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    Well, it was quite a politicking session. Lets see where we stand now.
    It began with Madigan bringing Francois to Selena's Night Clinic. Francois was stating that he felt alright, other than a bit hungry, and made no mention of the blood sweat or tears he was experiencing. (The virus has a mild mind control to keep you from seeing your own symptoms, but you are able to see anyone else's. Francois had shown up at Gemma's new Elysium, and only Madigan and Gemma were there at the time, they do not know that Xenia the Nosferatu was also there. Selena contacted Ethel, the Malkavian nurse who is a germaphobe, to help at the Night Clinic and help tend to Francois. She did state they were taking usual medical precautions of gloves, face cover and scrubs. She had him drink some stored blood and expend blood to see how it reacted, and all seemed normal. He is currently at day 3 of the condition, requiring a second dot of blood to rise in the evening. It is at that time that a runner from the Prince came to fetch them to the council meeting about the Anarch Revolt.
    Renee summoned Ragman and Ethan in first to speak with them first and give them the situation. Both of them expressed concern over it, with Ragman wishing to speak with the Anarchs and know the reason for the grievances. The full council was convened and the situation discussed. Prince Hector of Yuma was brought in first and explained his situation. Then Jeremy MacNeil was brought it and explained how things unfolded. He requested from them a copy of the Gadsden Accords, wanting to use them as a frame work for governance of this new territory he had. He never directly said one way or another if the Anarchs were coming to Tucson, but made no comments about stopping the surge.
    The council came to the idea of sending/directing the Anarchs to Phoenix. That city represented many of the issues the Anarchs had with treatment in California. Selena contacted Nemo in Phoenix to have him discreetly gauge reaction to an Anarch uprising. Tucson feels stuck between a rock and a hard place. They have/had Archons in the new Territory between the US and Mexico, they have Phoenix to the north and now the Anarchs out west.
    The Primogen were tasked with discussing the situation with their clans that night and gathering the following night, but presenting it in a way to not bring about their very own Anarch uprising. Most of the clans were in agreement, they were loyal to the City above the Camarilla, but many made a call for their to be decisiveness on picking a side, no playing one side against the other hoping the stay out of it or on top.
    Tommy is still not in line with his Grand Sire. He feels that they made stupid mistakes leading up to the rebellion, and have no plan for afterwards. I equate this to him looking at it from outside, as he does understand that the Brujah might very well fall in with the Anarchs should they bring the fight to Tucson's door. Fortunately there is about 200+ miles of Werewolf territory between Tucson and California.
    Benjamin did bring up an interested point to Ethan, and talked about the possibility of sending the Anarchs to Phoenix, and then Ben and/or Ethan going north and helping to quell the disturbance and retake the territory for the Camarilla, putting themselves in a potion to be prince of Phoenix. Ethan is not actually opposed to this idea, just knows it has to be played carefully.
    As best can be seen, no clear decision has been made, but the plan in general is to foment discord in Phoenix how ever possible. Tucson will also be in contact with Karl Schrekt and giving him the information they have that the Tremere of Phoenix may not all be loyal to the Camarilla, and may have strong ties tot he Sabbat. It came to that because should Prince Birch in Phoenix come down to "quell an anarch uprising in Tucson," their claim might have less weight with them being potential Sabbat vampires themselves. It will be interesting to see how it plays out.
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      As for the disease, here is where that stands.

      It is transmissible by air from Vampires to human and Vampires to Vampires. Right now, Francois is on day 4 of infection. Any human that may have been near him during that time has a chance of infection, as well as any vampire that was near him on day 3. This include Selena, Gemma, Madigan, Renee, Ethel, Xenia. They all had to make Stamina rolls at a difficulty 6 to see if they were infected. Only Ethel failed her roll. Any vampire that they were in proximity to had to make a Stamina roll at difficulty 4 to see if they were infected. Only Danah failed that roll, she was in close proximity to Selena when they spoke of how the Menagerie wanted to procced in light of the Revolt. If all proximity exposures are not exposed again a second day, and pass their second stamina check, they are immune to the disease by contact or air. The problem will come in the humans that the vampires were exposed to, like the one that came to the Night Clinic to fetch Selena and Madigan. The vampires with Herds or that feed from the same batch of humans will be at major risk of infection, with their resistance difficulties increasing greatly. Will see how this plays out over the next few nights, and if word spreads about this or the revolt, and how the Sabbat will capitalize on it.


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        Sorry about the hiatus. Game, real life and the holidays have been a bugger.

        We've had three game sessions since my last update, so I will work on getting everyone caught up and try not to miss anything.

        The quick and dirty update to bring things current is as follows:

        Half of Tucson's vampires are infected with the disease. It is both a physical and meta-physical, transmissible by auras as well as through normal cold/flu vectors.

        Karl Shrekt is in town. He arrived the day before the city was attacked.

        Half of the Coven is dead or missing. Ethel was killed in an assault on the Coven House. Mila, Xenia and Illianna were kidnapped. Illianna was rescued after her getaway vehicle was found. She was guarded by ghouls, one Anarch vampire and a werewolf. Ragman and Tommy were able to kill the werewolf.

        Xenia was kill when her get away vehicle went to the airport to escape and was shot down by Idamae, She did not know Xenia was in the plane at the time.

        Mila's get away truck went to Marana, a small township suburb north of Tucson, and flew out from there to Phoenix.

        At the time of the assault, Siobhan was at Selena's haven working on a cure, Danah was at the Night Clinic and Gemma was at her Elysium.

        While the Coven was attacked, the city lost power and phones and South Tucson was experiencing rioting and looting. Tommy, in his infinite wisdom, thought that he would need a boost to go and deal with the riots, and proceeded to drain the werewolf dry. He then spent much of the remainder of the night chasing Prince Renee around town while being Summoned. He finally burned through the blood and awoke an hour or so before dawn at his ghoul javalina farm, having destroyed and devoured his stock.

        The one anarch vampire was captured, but it seems that he was dominated, as he does not remember anything after going to sleep 3 days earlier.

        Tucson's vampires had declared open season on Phoenix, by decree of Prince Renee, (Partly due to the rating 8 vinculum she has with Mila). Nemo will be contacted soon about helping to start an uprising, and anarchs may be called in or directed there as well to remove the threat of the Tremere there.

        Selena is on the verge of curing the curse/disease, because of the aid of Karl, who is probably going to take any credit for this, if he even lets it out that this happened.

        I'll get a more blow by blow run down up soon.


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          Back once again. boy oh boy...

          So, in the aftermath of the attack on the coven, most of the vampires were in the parking lot of the Night Clinic location that Selena had. This Clinic is located in association with the Medical college, which Selena has worked heavily with. Instead of the University of Arizona in Tucson, it is St. Augustine's University, same campus and general focus, but with the residual influence of Selena.

          Anyhow, they had tracked one get a way vehicle to the night clinic, and knew that there were two others out there. Tommy took it upon himself, with how hard the combat with the werewolf had been, to juice up by drinking the werewolf. He proceeded to drain the werewolf, the one of the horses that had drawn the cart which had the blood for the clinic in it. vampires scattered. Renee drove north and used Presence to common Tommy to her to keep the general population safe. While running, she discovered that Pablo, her racetrack owning Toreador friend, was killed. She made a note to deal with that later while running from Tommy to keep him on the move. Fortunately this being the wee hours of the morning in early January, the streets themselves were relatively uncrowded.

          Madigan and Selena were able to track down one get away vehicle to the Marana municipal airport, a township just north of Tucson. It was later discovered that same night, a small plane arrived in phoenix, gassed up, and flew out going to Los Angeles.

          The following day, Selena met with Karl and he gave her the missing piece of the puzzle for the treatment. Basically the disease exists in a person's aura, and then they body contracts it. if you clear one without the other, then you get re-infected. Karl suggested aerosolizing the treatment, so that it saturates the aura and then is taken in by the body, cleansing both. They worked up a sample and tested in on Francois, and he was remarkable better within half an hour. Karl took a inoculation and then left the city, taking the notes with him. He did leave a copy for Selena.

          As people took stock after the attack, the death toll was tallied. The coven lost Mila (Siobhan's childe), Esther (the ananasi masquerading as a Tremere), and Xenia (killed in shoot out at the airport). The Toreador also lost
          Pablo, and it isn't yet determined when/how he was killed.

          Once the disease cure was administered, no vampires had died as a result of that, Francois had been infected a total of 10 days, but with the Night Clinic set up, he was able to be kept on blood. The others were as well, with nearly half the city's kindred infected at the height, but that drastically over taxed the Clinic's blood supply. Will was able to bring in some cattle blood to help shore things up, and Selena got the church to initiate a blood drive, and portion of that would end of going to replenish vampire stocks.

          After Tommy's massive screw up with the werewolf blood, he was made to personally apologies to every Ventrue in town. This has caused a bit of grumbling within the Brujah, but most realize how bad it could have been.

          Next update will cover the happenings in Phoenix.