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  • Worth it without Metaplot?

    Would it be worth getting V5 even if you're not interested in the metaplot or the setting? Are the mechanics revolutionary? What sort of styles of play are promoted in it?

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    Originally posted by milo v3 View Post
    Would it be worth getting V5 even if you're not interested in the metaplot or the setting? Are the mechanics revolutionary? What sort of styles of play are promoted in it?
    I think the mechanics are much improved with a huge change in how feeding and generation is handled.

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      It seems far more focused on ground level, player focused stories of dealing with your vampirism, trying to balance less forgiving but more immersive feeding without going into frenzy (bigger focus on that whole "beast I am, lest a beast I become" angle) and trying to maintain the masquerade in an increasingly voyeuristic society. It's alot more desperate, alliances are shifting rapidly, and there's a bigger focus on trying to maintain your humanity.

      Less good for macro-level lore based stories, illuminati like conspiracy angles or high action 'superheroes with fangs' game and better directed towards city politics in a time of major upheaval and fear as well as personal gothic style stories.

      Thematically it's combining the paranoia and fear of change from the dark ages time period (it even has another inquisition) and 1e's anarchs versus camarilla.


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        If you aren't satisfied with the V20 system and want something new in that regard, sure. Seems like it has some interesting ideas.


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          Not sure it is worth it even if you like the metaplot.

          How revolutionary you find it is kind of up to your preferences and what you want in a game, I guess. I'm not impressed.

          It offers a playstyle, singular, and is very against anything else. It is possible to do other things, but it would probably be better to use a different system ported over instead.


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            I haven't played any previous VtM editions, only having played VtR 2e when it comes to vampire games, so I don't really have previous editions as points of comparison.
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              Its not really a matter of playing or liking other editions really. It is a very subjective matter across the board.

              There is not really any V5 metaplot yet, it is actually all just setting the scene.

              You might like the art, direction, rules, etc, or you may not. I personally don't, but I am bias because of everything before V5.

              I dislike most of the art, but that ones is on it's own. I just don't like it.

              I hate how much space is wasted throughout the book. It could eadily be cut in half between the amount of dead space and just how little it actually says, word count-wise. Not keen on the organization and placement of various things, either.

              Rules are, to me, meh. I'm in favor of more complexity and rules/guidelines for a broad spectrum of play.

              My honest suggestion, (grain of salt due to bias, but everyone's got it), would be to use Revised's or V20's rules, and possibly take a bit of V5's setting developments, rewind them a decade or so before the big things actually happen, and play in that time frame leading up to. Particularly as Drivethru is having a big 75% off sale right now.


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                I will tell you the exact opposite: V5’s rules are a huge improvement over the old system. The dice system is both more mathematically sound and more interesting in its outcomes. The character creation makes it harder to fall into traps. The Humanity system is more elegant and modular. Combat is a great deal simpler (no longer really a mini game of its own), and social conflict is supported in the same way.

                Best of all, the Hunger system is a huge improvement over the Blood Pool system. The need for blood is no longer represented by the equivalent of a fuel gauge but by dice that can affect the outcomes of your rolls as the Beast grows increasingly restless.

                Contrary to what some anti-V5 voices will tell you, a good portion of the book is taken up with how to run various play styles. The one reason to do a hard pass on the system is if you really don’t like the idea of the Hunger system at all, as it’s hard to remove without making a number of other things irrelevant. I would say the ever-present hunger for blood and the way it affects your character’s behavior is part of the system’s kernel, so it helps to be sold on that.

                Metaplot-wise, the core gives a very general overview of the setting from a Camarilla/Anarch point if view and mostly hints at the rest. The Loresheets are a way for players to purchase bits of metaplot relevance as character options, but they are optional. If you want to know whether it would be easy to run a metaplotless version of the game with this book, then I would say yes.


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                  I keep hearing how much it is an improvement, but I just don't see it. Im not a fan of the Hunger System, and find it a cheap downgrade of the "gas peddle" blood points system. I'm sorry, they could have emphasized the near constant hunger without F'ing up something that was not broken.

                  It is not that I hate V5 so much as it is I feel an indy game that DIDN'T steal most of an establishes property's name currency would have far less supporters.

                  But, as I have said repeatedly, much of it is subjective, based on what you want from a system or setting or product. For me, it is pretty crap. For others, it invented sliced bread.


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                    milo v3 As you can see, overall the new edition is... divisive
                    As non-Biased as I can be;

                    The Mechanics - it is a significant change from earlier editions. For good or Bad
                    The Art - Some like it, some don't
                    There are a range of play styles, but all are influenced by the mechanics; for those that like the mechanics, it (Seems like) it's a natural evolution of the way they were playing anyway.
                    - For those that don't like the mechanics - because some aspects of play feel hard coded (With Hunger being ever present in every roll) it eliminates styles of play where that was not something they wanted to focus on.
                    - With as neutral view as possible; it would enrich the styles it supports BUT it does eliminate some styles of games.

                    The powers and approach of the game does focus on where the metaplot is currently at (As it should) that doesn't make it impossible to run a different Plot.

                    Many players and storytellers of Requiem (And first ed Vampire) seem to like it where as people who liked the last few editions of Masquerade tend not to (But obviously this isn't absolute; and only Sith deal in Absolutes)

                    It's not something anyone should be saying Absolutely yes or Absolutely no to you unless they knew you personally and the groups you play with.
                    The Aura around the game is either Radiance or Putrescence depending on too many factors.