire of higher stronger power and gives a mechanical incentive to being a shitty 13th generation. Animalism, which allows lower generations to feed on animals now, also becomes a MUCH MUCH more important skill if you're going to play a Friendly Neighborhood Vampire.

                        8. Disciplines are more weird and flexible but honestly I don't see much difference. The biggest changes are with Animalism as mentioned.

                        9. Hunger mechanics basically work on the idea of, "you need to feed every night if you want to avoid being dangerous to people." It's not going to actually affect your characters much if they don't want it to. State you have a regular supply of blood (see above) and show how but if you don't want it to be steady, it can be a souce of adventures. In simple terms, Herds are much more important in this world.

                        Either that or you pony up, buy Animalism, and play a Higher generation vampire in which case it's then exactly like 2nd edition of "I summon a swarm of rats, eat, and be done. Now, where's the adventure?"

                        But if you don't want to do that, you can always open an adventure with, "You haven't fed in three nights and are a ticking time bomb."

                        10. For experienced players who do want to play things like the Beckoning and/Or Second Edition I tell them:

                        "The Elders are still there but there's a bunch of missing seats at the table that have gotten more noticeable in the past couple of years. It really effects the Elders more than it does you because you only know one less older than dirt asshole is making your day harder, well more like 3 (out of 20), but every one of those remaining Elders knows someone that has died or gone missing. The ones that died are less disconcerting than the fact Sirrus, the obnoxious Ventrue Primogen, bought an M4 off your buddy Lenny and a sword off the internet (did he even know how to use a computer?) to go fight in the Crusades. Malkavian prank? Maybe, but it's not a funny one since he's bought a freighter ticket to Syria. Now all the newspapers in the city are reporting the occult crimes they used to cover up."

                        "It's only recently occurred that people YOU know, like Dave the Kindred gas station attendant, have started to go missing. Dave got arrested by the police who somehow subdued a 10th generation Brujah and no one can find out what happened to him. Probably because he was left in a room with a sunny view. Now you have to wonder, are the cops outside the club in the know? If they are, do they know what you are? Are you safe in your haven? Probably. No one is reporting vampires in the nightly news so maybe it's just some elders blowing smoke or maybe this is the end. Either way, you still need to feed and the gorgeous girl across the nightclub has been eyeing you all night. She's probably not a plant."

                        It's not something that has affected everyone except the Tremere personally but is a source of paranoia and fear.
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                        • Elise Barrington

                          The protagonist of the opening fiction of Hunter's Hunted, Elise Barrington has managed to survive far longer than most hunters. Unfortunately, her career is not quite as well regarded or successful as Sullivan Dane's own. She's killed Thin Bloods, changelings, and people she has mistaken for supernaturals but were actually Kinfolk, ghouls, or just people who were involved in organized crime.

                          Elise maintains True Faith of 1 but it is handling by a razor's edge due to the fact she's struggling with the fact so many supernaturals seem to be less creatures of Satan than she's expected. It bothers her every night that she killed her brother to free his soul from the "demonic abomination" that turned him but as she replays those thoughts, she starts to wonder if she killed him because he was a vampire or because he was lover to a man. Note: It was because of the former but she is misrememberng details as she copes with her evolving morality.

                          Now in her forties, Elise has killed over a dozen vampires and become associates with William Shepard. The two have met multiple hunters, both capital H and small H, as well as become associated with the Second Inquisition. It gives her immense hope to see the Second Inquisition waging a war that might stamp out vampirekind--and then she sees the concentration camp-like conditions s for Thin Bloods, herds, and suspects.

                          Elise is nervous, paranoid, dresses poorly, and has expended her once-vast fortune in the pursuit of destroying vampires. The discovery that they may be no worse than humans would be a revelation that would destroy her. However, she has seen so much evil that it will be a difficult sell. Elise Barrington wears a choker to disguise her neck injuries. She also wears a brace on her left arm because it was badly burned during a hunt. She can't use it to hold anything but a cross now.

                          Meeting Sullivan Dane is an honor and would horrify her as well since he has traveled her road as well but with considerably more grace and conviction that God's plan will make itself known.

                          William Shepard

                          A character from Baptism by Fire. William Shepard is the most dangerous man in the world to Kindred, or was. He hunted the vampires of Gary and Chicago for the better part of a decade and when he discovered them--he left them alone. William Shepard took photos of Capone, Annabelle, Critias, Tyler, and numerous other lesser kindred. He didn't much in the way of physical evidence but when the SAD felt him out--he presented them a massive collection of information, photos, recorded audio, and personal observations.

                          William is dealing with the fact that his information contributed to the death of countless innocent people. He's not sure how many people have died as a result of the Second Inquisition but he knows the number of cover-ups, missing people, and summary executions are far vaster than anything which is reported in the news. He's been reassured by Cynthia Forest, a woman who recruited him for the SAD and put him in touch with a number of psychologists who make it all make sense. Note: These are in fact agents of the New World Order--apprentices doing "grunt work" versus any real masters so it's very light conditioning.

                          Still, the sense of guilt and heavy-handedness of investigations has resulted in him seeking to do field work. He is currently helping Gregory Stephens follow-up on a lead to investigate Evelyn Stephens but is terrified of the results. He knows Elise Barrington killed her own brother for becoming a vampire and doesn't necessarily think a repeat of that phenomenon is justice.

                          William Shepard has romantic feelings toward her and the two are having an affair. He already loves her a great deal more than the hunt itself and would retire from it if he could.
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                          • Session 12: Ur Shulgi

                            As indicated by Tremere/Goratrix showing up in the previous Tremere sessions, the Tremere players like a far more "Gehenna-esque" over-the-top plotline. So much so they actually asked me a lot to do a "flashback" to what I alluded to in the previous Tremere Interlude. A story where the player characters got a first hand look at the Gehenna War.

                            I pointed the whole point of a mystery is to be mysterious but they wanted to know what happened and also what I could tell them about the Assamites (one is a huge fan) in V5 as well as what I could tell them about the Schism. I was tempted to say, "Well, if you wanted to know that maybe you should have played an Assamite." Still, a ST should give the players what they want and what followed was a small session which completely went against the down-to-Earth chronicle I wanted to tell.

                            Note: I am fully aware my chronicle has a 4th generation demon possessed Tiamat, Dracula, a fight with the Second Inquisition in New York, and a cut-away to Shaitan dying in Mexico. So, clearly, I am just fooling myself

                            This is basically a session that was pure Indiana Jones with Vampires once it became a flashback.


                            The Docks
                            Where the PCs have Tiamat's coffin

                            The player characters subdue the Sabbat and Grimdali ghouls, by which I mean they murder the hell out of them, but fail to stop the others from getting away with the coffin containing Tiamat in a black van. Which is admittedly cheating on my part but I kept the Sabbat and Grimaldi numbers vague to keep the story going and nobody seemed to mind. One of the PCs breaks away from the rest of the group to follow them and succeeds in doing so.

                            Wendy Wade and Gordon Keaton are disabled, both being the last to die for the Sabbat. They immediately also try to cut a deal with the player characters, Wendy taking the lead while Gordon tries to play the concillatator about the Sabbat. The player characters recognize them as local Anarchs and they are recognized in return, meaning that if the situation had been reversed, there was no way the players would have been let live.

                            Wendy gives a short explanation as to the current status of the Sabbat. The Gehenna War led to a massive crusade to the Middle East where most of the Sabbat have been incommunicado (and are probably dead), the Lasombra realized they weren't feeling the Beckoning and this wasn't their fight, and the Tzimisce realized their Antediluvian was awake about the time massive numbers of their ranks started disappearing.

                            (Wendy Wade survived by being staked by Gordon for a few months until it passed--he considers it an act of True LoveTM he didn't diablerize her while she was asleep)

                            Wendy also rolls on Ed Neally, informing the PCs of his involvement in the Sabbat and where they can find the Grimaldi headquarters--which Keaton tells her was stupid on her part. Wendy misjudges the PCs as heroes and unfortunately, Gordon is proven right as the players promptly send both to Final Death soon after.

                            A shame as I was fond of both characters in a "love to hate" sort of way. This also triggers the Tremere PCs memories of the Jyhad because they wanted a flashback. It goes in an ODD direction.


                            Indeterminate Time

                            The Tremere PCs travel with Tremere during DAYTIME (using the 9th level ritual from 2nd Edition) as a way to escape the wrath of Tremere's many enemies. Jersualem is described as a city of true faith where only Kindred with the Merit can live (which is not true but Tremere is prone to poetic flourishes). He claims that Malcav invited them and they're meeting with Fatima and The Vizier.

                            Note: I state Malcav sleeps under Jerusalem so the True Faith keeps him forever asleep--or so Malcav hopes. Sadly, the city's violence weakens the faith doing so.

                            Numerous assassination attempts follow as the PCs survive them because they're with a frigging Antediluvian and it's meant to just highlight how dangerous this all is. They end up meeting with their contacts in a blatant crib from Beckett's Jyhad Diary which explains Ur-Shulgi, the Schism, and the Web of Knives. Tremere and the Vizier hammer out a deal with the PCs providing commentary (Tremere has been out of touch with clan realities for a thousand years). Basically, Tremere will re-curse the Schismatics so they can't drink Kindred blood and thus be freed from their hunger of it again. They will help protect the Usurpers from Kupala, the Tzimisce, and the Web of Knives. There's also one other thing.

                            Then Tremere casually gives the PCs to Fatima with a simple mission. "Assassinate Ur-Shulgi."

                            DUN DUN DUN

                            WHA? My players go! How could they do this!?

                            Well, the answer is that this remaining flashback is the adventure To Grandmother's House We Go from Nights of Prophecy, except instead of Baba Yaga's Chicken Hut, the player characters will be journeying to a broken Alamut.

                            Syrian Desert

                            First, however, I give them a few scenes of training with Fatima as they end up in the middle of the Syrian desert an hour before sunrise. Fatima leaves them to improvise a way to survive the
                            sun, which they do, then a bunch of training that borders on abuse. From there, I give them a lengthy soliquoy on Assamite history around a cave's fire, while Fatima prepares them for their infiltration of "the Mountain."

                            Note: I should mention I've never liked Ur-Shulgi because as an awake 4th generation of 6000+ years, he's a plot device that I don't know the resolution to. Yes, he caused the Schism but it wasn't like the PCs could walk right up to him and kill him with dragonsbreath rounds.

                            I say the PCs have six months of training, which makes no sense timeline wise and is something that should cause them to question whether this is actually a true memory. I do say they can increase their Occult, Kindred Lore, Assamite Lore, or any combat discipline they want as well as buy Quietus if they're so inclined. But otherwise it's just getting them a feel for the sect. Then they get dropped off at Alamut...which is an enormous ruin.


                            I describe Alamut as having been a city of 50,000 people directly ruled by the Assamites and hidden with Thaumaturgy as well as godlike Obfuscate with thousands of ghouls, Dominated humans, Presenced humans, and mystically bound humans. A place where the Kindred ruled as gods and the locals traded food from the locals but which was mostly self-sufficient. It was also considered widely a place of great evil.

                            Someone, either Marcus Vitel, the Second Inquisition, the Camarilla's remnants, the Schismatic Assamites, or maybe just dumb luck resulted in the area being labeled a terrorist epicenter with science piercing sorcery. As such, a "Mother of All Bombs" was used and sustained seven day cruise missile use. This being the World of Darkness, 94 milants were reported killed when the actual casualties were 20,000 or so.

                            As such, the majority of Kindred in Alamut were killed and those that weren't rampaged through the city in a terrible nights-long frenzy that killed thousands of more. Many of THOSE Kindred died in the sunlight or killed each other out of guilt as well as hunger for blood. The PCs are given a "guide" in a mysterious fourteen year old boy named Zao. They then creep into Alamuts' catacombs, passing by wassail-suffering Road of Blood followers gutting themselves on diablerie of torporous elders as well as themselves.

                            In short, I describe the Second Inquisition to have royally fucked the Assamites. Avoiding fighting any of the wassail-suffering Assamites or the still sane ones, they reach Ur-Shulgi, praying in a huge lake of 3rd generation blood they all have to make self-control rolls not to drink (and be glad of that). Ur-Shulgi let them come because he says they are marked as tools of Zao-Lot. What follows is where Ur-shulgi actually talks to the PCs and says that if they lend him their strength, he can slay the being that is travelling with them while Zao-Lot says they must choose a member.

                            Ur-Shulgi gives a short speech which I quite liked and shows the PCs some secrets about NPCs they liked and how at least one of them was Dominated into being accepting being embraced by their sire. That Kindred are a disease and only by wiping all who don't serve Haqim will they redeem the Curse of Caine. I'm actually afraid they'll accept Ur-Shulgi's offer but they side with Zao-Lot.

                            Note: If they had sided with Ur-Shulgi, I would have bit the bullet and had Ur-Shulgi kill Zao-Lot and mark them Assamites

                            Zao-Lot then uses Obeah 10 to turn Ur-Shulgi human for a short moment (albeit with 5's in everything and still possessing Blood Sorcery) but they gun him down. That's when Zao-Lot becomes Tremere as they remember him and the PCs run out of the collapsing Alamut (Haqim is displeased). They awaken in the present and note that they couldn't have spent 6 months in Syria since they were only gone for three days. Were the memories implanted? Was it all just a dream? Are Tremere and Saulot really one being now?

                            Who knows.

                            (Well, obviously any surviving Web of Knives know and will be pissed at the PCs)

                            Now back to a down-to-Earth campaign about a stolen 4th generation Summerian vampire possessed by a demon!
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                            • Session 13: The Apocalypse

                              At the strip club, the PCs try to meet with Everlyn Stephens and convince her to sneak out of the club while she's more interested in fighting (because Brujah). Then they mention her brother is out there and she tries to sneak out. One of the PCs, the ex-vampire hunter, tries to talk to Elisa Barrington and William Shepard only to screw it up and they all end up outside.

                              Just as Sullivan Dane and the other PC arrive.

                              Then they're attacked by a Sabbat War Party that was sent to burn down Anubis' strip club as a strike against the city and kidnap a local Kindred to sacriifce to awaken Tiamat. It's a free for all but they get to show off their skills. Sullivan uses a burning sword they assume is a holy relic but is actually propane, chemical resin, and a titanium blade. More useful to cause Rotscreck than anything else. He also says the Upside Down Cross is a symbol of Saint Peter to Rules Lawyer why it's a holy symbol to use.

                              Finally, Sullivan Dane quotes the Dresden Files, "God is my shiled but my kevlar helps."

                              At that point, the players loved him.

                              Some of the players used the invocation of True Faith to freak out and have little breakdowns.

                              Elisa is mortally wounded in the battle but the players give her Kindred blood and use the Medicine skill to keep her from being Embraced. This really screws with the Hunters sense of morality and who the good guys as well as bad guys are. That's when they're told about Tiamat by cellphone and, "Can you come help stop the end of the world?"

                              Gregory Stephens and Evelyn have a nice reunion. She's shocked he's a ghoul.


                              The player characters arrive at the Grimaldi party and I have a nice little bit of Youtubery with the mentioning this is the Scottish Branch of the Family so they're celebrating their summoning of Tiamat's demon with a dance.

                              The Grimaldi party is described in all of its grotesque glory with members feeding from blood drained from corpses suspended on fish hooks, children over the age of 30 talking about sex but looking 12, deformed hideous Tzimisce-created "pets" including some former enemies of the clan are abused, and there's also a pit where people are Dominated into fighting to the death. All in all, it's about 4, 4 out of 10 in terms of Sabbat partying.

                              Ed Neally takes the coffin into a special temple area that he performs a HIDEOUSLY WRONG Sabbat ritual to bless, invoking Caine, the Antediluvians, and the 2nd Generation along with Lilith and Lucifer despite all of them hating each other. The remaining Sabbat present, mostly ex-Grimaldi of the Lasombra and Tzimisce clan, then donate their blood to actual blood magic to raise Tiamat.

                              Which does.

                              She then promptly kills Ed Neally and then starts feeding on the other Sabbat in the room as the PCs hang back, having successfully infiltrated through means of me not caring enough to have them raise an alarm and saying, "Dracula kills everyone silently until you get to the second floor of the Temple." They let Tiamat finish off the other Sabbat before everyone attacks simultaneously and they go for the magical ritual done on the ground designed to control Tiamat (but actually just empowering the demon). Tiamat the Demon starts summoning a massive hurricane, earthquake, plague of locusts and more to kill as much of Chicago as possible to open a gateway to Hell and bring forth her Earthbound Master.

                              Note: There's a joke that the PCs find out it's Kupala and she's summoning someone who has been on Earth for millennia. Still, it would have fucked up Chicago bad.

                              The PCs obviously want to prevent this but Tiamat throws them around, even with Dracula and Mina there, until the demon is knocked out of control by them destroying the ritual marks. Beckett, hilariously, stays out of the fighting and just watches from a safe distance for "history's sake." That's when Sullivan Dane offers his blood to her willingly and she drinks him dry.

                              The True Faith empowered blood proceeds to kill the demon inside of her and then Tiamat enters torpor again.

                              Sullivan walked the walk of Christianity. Well, at least the vampire hunting kind.

                              The PCs proceed to take no chances and kill Tiamat with Dracula's help, letting him chop off her head after they hammer in a stake taken from Sullivan's bag. They neither diablerize or her want a 4th generation teenage girl driven mad over millennia to deal with. Man, my players are cold blooded to prisoners. What's the humanity score on killing helpless vampires? The PCs consider killing the surviving Hunters because of the Second Inquisition but instead just dominate William Shepard to forget their faces as Elisa realizes the PCs just saved the world.



                              The PCs then, at least the ones who play Bloodlines, take Tiamat's coffin and put plastic explosives in it then send it to Lodin as a gift. Balthazar, sensing his chance, stakes Lodin and throws him down an elevator shaft. He then opens it himself and gets blown up. The PCs decide to rescue Lodin and then claim a life debt, suggesting Dracula was trying to kill Lodin. Lodin doesn't 100% believe them but having lost his Seneschal and Sheriff in one night, is in dire need of some support.

                              Lodin appoints one of the PCs his replacement Seneschal and offers the rest the chance to share the Sheriff's position, which they turn down but counter-offer to continue aiding him as long as he leaves them alone beyond keeping the peace. Lodin accepts as he owes them a life boon (at least as far as Kindred society knows). Besides, he needs their help in covering up the fact the Grimaldi house is a house of horrors and there were a hundred migrant workers imprisoned in the basement who saw some serious shit.

                              The PCs paid for Sullivan Dane's funeral, which is done at a Catholic location.

                              Elisa Barton and William Shepard retire from vampire hunting, the latter being disgraced for his new "pro-vampire" views, and retire in Yuma, Arizona, the sunniest place on Earth.

                              Everlyn asks the new Prince of Gary to embrace Gregory Stephens and she does, making him a 10th generation Brujah. He promptly becomes Sheriff of Gary, which he does a good job as given he's an ex-cop and has 20 years as a ghoul.

                              The death of an entire house of Grimaldi and mid-tier Sabbat plus their money man is a major blow to the Sword of Caine. A major Sabbat Remnant has been destroyed and that will prevent from being resurrected for awhile longer. Lodin confiscates half of the money which Edward Neally had accumulated for the sect (Lucita managing to claim the other half on behalf of Clan Lasombra) - which almost makes this entire disaster worth it.

                              Dracula decides to stay in Chicago for a month, amusing himself, and casually spilling ancient Kindred secrets over beer drinkers. Mina sleeps with one of the PCs because she's a Gangrel and they don't mince words.

                              The PCs try and fail to confirm whether Alamut is destroyed but the Schismatic Assamites says the Web of Knives is destroyed without saying how. They also state Fatima has been out of touch with the clan for years. They are all still suffering the Curse of Tremere, though. When Ur-Shulgi is mentioned, the PCs are laughed at as he is nothing more than a scary story told to Neonates. Then they looked confused as to how the hell they know about him. There's no records, plane or otherwise, of them visiting Jersualem.

                              The End.
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                              • Yeah, so a massive number of Kindred named NPCs died that episode.

                                Edward Neally
                                Wendy Wade
                                Gordon Keaton
                                Sullivan Dane

                                That's a mini-Under the Blood Red Moon right there.

                                Mind you, one of the secrets I've learned as an ST is you can always just use the stats or general idea of a character even if you kill them.

                                Author of Cthulhu Armageddon, I was a Teenage Weredeer, Straight Outta Fangton, Lucifer's Star, and the Supervillainy Saga.