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    Some interesting developments occurred.

    Marcus Van Sciver, Venus's sire, was found in Los Angeles by Jeremy, and brought back to Tucson. He has a very pronounced level of memory loss, confusion and lack of focus. The more he interacts with someone, the more grounded he can become. It was during one of his lucid phases after embracing Venus that he directed to observe and record everything. Basically, she is so obsessive about following such direction, that when he reads her accounts, he can feel as if he was actually there, and that helps accelerate his focus. He knows he has issues during his lucid periods, and probably has a few different childer around the country like Venus. They will go down to Nogales to review her notes from the past decades.

    The second batch of refugees arrived as well. This consisted of El Diente, Elaina, Perra and Nemo. It was revealed that Francois determined Nemo is a Ravnos. El Diente explained the other refugees, the ones from Guadalajara and Cuidad Obregon would not be coming north, and flatly refused the terms of asylum. They plan to remain in Nogales until the Sonoran cities are liberated from the Sabbat. This may put them into conflict with the werewolves, which have an understanding with Venus and Tucson about traveling between cities and how many vampires can reside in Nogales. The werewolves had given the vampire refugees 1 month to move on from Nogales. Previously, Venus had the arrangement that any vampires traveling north from Mexico, it was understood that they were Sabbat and free game for the werewolves.

    The next session will probably be a council meeting in Tucson to discuss the futures with the changing make up of Tucson. With the new refugees, both the Malkavians and the Nosferatu should be given places on the council. Additionally there are now 4 unaligned vampires, which should entitle them to their own representation as well. That would then put the council at 12 people, 7 clan primogen, a caitiff primogen, Prince, Seneschal, Keeper of Elysium and Sheriff. My thought is a 13th position should be established, probably a Chancellor, or records keeper, probably Venus once Marcus excuses her from her responsibility to observe Nogales.


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      Last night had some unexpected outcomes from the council meeting.
      Prince Renee had been set to do a Council meeting that night, and many of the vampires were gathering at her Elysium to attend. Once she made her appearance, and addressed those gathered, she brought up the influx of vampires, and the need to change the council around. She offered full clan status to the Nosferatu, and asked if he would remain on as Primogen for them or declare another. They had already met prior to this, knowing they would receive a Primogen seat, and El Diente was declared Primogen while Ragman remained Sheriff. They felt this was a better option so that Ragman can still consult with El Diente about clan issues, and he is not torn between responsibilities for both positions. Now that there is the larger population there isn't need to double up.
      Prince Renee then took the unexpected step of declaring Gemma to be Malkavian Primogen. There had been some talk of Gemma taking a Keeper of Elysium position, and there is an elder Malkavian in the city, Mary Alice, but Renee has had little interaction with the Malkavians. I don't think it was helped that Alonso walked into the middle of the informal meeting in open Elysium while telling a slightly off color story to Vargr the Brujah. I believe the words spoken when he walked in were, "And I told her, no m'lady, that's not my lance, that's my... oh, hello..." Fortunately, the Toreador were able to proceed without much hiccup, though Ethan was noticeably frustrated. Prince Renee declared that in 6 months time, the Malkavian Primogen and an unaffiliated Primogen status would be determined.
      Once the council meeting was called to order, Venus requested to speak with them, and told them of her Sire's desire to travel out to find others of his childer that might be out there. He absolved her of her responsibility of watching over Nogales, to which she then requested to move to Tucson. That request was granted, on the condition that she make arrangements with the werewolves at the border, since she previously had an understanding with them. She plans to go there with Selena and some Gangrel to negotiate a new accord.
      It was discussed that Prince Bella is remaining in Nogales for the time, and that an Archon had been dispatched to the area to help in recapturing territory. It was concluded that offers of aid would be given, as well as inclusion in the Marches territory for any cities recaptured. Prince Bella is much older than Prince Renee, and wanted nothing to do with the blood pact to reside there. She even offered domains to other refugees that aided in the recapture of territory.
      That interlude of down time is just about finished. There will be a bit of wrap up, council reshaping after the 6 months are done, but nothing major. Next few nights before the game on Saturday will be the remaining 20 years of down time before 1944.
      1944 will be a busy time for Tucson, with three major events that they characters will have to deal with; The Anarch revolt, a major Sabbat incursion, and a blood virus. I'll outline each below.
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        Blood Virus

        The blood virus is going to start slow. I am imagining it is a very very bad Vampire Flu. If you can survive the two weeks, then you will recover, but that can get dicey. Mortals are the main carriers of it, which is spread through fluids, and manifest it as a flu like virus. Any vampire that feeds on infected blood gets infected and becomes a carrier. Symptoms present the following night after infection, and a bite will transmit the virus to a mortal. The big concern is vampires that have lots of Retainers and Herd, as they will be the ones to get infected first. All symptoms are cumulative, unless stated otherwise.

        Day 1 - Sneezing, coughing, mild blood sweats. This will present a chance to infect any mortals around you.
        Day 2 - Mild Fatigue. -1 dice to all mental attributes for delayed response time. Additionally -1 dice to all social rolls due to being noisy and nasty.
        Day 3 - Blood hemorrhaging. A second dot of blood is required to awake that night, due to it having leaked out of you through out the night.
        Day 4 - Greater Fatigue. Increases to -2 to all dice pools.
        Day 5 - Further hemorrhaging. Every blood point spent uses addition blood, for every 5 points of blood spent that day, 6 are used.
        Day 6 - +1 difficulty to all checks.
        Day 7 - Peek of symptoms. Every other blood point spent requires 2 points. example, it now takes 3 points to awaken, if you spend a blood to pump Strength, that uses one, then spend a blood for Celerity, that will use 2, boost stamina by two points, that will cost 3 blood.
        Days 8-14 All symptoms continue. Risk of hunger frenzy or torpor from lack of blood. Upon awakening the 15th day, your body returns to normal.

        Selena has been working on the hospital and making a ghoul/vampire treatment area, so hopefully she will get the idea to quarantine the infected. She had some experience when the Spanish Flu ravaged the area, but was unable to help contribute to the treatment that helped spare lives.

        The virus will be brought in by Francois while he is traveling through the Marches. He will arrive with day three symptoms and need medical attention. Part of the virus is a mild Dominate effect that does not allow you to see your own infection, so you go about your business as normal, not realizing you are possibly dripping blood all over.

        Any feed back on the virus would be welcome. I know it is similar to a Blood Plague that ravages the world in the 1990s prior to Gehenna. Perhaps this is someone's trial run.
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          Anarch Revolt

          Tucson will learn of the Anarch Revolt through two methods. Some people fleeing the Camarilla purge will come through Tucson and Phoenix, alerting them to the rebellion. Secondly, Jeremy MacNeil will arrive into town, seeking his Grandchilde, still visibly beaten up after the events. It will be up to the Coterie and Council how they will proceed. I have a feeling they will probably swing Anarch, but not all the council might be onboard with that. Should be interesting to watch. If they do go Anarch, do they spread it to the rest of the Marches. I know the Brujah of Bisbee and Cochise County will join the Anarchs, but the vampires in Sonora, if they join the Marches would not join the Anarchs.


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            Sabbat Attack

            One of the reasons that Ragman came to Tucson was seeking his grandsire, Mattias. He knew that Mattias was one of the few people that could help him defeat his Sire, Vittorio, who had defected to the Sabbat and made a game of stalking and messing with Ragman, hoping one day to break him and bring him into the Sabbat as well. Mattias is in torpor some deep below Tucson, and Ragman has been drilling and mining passages trying under Tucson trying to find him. Previous Sabbat attacks on the city have been spearheaded as a way to mess with Sergio, but those died down once he was declared dead. Vittorio will now spear head the incursions into Tucson, with the express purpose to mess with Ragman, this first one will probably cause the death of Ragman's childe. The will urge him to redouble his efforts to find Mattias. Eventually I foresee the underground tunnel system forming a workable subcity that can be used as an escape from the Second Inquisition.


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              A few days after the council meeting, Selena made a report to Renee about her interactions with the unaligned vampires and most of the new comers. One of the things brought up was placing Gemma as Malkavian Primogen. She, being a Daughter of Cacophony, doesn't seek the limelight and leader ship role. She is much more adept at handling things than people. Renee did this purposefully, to test the Malks, as she hasn't had much interaction with them. It was decided that after the 6 month trial, a different Malkavian would be designated to be Primogen. Also, Selena was able to learn that Madigan was having not luck in getting his own Elysium established. His first idea bombed thoroughly, and his second idea, a Tea House, well, a moonshine still next door exploded and caught that section of the block on fire, burning down his tea house. He knew he had been brought into the city to act as Keeper, but wasn't expecting to take on the roll of Primogen as well. He is better suited for the Primogen roll, and actually better suited to be Sheriff, as he was a Hound back in Denver. Renee found this amusing, because she had been trying to figure out a way to alleviate him of his Keeper position, while letting him save face, so a transition to Gemma as Keeper will work out well. Selena is also being looked at for Primogen of the Menagerie, as Renee calls them.

              Some world events going on also. in 1921, after the 10 year negotiated time of territorial holding by USA of the northern Mexican states, the USA holds votes in the territories, allowing them to remain as US recognized territories. Voting is nearly unanimous for the territories of Baja Norte and Baja Sur, with 85% of participants wishing to remain in the USA. The territory of Sonora, the section south of Arizona has a 70% turn out for the vote, and it passes with a 65%. Through the actions of Phoenix, AZ, partially guided by the Tremere there, a section of norther Sonora is annexed by the state of Arizona. The southern border of Arizona runs in a more or less flat continuous line, starting from from the New Mexico border in the east out west to the Gulf of California, a few miles east of Puerto Penasco. One of the major side effects of this, other than giving Arizona that ocean front property they have always wanted, is the cities along that border that were formerly separated by the border are now joined together. There is now one Nogales Arizona, with the town of Nogales, Sonora joining it. The towns of Naco, AZ and Naco, Sonora, which say some brutal fighting during the Border War, are united. Douglas, AZ and Agua Preata remain separated cities, but work together to share some municipality connections. This new area was originally going to be Gadsden County, but it is renamed to be Pinacate County after a set of volcanic peaks that dominate part of the western side. The territory of Chihuahua, south of New Mexico, has a roughly 70% turn out, with a 58% vote for remaining a territory. The occupied territories south of Texas are more divided, as they were several separate sections of Mexican states before the occupation. There is barely a 50% turn out for the vote, but it does pass with nearly 90% yes, as a campaign by some to boycott the vote is implemented. The new territory cuts across from Brownsville, TX, and goes west to the cities of Monterrey and Guadalupe. this will become similar to how El Paso, TX is, a border city and major trade hub. Monterrey is part of the territory of Coahulia, while Guadalupe remains part of Mexico in the remains of Nuevo Leon. From there the border meanders north west to meet up with the territorial line of Chihuahua. Upon acceptance as permanent territories of the USA, some of them begin to petition for recognized statehood.

              So that is about it for the downtime interludes of the players. After that 6 month trial period, the council will be adjusted again, and when the dust settles, with there being 12 council position, it will be recommended for a 13th position to be formed. Most likely Venus will be recommended as Chancellor, or Keeper of the Boons. Her meticulous note taking and attention to detail as well as her near eidetic memory will allow her to keep track of the flow of boons between the kindred of the city as well as relationship with the neighboring territories. She will also act as emissary outside of the city when needed and escort visiting dignitaries and kindred of importance while they are in Tucson.

              Tonight I will try and knock out some more of the down time project rolls as our game session will be tomorrow, so I should have some major updates over the weekend as uptime begins.


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                Lasombra Antitribu were the first Clan I played and they always have a place in my hearth, glad to see them so crucial: Selena is an awesome character.

                How do you manage the downtime? If I understand well, you zoom from year to year between sessions.

                Keep going, really a detailed and wonderful setting, I especially like the refugee dynamics, lots of potential tensions there.


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                  Originally posted by Manfr View Post
                  Lasombra Antitribu were the first Clan I played and they always have a place in my hearth, glad to see them so crucial: Selena is an awesome character.

                  How do you manage the downtime? If I understand well, you zoom from year to year between sessions.

                  Keep going, really a detailed and wonderful setting, I especially like the refugee dynamics, lots of potential tensions there.
                  Hey, thanks for reading!

                  Yes, I've always liked them too. The fact that their V5 counterpart will be in the Chicago book has interesting implications.

                  As for down time we do the following based off the Projects system in V5.

                  Originally I had each character pick a thing they wanted to learn during a 10 year stretch of downtime; a background, discipline or skill usually, but working up humanity or willpower would work too. Then they would get a roll based on what they were doing. "I want to learn a new dot in Animalism." "Okay, roll Animal Ken plus Stamina for your training." Their successes translated to experience towards that dot. We did that for the few two sets of down time. But it was pointed out that that system, plus our normal uptime sessions, would not put us at a power level of where I'd wanted to be at in modern day. So a downtime roll system was started up, and then we got V5 and adapted the two together.

                  Currently it works like this: Every 5 year period you can work on up to 3 personal projects. You can sacrifice one of your projects to then provide boons on up to two other projects. So most people do two of their own projects and help out with two others. We then determine the scope, which is usually 1, ie the next dot in a power. Sometimes it is more, for instance Ethan wanted to send his retainers to help the Ciudad Obregon vampires. So he risked his Retainers back ground points to gain Mawli with those vampires, also snagged that from V5. So then we determine the start roll, usually a background plus a skill/attribute. if you are receiving a boon, you get a bonus dice, you can get multiple dice in a roll, but only ever one dice from any other player per roll. The difficulty is 5 + your scope, so usually a 6. If you exceptionally succeed, you keep the dots you are risking and don't have to allocate them to the project. If you just succeed, then you loose access to the staked dots till the project is over. Failure means it doesn't take off, or you can reroll at +1 difficulty to try again. Botch means it collapses and you can't retry it till next 5 year span. So an example would be a vampire with resources 4 could use 2 dots to buy training in Firearms and then another 2 dots to pay another PC or NPC to teach them Auspex or something like that. Because those dots are then allocated while they are in training, they couldn't then buy up training in their third project. Most projects can be completed within the 5 year span, so we do the completion roll. They reroll the starting roll, modified by any changes in their stats if they were to change, against a 1 dice counter. Normally 10s do not explode on the completion roll, and we ruled that 1s do not cancel then either. The counter dice can explode. If you exceptionally succeed on the completion roll, then you reduce the EXP cost of what you were working on by 2. so an in clan discipline drops in price to current rating x 3. That makes most skills and backgrounds free. If you simply succeed, you drop the exp multiplier by 1. if you fail, you can reroll at +1 difficulty. if you don't wish to reroll, simply gain an exp for failure. If you botch the completion roll, gain exp for botching.

                  Additionally, if you roll 3 of any one number in any one dice roll, so not counting exploding 10s, then special events trigger. These can be anything from even further exp gains, or supernatural occurrences. For example, triple 5s will grant rerolls on 9s and 10s for the rest of the down time, and allow 10s to reroll on completion rolls. The Obsidian Portal page from the first post has a much more detailed write up, which I think we updated to the current system we are using.

                  With the refugees and such, the city is now kind of surrounded. They have the Brujah family to the east, and any refugees they picked up. They have the Tremere to the north, and now a volatile mix of Sabbat and/or Camarilla lands to the south. Then to the west, they have werewolves and then way farther out, they can Yuma, AZ and California. It will be interesting to see how this plays out with this batch of Uptime, with Jeremy and the Anarchs.


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                    I was sick yesterday and didn't get a chance to get the weekend's events up, and boy.. things went differently than I expected.

                    Final bit of downtime stuff. With the annexation of Pinacate County, which was a major push by the Phoenix vampires and politicians, I think Renee felt a little slighted. She set her eyes on Puerto Penasco, a small mining town recently annexed into Arizona. Historically, this small settlement would grow due to the railway connecting Baja California to the rest of Mexico. With these changes, Renee sees the ability of setting up a trading port and possible naval base, which would attract more revenue and settlement to Arizona. She set out to connect Tucson and Puerto Penasco by rail, but knew she would be going through werewolf country to do that. She negotiated with the lupines to allow the train to travel through, on the condition she would have much of that territory designated as national park of refuge status, so help keep the miners away. Additionally, Will used his influences with ASARCO and the like to keep the miners from lobbying against the national parks designation. Both of them were successful. Will, Renee and Ethan all worked on connections to the new Sonora territory. Renee helped get some forts and military bases set up, while Will arranged to have cavalry and former buffalo soldier regiments sent down to fill them. He arranged for mostly the leadership to be as little white as possible, which worked out as many of the upper brass didn't want to be assigned to such locations. They then did some major recruitment drives in the area so the bases would be majority of the surrounding population. Ethan went south himself with some of his ghoul deputies and his Bond's childe to help first hand. Hermosillo was recaptured and settled by many of the refugees from Guadalajara. Prince Bella was able to also retake Ciudad Obregon and Ethan established good ties there. Tommy worked to try and centralize some of the bandits from the area, centralized to his family's old farmstead. Ethan had no issue with this, as his Ventrue restriction allows him to only feed from people he deems as criminal. Basically anyone he would feel okay in locking up due to criminal behavior. He won't just feed of the random litterer. Selena used this time to adapt the cure and treatment for Leprosy and apply it to herself, through some blood transfusion techniques, enabling her to buy off her Disease Carrier flaw. She also worked with Nemo, trying to get him set up to travel to Phoenix and act as a mole there. Tucson is convinced that the Tremere of Phoenix are some how connected to the Sabbat Tremere, and by extension, causing Sergio to become a statue.

                    That just about put us at the end of down time, and brought us to 1944. And events continued to unfold in interesting ways.

                    One evening, a few hours after sunset, Tommy was alerted that he had a visitor at Elysium. When he went there he found his grandsire, Jeremy MacNeil, pretty well beat up. Jeremy explained about the situation with the neonate Brujah being disposed of by the Toreador Prince. Tommy's first reaction was "What did you expect.." Which threw him for a loop. He explained that once he had gotten back to the brujah, they saw his state and took that opportunity to start their rebellion, purging Los Angeles. It then rippled out from there, San Diego, Tijuana, Yuma, and cities to the north. He told Tommy that he wanted to look at the methodology of the Accords and Gadsden Marches setup to help him reign in this revolt.

                    At the same time, Renee was meeting with Prince Hector of Yuma, who had escaped the revolt in his town. He had originally passed up joining the Marches, but ask for sanctuary. As far as Hector knew, he didn't know the origin of the revolt, just that it spread quickly, and was internal to Los Angeles and the other cities. Renee called for a Primogen meeting immediately, which is where we will pick up next session.


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                      The down time project system has been taking a bit longer than I thought, as the majority of 2 full sessions and a fair amount of Discord RP consisted of down time rolls. So I'm looking to adjust the system accordingly.

                      I'm going back to 10 year span for project periods, instead of 5. I'm also upping the number of projects you can do in a span from 3 to 5, as well as increased the end of Downtime EXP boon to 5 instead of 2. You can trade one of your projects to enable a boon to be given to up to two other project rolls. Alternately you can change in the boon dice for 1 exp each. Some of the players were struggling to find worthy projects, but had things they wanted to spend EXP on.

                      With this new set up, a character could easily designate a project of learning a discipline to level 5. They apply one of their projects to the task, and are successful, reducing the multiplier cost for in clan discipline from times 5 to times 4. So that makes the 5th dot now cost 16 exp. The remaining 4 projects are turned into boon dice and then to EXP, 8 more points. Add that to their end of downtime EXP for that timeframe, 5, and they have 13 experience points to apply towards the 16 needed. Take 3 from their stash, and in 10 years, they have learned their 5th dot of a discipline.

                      I think this will work some most of the players and characters, especially like Will and Tommy who aren't currently big politicking machines. For the ones like Selena and Renee, this will still give them their opportunities to work behind the scenes and on their own ideas.

                      Looking ahead with this system as well. We will be going from 1944 into the 60s (two downtime spans) and then going to early 80s (two more down time spans). Just ahead from there to the mid-late 90s (1 more down time span) and that should put us to the "modern day" playing period. I am hoping this will help streamline it for future sessions.


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                        Also, here is a current breakdown of the city heading into 1944.

                        Mortal population : around 36,000 with another 10,000 within a one hour car ride in unincorporated villages and settlements.
                        Vampire population : 38
                        Council set up and clan populations:
                        Prince - Renee, Toreador
                        Seneschal - Ethan, Ventrue
                        Sheriff - Ragman, Nosferatu
                        Keeper of Elysium - Gemma, Malkavian (Daughter of Cacophony in disguise)
                        Brujah Primogen - Tommy, 4 total
                        Gangrel Primogen - Will, 6 total
                        Malkavian Primogen - Mary Alice, 5 total (one is Daughter of Cacophony as above)
                        Nosferatu Primogen - El Diente, 5 total (one is a Samedi)
                        Toreador Primogen - Madigan, 5 total (one is Kiasyd in disguise)
                        Tremere Primogen - Siobhan, 4 total (one is Ananasi in disguise, soon to "die") and 1 Gargoyle
                        Ventrue Primogen - Benjamin, 5 total
                        Menagerie Primogen - Selena, 4 total. Lasombra Antitribu, Assamite Sorcerer, Salubri, and free Gargoyle. Nemo, Ravnos, is not included as he is on spy business.


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                          Also, Ragman did bring up the concern there being an even number on the council, and what to do in the case of ties. The coterie responded that unless it was an immediate, pressing matter, it would be re-debated to establish a majority. In cases of emergency, the Prince, with the help of Seneschal and Sheriff. I wanted to get that established before this uptime, as I knew there would be potential for deadlock or turmoil within the council when the Anarch situation comes out. As it stands right now, Ragman, Siobhan and El Diente may very well push to go Ananrch, unless there is compelling reason not to. "War with Phoenix" is not compelling enough for many of them. Some within the council would point to this as an opportunity to remove the Phoenix threat. Benjamin, with possibly Mary Alice and her coterie, may suggest directing the anarchs towards Phoenix, seeing the Tremere over thrown, and then helping to either instill a Camarilla loyalist in his place that Tucson can get behind, or helping to lead the revolt and coming out as city leaders in the end. Jeremy is not getting the response he originally thought from Tommy, as Tommy is concerned about "Okay, you've toppled the king, who comes in next?" which is why Jeremy wants to use the Gadsden Marches and Accords ideology to help craft the Anarch Manifesto.
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                            The discord game play has been slow, partly because we are done with down time stuff and partly because I got Kingmaker and have been distracted. in the interim, I'll do some player character profiles. These are as I see the character, and anything they have talked to me about with their plans, goals and schemes. I'll start with our city's prince.

                            Renee Richelieu
                            Renee always had lofty business aspirations, which did not always jive with her status in her homeland. Coming to America helped expand her opportunities as did coming out west, where she could easily make a name for herself. Her beauty, charismatic leadership and poise drew others to her and she was able to establish the Palace as a local hotspot for drinking, dining and cavorting. Upon becoming embraced, she saw the opportunity to continue her work and see her legacy grow. To that end, she immediately grew her connections within politics. She also made several investments in areas like the railways and the burgeoning telegraph companies. As the vampire population grew over the decades, she expanded her Palace underground to accommodate the vampires and events that would soon see common use.
                            Originally she did not plan to come to Princehood, at least perhaps not so quickly as she did. When Sergio was turned into a statue, and she was perfectly fine with Ethan moving up from Sheriff to Prince. It wasn't until Francois suggested himself for position of Seneschal that she grew concerned, and threw her hat into the mix. she had not entirely unfounded concerns with a Tremere in that position, though the original vote was a tie between the surviving council members. It was the idea to bring in Ragman onto the council and establish a position for the unrepresented that swayed the vote her way. Upon becoming Prince, she worked towards the betterment of the city. She has often said she doesn't truly care where a person/vampire comes from, as long as they benefit and make the city better, she will support them. That has allowed for her to retain good will with the city and the vampires.

                            Some of her recent projects include helping fellow Toreador Pablo establish a large rodeo ground, along with a horse racing track. She has also been working behind the scenes against Prohibition, as well as working to relax Arizona laws in regard to brothels and prostitution, following Nevada's example. She almost took it personally when Phoenix became the capital of the state when it was established, and has done all she can to position Tucson to be a bigger competitor for human capital.

                            She's always been interested in the occult, having done seances at the Palace in her mortal days. With the coming of the Coven, it drew her curiosity and she entered into the blood ritual to become a member. She has also trained with Selena to learn Obtenebration, though only the first steps of knowledge. No one is aware of her growing occult power, and neither of her sources know much about the other's effects on her. If it came to light that she was bound to the Coven, it may bring up questions on her ability to continue to objectivity to rule. And it very well may not, as has been shown by Ethan and Benjamin, though that is a matter only known by about half of the council, mostly the Coterie and some of the older members.

                            Her goals right now are to see Tucson thrive and grow to be as big, if not bigger than Phoenix. She would like to see it grow into perhaps a variation on Las Vegas, having entertainment, night life and business growth. She has directed the Primogen to see to it that their members actively work for the betterment of the city.

                            Addendum note. Renee has infertile Vitae, so she is currently incapable of having childer. Only Selena knows about this, and is thinking of ways to help her to surrogate a childer or something along those lines.
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                              Nothing new over the weekend. This was our off week to play Pathfinder Reign of Winter, which will wrap up in two weeks. Time for character profile.

                              Will Brown

                              Will was a retired Buffalo Soldier, going out west to Tucson to work as a ranch hand out in the frontier settlements. His days were fairly uneventful, until the fateful night he came upon a few escaped horses and went to investigate. He was soon beset upon by a pack of vicious, oversized javalina. His future sire, Anu, had been tracking and watching him for some time. Anu had a set up with one of the other ranch hands at Will's work, to collect the blood from the slaughters and have access to it for Anu, Sergio and any other vampire that might have need. After the attack, Anu brought Will back from the brink of death, and then used him a bridge to the civilized world. She was not a very hands on tutor, leaving will to discover some things on his own. Will soon established himself as a supplier of cattle blood. He was friendly with a new comer Gangrel to the city, Estoval, until he met an unfortunate end along with Anu at the hands of the Sabbat. Will has stepped up to fill the role of Primogen, and currently leads the largest single clan of vampires within Tucson, overseeing the growth from 2 after the Sabbat attack, to a height of 8, before two went down to monitor Nogales and keep an eye on things there when Venus left.

                              He has one childe, a former Doctor of veterinary medicine from the college. Despite his bestial heritage, Will has provided a cool head on the Primogen council and moral sounding board for some of the other coterie members. Currently his goals are protection and growth of his Clan, along with maintaining safe and minimally destructive practices in regard to mining operations in and around Tucson.


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                                Oh! So something I haven't much mentioned, but was successful during downtime, was Selena's Sabbat Reeducation initiative. A Malkavian Antitribu captured in 1912 that was slated to be given to Ethan to diablurize should he wish. Selena had a much nicer idea, to try and break the brainwashing of the Sabbat. The idea being if she could do so to one of the most unruly of the clans, then her system could potentially work on anyone, and be another tool to use against the Sabbat.

                                We took inspiration for this from one of the V5 loresheets, not sure which one off the top of my head as I am not near my book. It took about 10 years for her first go around, but she was successfully able to work with him and convince him of the atrocity that is the Sabbat. She was given time to teach him of the Camarilla's ways and will soon be presenting him to the Prince and Mary Alice. So far only the Prince, Ethan and Selena (I believe) know of the Malkavian's true origins, it hasn't been decided if Mary Alice will be informed, of if he will be presented as a new comer to the city.

                                Additionally, Ragman was given embracing rights for his efforts in locating a large aquifer south of town to help keep the city's water sources well maintained. He will be presenting that childe to the Prince in due course as well.