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V5 - Planning my Chicago by Night 2018 chronicle

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  • V5 - Planning my Chicago by Night 2018 chronicle


    I have my copy of 5th Edition and have read it. Some of it I like a great deal and others feel a bit superfluous. One of the worst updates for a campaign was the Spellplague for Forgotten Realms and that was designed to get rid of all the super-powered NPCs that had previously affected the game. Which eliminated a lot of beloved characters and NPCs. Despite this, I got some use out of the concept.

    I feel V5's update is far less radical and is designed to bring things a bit back down to street level, where I think V:TM works best. So, I'm getting my old RPG group (18+ years and running) to do another campaign. We did a V20 game and are very eager to get back into vampire. So, I'm now plotting out what I hope will be at least a year long chronicle set in Chicago. Yes, even before the next supplement.

    I'd love for people to help me brainstorm this idea out and how to properly get my campaign world together. I'm open to criticism and ideas thereof. I am not afraid of bucking the trend for the setting as established but want to make sure everything makes sense from a perspective of V:TM, V:TM 2nd Edition, V:TM Revised, and now 5th Edition. Anyone who wants to also give their ideas and commentary on the whole thing is also welcome to do so because I am going to be analyzing a lot of this.

    I'll be mining Beckett's Jyhad Diary too but not utterly behold to it.

    State of the WOD

    The Second Inquisition
    The Lasombra
    Chicago 2018
    The Gehenna War
    The Sabbat
    The Camarilla
    The Awakening of the PCs
    Themes and Mood
    State of the Clans part 1
    State of the Clans part 2
    Bureau of Public Health and Safety
    The Beckoning
    Casualties of the Second Inquisition
    Predator Types
    Ministry of Set
    Gary NPCs stats by Red Eye
    Tzmisce, Kupala, Tremere, and Vicissitude
    The Third Anarch Revolt
    My experience with V5's Rules
    The Old Camarilla Club


    Lodin (II)
    Annabelle Triabell
    Anita Waynewright
    Alphonse (Capone)
    Robert Weatherbottom
    Edward Neally
    Marcus Vitel
    Sullivan Dane
    Evelyn and Gregory Stephens
    Wendy Wade and Gordon Keaton
    The Final Reich (Heavily modified)
    Dickie Fulcher


    Session 0: Prologue
    Session 1: The Prince
    Session 2: Theo Bell
    Session 3: Tremere Interlude
    Session 4: Night of Prophecy
    Session 5: Juggler
    Session 6: Second Inquisition Flashback part 1
    Session 7: Second Inquisition Flashback part 2
    Session 8: Baptism by Fire
    Session 9: The Ankaran Sarcophagus
    Session 10: Beckett
    Session 11: Sullivan Dane
    Session 12: Ur-Shulgi
    Session 13: Hunters Hunted
    Session 14#: Caine's Ascension
    Session 15#: Death's Sweet Song
    Session 16#: Blood Plague
    Session 17#: Primogen Putsch
    Session 18#: Son's Asylum

    New Skills

    Chicago Lore by Red Eye
    Loresheet: Lucita's Circle
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    The Second Inquisition

    I'm actually quite intrigued by this as WoD: Revised more or less ran on how unimportant mortals were in the grand scheme of things. I think it's a nice opportunity to link this directly to the Sabbat and Camarilla War of the Clan Novels. The Clan novels described the Sabbat invading the East Coast with rampaging Vozhd, taking Washington D.C., and other Masquerade-breaking violations. In my own campaign, I had the Sabbat actually destroy a town in the United States and turn it into a shovelhead apocalypse.

    So, the government in my world nows about vampires or at least a large part of it. I'm thinking of making a fictional alliance of ABC agencies working on a mass vampire purge. One which has been incredibly effective. The Technocracy was collapsing in my simultaneous Mage game and I think it runs the risk of devaluing mortals. As such, they have former members assisting the government but so are other Mages and Hunter: The Reckoning Hunters.

    How effective is it?

    Chicago will be the last Camarilla stronghold in North America. It's the only place you'll be able to find hundreds of vampires living and working together. The Sabbat is just GONE as far as most people are concerned and while there's roving War Packs who can threaten Chicago, it seems like the war is over.

    I see the Second Inquisition already starting to fall apart at the edges, though. The smaller, nastier Camarilla is already appealing to the super-rich, the older agents, and so on for immortality or longevity (ghouldom isn't understood by many). Money, Dominate, Presence, and more is slowly widdling away at the cohesion of the group with lots of evidence disappearing or being suppressed. Chicago is the first "safe" city but it probably won't be the last.

    The decision not to reveal the information means its potentially being contained. On the other hand, the Inquisition (the actual Catholic Society of Leopold) has gone from being a tiny group of nutjobs on its way out to an actual army in many other countries with 10,000+ members. They have no problem getting into the vampire's face. The big thing about this is that player characters can no longer take hunters for granted as they're not an occassional but now are a ever-present eternal threat.

    Not sure how Europe will be handling it.

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      The Lasombra

      My idea is the Lasombra didn't defect to the Camarilla, so much as the Lasombra Antitribu won their war by default. There were about a 200 Lasombra Antitribu in the Camarilla, mostly older than dirt, and that was in 1999. Since that time, the Lasombra in the Sabbat have been either destroyed by the Second Inquisition or went off to fight in the Gehenna War where most of them were eaten or destroyed as well.

      Suddenly, the Lasombra Antitribu no longer have to disguise themselves or look both ways across the street to avoid a Sabbat raiding party. Their numbers are the only group of Cainites to have actually grown during the Second Inqusiition and they also have benefits of strong leadership.

      Since Anatole never died in this version, Lucita remains on the Path of Humanity (barely) and Marcus Vitel has since returned to claim leadership of the Clan. Marcus, himself, might have disappeared into the Gehenna Wars (he's just a bit too old for use in a campaign) but his lineage has legs. No one is particularly happy about these party crashers but the Lasombra can exert just as much oomph as any other Clan nowadays.

      It doesn't help the vampire race needs as many people with Dominate and ties to religious groups as well as the govenrment as they can these days.

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        Chicago 2018

        Chicago is basically the refugee camp of the vampire race in North America and a place of stability. The police, FBI, and media are firmly under the control of the Prince of Chicago. Well, at least that's the appearance as any Masquerade violations are still a huge burden on the vampires and they're more likely to throw undead at hunters to make them go away than risk exposure.

        The source for this is the Fake Lodin.

        Well, maybe he's a fake and maybe he's not a fake. What he looks like is a scarred face version of Lodin that certainly has a lot of the dead prince's mannerisms down pat and is powerful in both Dominate as well as Presence. There's suspicions he's a Tzmisce, Ravnos, or even a person surgically altered before his embrace. Either way, the Primogen has decided to make this man the Prince and given them their support. It allows them to rally around support of what is now viewed as "The Good Old Days." He's a bit more eccentric and ruthless than the previous Lodin and often makes what seems to be spurious decisions.

        Both Capone and Ballard remain in the city but both believe the other is behind the Fake Lodin.

        Because vampires.

        Whatever the case, Chicago is a powderkeg of something akin to 200 vampires stuffed together in one comparatively small region. A good quarter of the city are Anarchs which are only kept from making things explode by the fact the Elders are keeping them divided as well as under pressure to conform. A big change in the universe is that Critias, Inyanga, and Khalid have all gone missing, which means that the Primogen which made Lodin is all but gone. Nicolai is still in the city but coming in and out of torpor, leaving Dusable torn between whether to diablerize his sire or look after him for the next few centuries. It's a free for all in terms of power now.
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          Gehenna War

          What if the apocalypse happened and you weren't invited?

          The Gehenna War is a complete mystery to the vast majority of surviving Kindred in the world as a huge number of vampires were called to the Middle East, more or less everyone over the age of 800, and they have been duking it out like the Book of Revelations ever since.

          The Inner Council...gone
          The Justicars....gone
          The Council of Seven...gone
          The Black Hand....gone
          The majority of regular Sabbat...showed up to fight and got wiped out without anyone paying attention.

          Elders around 400 years old or so feel the call only weakly and are able to resist but plenty entered torpor voluntarily or had themselves blood bonded to avoid it driving them nuts. Suddenly, all the "young" Elders of the Camarilla have a huge new position in the world.

          Anatole is, hilariously, one of the few vampires completely unaffected because True Faith is a complete "Get out of Gehenna free" card.

          The scary thing about the Gehenna War is no one knows WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON. Sattelite footage, spies, and so on give nothing since whatever is happening wipes all memories of it or leaves you a gibbering madman.

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            The Sabbat

            Are back to being the boogeyman of 1E. With the vast majority of the Sabbat having been destroyed in the purge of Mexico City and the United States East Coast by the Second Inquisition plus the actual die-hard fanatics going to fight in the Middle East, only to get swatted like insects, the organization has effectively ceased to exist. Except not really.

            The Sabbat continues to exist wherever a single Priest or member of the Sword of Caine is there to make a bunch of Shovelheads and Blood Bond them with the Vinculum. They're an existential terrorist threat that could pop up at any time, destroy the Masquerade, and bring about the end of vampiredom. But as an organization? It's kaput. A single Sabbat surviving member is a terrifying encounter for most neonates as the remainder are even more off their gourde than normal.

            More like Brother Vick from Bloodlines than Andrei.

            A good adventure is dealing with a bunch of Near Dark-esque packers wandering around and not caring what kind of holy hell they might bring down on their fellow vampires.

            I'm inclined to think in this newer and Hunter-friendly world the Tzimisce are believed to be extinct, or at least they're all in hiding.

   would you know?

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              I am reading with interest. Some parallels exist between your thread and the book's contents. There will be great disparities too however.

              Matthew Dawkins
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                Originally posted by The Gentleman Gamer View Post
                I am reading with interest. Some parallels exist between your thread and the book's contents. There will be great disparities too however.
                Well, I never expected anything else.

                I also note I enjoy taking and tweaking like a grab bag of twists and turns.

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                  The Camarilla

                  The loss of so many vampires has effectively gutted the Camarilla but has led to an interesting new twist in the organization. It no longer actually offers membership to all individuals. The Masquerade is still enforced now but the Camarilla has gone from being the birthright of all Kindred to a privilege you can earn like the Freemasons or membership in an exclusive club. It probably was the best idea anyone has had in years.

                  To join the Camarilla in Chicago, which might as well be the only Kindred, you have to prove yourself willing to abase yourself and bring something to the table. The Elysiums are no longer open freely to all vampires but require you to have someone powerful or respected to bring you. They still have a Sheriff and his thugs, though the Scourge position is no longer extant (Son proved too unwieldy).

                  Instead, in Chicago, you need to be willing to attend the right parties and use your powers to become wealthy but most of all USEFUL to the establishment. Capone, Ballard, Dusable, and the other Ventrue as well as Toreador are the hearts of the new Camarilla--willing to pay neonates to be their minions but only if they're willing to play the game. They still plot against one another, still being vampires, but there's a bit more working together than before--for survival's sake if nothing else.

                  Outside of Chicago? The Camarilla might as well not exist. It doesn't exist beyond a regional level and has become the Confederate flag waved by Princes. It's back to the Dark Ages and no Archon or Justicar has any more authority than they can wield on their own. Many a Prince prefer it this way as they no longer have to answer to any authority higher than their domain but this means the oppositon of the Second Inquisition is entirely regional as well.

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                    The Awakening of the PCs

                    In true Bonnie and Clyde style, the origin of the PCs for this campaign will be them getting ambushed and pumped through a huge amount of led before being dumped in the middle of a junkyard underneath a bunch of dirt. It will be done in the shocking year of Vampire 2011. I.e. The year of Vampire20. Torpor is not usually something which I normally inflict upon players but seems like a perfect way to introduce them to 5th Edition. After they awaken simultaneously due to "something" calling them from their comas, they find themselves penniless and covered in muck in a world which has rapidly changed but is not so much that it's unrecognizable.

                    New Star Wars movies
                    Donald Trump is now President
                    Cellphone computers

                    Oh and much of the vampire world is completely thrown to hell.

                    They'll be tracked down by Lodin and threatened by him, which should go over well, but establish the nice post-Gothic Punk world. If the Players choose to use their old characters, they're now effectively Ancilla and older/more powerful than the majority of vampires (particularly Thin Bloods) while also being a product of a world where the Camarilla and Sabbat were things.

                    It will maximize the compare/contrast as well as allow them to come terms with 5E. While I hope they'll not try to flee Chicago, I'll also mention that whenever they try to leave the City Limits (Gary nonwithstanding) they find themselves unable to do so. They're being Dominated by something powerful enough to prevent them from leaving.

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                      The theme I want to put off more than anything is a sense of How the Mighty Have Fallen. Vampires are no longer the masters of their previous world. They're in possible danger of extinction and are all crowded in one little spot, doing the exact same thing they were doing in 1st Edition. Vampires have to be careful and I'm going to have Masquerade breaches have a lot more consequences than before.

                      Vampires the players get to know will have their havens burned down or stories about how a bunch of black ops looking guys gunned them down, "stabbed their bodies", and then dumping them into the back of vans before driving off.

                      It's no longer the Anarchs vs. The Man but the Snobs and the Slobs versus the System. Everyone is vulnerable.


                      Everything is different while everything is the change. It's still Chicago, the iconic Vampire: The Masquerade setting but almost 30 years later, it's just a lot more uncertain time. The Kindred bedrocks are all gone and the Neonates from the 1990s are now power players in a society that used to have millennium old elders ruling.

                      The PCs can seize power in this time but do they want to?

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                        State of the Clans part 1

                        Independents and former Sabbat


                        The Haquim Loyalists joined the Sword of Caine in fighing the Gehenna Wars, so that's effectively 2/3rds of the Clan caught up in fighting the apocalypse. They might or might not all be dead but it's more likely they're just "indisposed" with most of them dead. The Assamites who stayed with the Camarilla are divided now since their leadership also disappeared. Your typical Assamite Warrior rarely finds a problem finding uses for his skills even if many Princes don't trust them with the position of Sheriff.


                        The Harbingers of Skulls have universally gone to join the Gehenna Wars with rare exceptions of a few morgue attendants, Goth girls, and mediums they embraced during their recent resurgance. Whether this is a bang or a whimper is anyone's guess.

                        Followers of Set

                        Much like the Followers of Haquim, they have had the majority of the Clan "dealt with." The irony being that the offshoots like the Haitian setites, the Serpents of Light, the Followers of Damballah, and more are the most likely survivors. Gone are the days of it being a unified cult and more a scattered religion with many interpretations.

                        Hesha is less than pleased by this and as one of the few remaining Elders in the West, now heads the Cult of Typhon (which infuriates him as no longer referring to the Clan itself).


                        Augustus' body is missing and so are the majority of his immediate ancestors. The Cappadochian vengeance did not occur as people expected, though, and the clan mostly carries on as it used to. Incestuous, vile, and corrupt. Almost all Giovanni involved in the Cappadochian purge, though, are missing. Which means their plans for bringing down the barrier are effectively dead.


                        As stated, the Lasombra Antitribu have won the war by default. The ones in the Camarilla remain the dominant sect of their kind now. They are actually quite enthusiastic about the Camarilla since aside from the Ventrue, Tremere, and Toreador--who else is going to build up vampires as a power block?


                        The past two decades (rounded up) have not been so terrible for the Ravnos actually. Having been the first to die, they became the first to retreat and since the youngest were the only ones left, they were almost untouched by the Gehenna Wars. Their small numbers are not quite so small compared to everyone else anymore and it's once more the Ravnos "clan" versus the Ravnos bloodline.


                        Allying with the Sabbat was never a particularly good idea. The Sword of Caine's members were first into the front and the first to die. However, their numbers of survivors who have bounced back from this and the help of the Anarchs (ironically to flee the Sabbat) has done much to eliminate their reputation as Souleaters. There's perhaps 23 or so in the world now versus 8.

                        An improvement? Sadly, they still struggle with a bad reputation because, well, Sabbat and the fact some Salubri voluntarily aid the Second Inquisition.


                        There's a lot of rumors going on as to WHAT happened to the Tzimsice. All of them being devoured by tendrils from the sewers, spontaneous combustion, being summoned to the Gehenna War, an insane army of "Shadow Crusaders", or simply dying of a blood plague. In actuality, though, most of them are dead and the remainder are in hiding as other Clans.

                        My present theory is that its Revenant families were the end of everything as they turned over everything they could to the Second Inquisition and their master finished most of the rest. As for the Old Clan? Their castles are empty, their servants gone, and their tombs cracked open. Dracula sightings are still common, though.


                        Effectively destroyed as organizations beyond Pack level.

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                          State of the Clans part 2



                          The Brujah are in a bit of a spot because they have weathered the storm better than most. When the Second Inquisition came down on them, most Brujah survived by simply having speed and punching power as advantages. Having destroyed the Camarilla, most Anarchs are somewhat listless as there's no real man to fight anymore. So they fight each other.


                          The one group which can be said to have unambiguously benefited from the Not-So-Final Nights is the Caitiff who have gone from being everyone's bitch to not quite everyone's. With the majority of elders dead or missing, the Clanless don't have quite as many people railing on them. They have, however, ironically drawn a sharp line between themselves and Thin Blooded. The Panders' destruction, however, has been complete as they were not summoned to fight in the Gehenna Wars but were hunted down completely by the Inquision in Mexico. Joseph Panders, himself, giving up most of his progeny's locations under torture.


                          The Gangrel leaving the Camarilla proved to be completely pointless in the end as the Camarilla's collapse means they're in the same boat as everyone else. Their ability to survive on animals and movement means they, too, survived better than most. They are effectively back in living as citizens of the vampire community, though.


                          There's a not-inconsiderable number of Malkavians who have developed the flaw of looking and acting perfectly sane but no one believes them. The Gehenna Wars means that many of their other brethren's mental illnesses are far less "extreme" as if something driving them to terror has been removed. They're still deranged but far less obviously so. Most even try to manage their illnesses now with extreme fidelity.


                          The Nosferatu clan was hit hard by the Gehenna War as hackers hit and many more were wiped out by what they blame the Nickutu on. The fact most sewer systems aren't great for Nosferatu doesn't help either. Still, they have endured and adapted. They are also very much on the side of rebuilding the Camarilla.


                          The Toreador have been hit hardest by the Second Inquisition (or perhaps second hardest) and the loss of the Camarilla as their frequently public personas brought down the Inquisition hard. They also, bluntly, were eager to sell out their fellows for a chance at more life. The Toreador continue to pretend to be patrons of the arts and fiddle while Rome burns, wishing this nightmare would end.


                          Will never be the same. There's no Council of Seven and no Tremere (no Saulot either) with a good first three levels of the Pyramid gutted. As such, they have slowly started to drift apart rather than together as they cannot decide whether to try to replace the upper ranks or not. Feuding "Houses" have begun appearing left and right with many of their most ambitious running away. Really the only good thing about this scenario is most of their eternal enemies were wiped out before they became a broken shell of their former selves.


                          The captains of a sinking ship but better to be that than among those fleeing it. Tech savvy vampires and scientists have moved up their ranks incredibly, mostly by attrition, and offer protections which may be more than snake oil--or not. However, the Ventrue have already begun turning around the Inquisition and pointing it in other directions or bribing their way to safety. There are a few safe havens under Ventrue princes.

                          Just not many.

                          Thin Blooded

                          The 14th, 15th, and 16th generation have benefited in one way from the Gehenna Wars. Since Gehenna is apparently happening, there's no point in persecuting the Thin Blooded anymore. I mean, vampires still do. Thin blooded are kept as sex slaves for stronger vampires to drink their rich vampire blood (without any chance of them resisting), they're destroyed by frustrated vampires, and they're easy to catch by hunters since they have no support network. However, there's very few Scourges left since vampires have better things to do than murder the weakest of their kind.

                          However, they're large enough that they have replaced the Caitiff for "people vampires look down upon as a hated minority."

                          Indeed, most princes now tolerate Thin Blooded communes on the edge (note: I say edge) of their territory because it's better to have something to direct hunters to or pick up Thin Blooded than just let them scatter.
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                            Bureau of Public Health and Safety

                            The Second Inquisition in the United States. The Second Inquisition isn't a unified organization in canon but there needs to be a face on it in Chicago and I'd argue that it's the same for the Vampire: The Masquerade game. So, for all intents and purposes, the BPHS is THE vampire hunting group in the United States of America. It's also not actually that big of a group itself but is the heart of the group. A branch of the Department of Homeland Security, the Bureau of Public Health and Safety exists for the purposes of these public tasks:

                            1. Investigating homegrown terrorist risks (which justifies breaking down doors in the middle of the day and potentially gunfights even in suburbia)
                            2. Investigating pathogen outbreak sources (like blood testing Goths, Blood Dolls, people who hang out at nightclubs, frequent anemia victims)
                            3. Investigating ground water contamination (like in old sewer systems)
                            4. Following up on unsolved older murder cases (self-explanatory)

                            In real terms, the BPHS does a lot of burning down "abandoned" and "condemned" buildings. It also has the authority to call in agents from other agencies which are actually all in the know from the Inquisition. The BPHS has actually done a lot more damage than it ever expected to do because everyone is expecting something a lot more innocous than this minor set of office buildings work. However, the group is funded and covertly operated by much-much bigger players in the FBI, NSA, and CIA.

                            Ironically, the biggest effort by the group is trying to avoid breaking the Masquerade wide open as everyone in the organization believes that doing so will result in public sympathy swinging to vampires, an outbreak of vampirism, and people seeking out vampires to make them immortal. They're deeply cynical about mankind and with possible good reason. It also means if someone did destroy their database and evidence, they could probably break the organization.

                            The agency has about 200 actual agents and inflicts a disproportionate amount of its damage by the fact that it employs contractors. More than anything else, it's the group's database that is really beneficial as they've identified plenty of vampires and other supernaturals that are willing to work with them (not without casualties of course). Mages, a couple of Ronin Garou, and Hunters with a large H as well as small. These are virtually the only supernaturals they actually deal with and the only ones who usually "fight" but the fact they have met supernaturals who aren't evil troubles many--especially as a few ex-Sabbat diablerists have taken to letting the cattle do their hunting for them.

                            Even then, the majority of their hunting consists of "identify Kindred resting place in the day", set up fire trucks around the place, then burn it down. It's a ridiculously effective strategy, particularly when there's no underground escape for a place. The fact they often have police to arrest ghouls (six or seven taser shots will usually do the trick or just guns if they are attacking) also helps. Even so, they wouldn't succeed as often as they do if not for the fact they're being patronized by a number of people including some ex-Technocrats providing them equipment that neutralizes vampire disicplines and weapons. A few are ghouls themselves or Dominated by some vampire who really hates his own kind.

                            The organization has, itself, destroyed about 2000 vampires and even so is on the verge of collapse due to the fact it's got a shockingly high number of dead personnel even when they're trying to cover it all up. There's also the question of how much money is really needed for investigating "blood-based pathogens" and their desire for widespread testing. There's also an ideological crisis in the organization as while the "Friendly Neighborhood Vampire" may not exist among Cainites, there are at least a few among Thin Blooded and this is causing some to wonder if they're doing something actually good.

                            Others, particularly older agents or those from other agencies, note vampire agents could be VERY useful for ideological purposes. They think vampires can be controlled or used...and are as wrong as those vampires who tried to use the government. The Chicago Regional Director operates a building with 50 personnel and an old for profit prison they've converted into a holding pen for prisoners. Lodin has him under control as he's been promised immortality but the man is so dominated he doesn't even realize he's just a slave now--and his subordinates are noticing.
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                              I've liked your earlier Chicago By Night posts and feel we have compatible playing styles, but my contribution on this thread will likely be minimum. I absolutely loathe how new RPG editions advance metaplot because they completely contradict my own personal chronicle canon. I didn't like most of the Revised era metaplot, and V5's attempt to carry on with it makes it a divergence of a divergence I ignored anyway. In my own chronicle, I don't need to "fix" things that I never implemented anyway. And even on their own merits, some of the ideas behind V5 just don't interest me. While some that I like are irrelevent. I have no need for a "New Inquisition" because I always tried to have effective vampire hunters in my chronicles anyway (although they tended to destroy more obvious vampires - like the Sabbat - rather than the Camarilla).

                              So I'll check the thread out, but likely won't post much. Good luck to you.