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Tucson by Night, Build up/transition game V20 - V5

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  • Tucson by Night, Build up/transition game V20 - V5

    Greetings everyone. I thought I might put together a posting of the work I've done on my current game. Back about a decade ago I chronicled a Changeling the Lost/Dreaming cross over that was run by a friend of mine. Now here is my opportunity to post on some of my work.

    The campaign I am running is set in Tucson, AZ. We've been using the V20 ruleset. I wanted this game to focus a lot on lineage, and how it can color a vampire's view of another. I wanted to have the characters be well connected elders in the city, but I wanted them to feel like they earned what they had, instead of just selecting the dots. To that end we started the game just after the end of the Civil War. At the start of the game, Tucson had only two vampires; Sergio, a Faithful Lasombra Antitribu that kept his haven within the San Javier mission south of town, and Anu, an elder Gangrel who had kept this area as her territory since before the "discovery" of America.

    I had the players put together their characters, what they wanted to become and then designed their embraces to match. in coming posts I'll outline the PCs and the first 75 or so years of the chronicle as played so far. We have been making sure of extended down times and then integrated the Project system outlined in V5.

    Also, I have an Obsidian Portal page set up for the campaign; There is a much more detailed run down of what has happened there as we've went.

    My posting here is going to be a bit freeform, as things and ideas come to me. I am going to catch up on the back story to where we are presently in the game first, then I'll go into some goals of the game and I'll also do NPC spotlights.

    Hope you all will enjoy.
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  • SarcasticJazzHands
    Right near the start of downtime, a group of Ventrue presented themselves to Renee, and said their cousin, a werewolf, had been tracked and found to have been killed in Tucson. It was determined that the werewolf that Tommy drained was that werewolf. The Dunidae family set up shop in a fledgling retirement community south of Tucson named Green Valley. through some spying and confrontation, it is revealed that they are actually Giovanni, of the Dunsirn family, they have a cousin who is of the Fianna werewolves that came with them. She joins the local werewolves near Green Valley. Renee, in hopes to draw the Giovanni into city politics, and keep an eye on their activities grants them a position of Primogen on the council, to several members dismay and dislike.

    The coterie work on consolidating their own power bases within the city. Will claims a meat processing plant, Ethan establishes a gated community in the foot hills north of town. Selena works on establishing an occult studies department at the St Agustine's University. Renee works on following the way of Las Vegas/Nevada and establishing legalize and regulated prostitution and gambling within the state. She ropes the Giovanni into helping to fund one of the casinos as well. Tommy sets up in one of the abadond mines just outside of town.

    In 1962, Tommy hosts a centennial embracing party. He invites most everyone in the city and some of the Brujah from around the area. Word gets out, and some of the Brujah turn it into a Rave. A group of the higher ups in the AFS come, including Tommy's grandsire MacNeil, Smiling Jack, and others. Tommy's sire Butch comes in from New Orleans. Theo Bell also arrives, just a few short years into his Archonship. Fortunately the party goes off without too much of a hitch, and the brujah disperse peacefully.

    We are running through some more downtime, taking us to around 1969, when there will be the return of some old friends gone missing, some major interactions planned with the werewolves, and some potential shake ups within the primogen council.

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  • SarcasticJazzHands
    Long overdue update.

    Back at the Chantry in Phoenix. Zelda the gargoyle was sent in as a distraction and force to help get the Anarchs and Tucsonans into the Chantry. The chantry was breach and eventually a secret library was found. Within the library there was a iron archway with blood vines growing on it. one of Sebastian's advisors was down there, seemingly conducting experiments on the archway. While he is being subdued, Sebastian and the Toreador Primogen arrive. Tommy aggravated punches through the toreador and into Sebastian, and the tussle continues. Soon the archway activates, and reveals a shimmery black pool after igniting in dark fire, burning away the blood vines and melting the dirt the archway was contained in to obsidian glass.

    From the portal emerges Felix Andrade, the former prince of Phoenix, Sebastian's sire, whom everyone had see die back in the attach on Phoenix in 1912. He seemed alert, but a little subdued, but did fire off dark thaumaturgical balefire. Nemo was part of the group that infiltrated the chantry, and he started grabbing books and manuscripts to take back to Selena. During the fight with Felix, Sebastian and his childe Sasha escaped. Felix was taken down by Tommy and Will and their aggravated damage. at this point, no other tremere from the Chantry are left alive, and the only casualty on the side of the Anarchs and Tucson was Mortimer the Gangrel. Will was nearly dead form Balefire and Tommy had some wounds from it as well. The Gargoyles told the group that their service to the Phoenix chantry could be severed and them freed from their bonds if the Chantry grimoire was removed from the grounds. The book was mystically bound to the chantry, and could not be taken out of the door or by windows, so it was thrown into the portal, and the portal closed afterwards. They made chase after Sebastian and Sasha. When they caught up with them, Tommy attempted to kill Sebastian, but Vargr stopped him, saying there were answered needed, and that the Prince would need to know them. Nemo stayed at the chantry, and then loaded several crates of important looking things, along with the inactive archway.

    A few days later, back in Tucson. Benjamin escorted Tommy, Will, Sebastian and Sasha to see Renee, along with Beth, the new elected Malkavian prince of Phoenix. Sebastian and Sasha were handed over to Tucsonas a gesture of good will and cooperation from Phoenix. Benjamin said that he would be remaining in Phoenix, to help spread the idea of the Marches across the state, and acting as Magistrate of central Arizona, while Francois would remain Magistrate of Southern Arizona. Sasha was given over to Siobhan in order to allow her to sever the blood bond she had with the Phoenix Gangrel Primogen Cassius, who did survive the dragon's breath rounds and retained his position. It was negotiated with Sebastian that he could submit to being bound to Renee, Ethan or Ragman and be allowed to live. He chose Ragman, and Ragman uses his Obfuscate on Sebastian to make him appear as someone else. Sebastian is "killed" in a public execution.

    Embrace rights are awarded to most clans, some to repopulate lost people, others are rewards for their clan's service in the recent months. We then stepped into downtime.

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  • SarcasticJazzHands
    At the council meeting.

    Things were going as usual, the Tremere would taking the lead, paying the Primogen little lip service. about half an hour into the meeting, it was interupted when an underling came in, reporting that there was a disturbance at the Sheriff's haven and then the phones went dead. The Tremere sheriff went off to investigate. THe meeting continued until a pair of gunshots were heard outside, Cassius, who was the former Sheriff, was tasked with investigating it. He saw two of his Gangrel and an Anarch outside, grinned and let them in. Chaos ensued. Sebastian was wounded, but not before causing Cassius to frenzy, to which the Anarch shot him at near point blank with a dragon's breath round. The two gangrel did the same thing to the Anarch in retaliation. Using the distraction, the Toreador Primogen grabbed the Prince and they fled to the chantry.

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  • SarcasticJazzHands
    Alright, the Phoenix update.

    Nemo was already established in Phoenix as an inside mole. He reported in that there were several of the Anarchs in town, and things seemed to be moving in that direction, that something would be happening. Selena and the Prince discussed options and approached Zelda and Drudge about a plan. If Tucson kindred could infiltrate the Tremere Chantry using the cover of the Anarch fight, then evidence could be obtained against the phoenix Tremere about the suspected ties to the Tremere Antitribu and the Sabbat. Zelda and Drudge could go to Phoenix and become bound to the Phoenix Chantry and help the infiltration. In exchange, Zelda (who was already considered freed), Drudge and any Phoenix gargoyles would be allowed to have a say in their destinies in Tucson, be it to become part of the Tucson Chantry, or to be represented by the Menagerie Primogen.

    Tommy and Will were tasked with sending a strike team to Phoenix to help will the Chantry invasion. They took along the Brujah Quintin and Vargr, as well as the Gangrel Mortimer and Raquel. They traveled north seperately from the Gargoyles and ended up meeting a Gangrel sentry on the outskirts of town. The Gangrel was sympathetic to the Ananrches and contacted his primogen, Cassius, to arrange a meeting between the Tucson kindred and the Anarchs.

    Benjamin Also discussed with Ethan about the fate of Phoenix. He felt the dsire to go to Phoenix and help stabilize the city in the aftermath of the Anarchs and keep the territory part of the Camarilla. He also expressed concern with Ethan being Seneschal and Benjamin establishing himself in Phoenix that some might have concerns over the Ventrue becoming too powerhungry in the region, so hinted that Ethan step back and do what he does best, be Sheriff.

    The Delegation met with the Anarchs and Cassius. Cassius has himself and the Brujah Primogen on the side of the Anarchs. He also has Sasha Birch, descendant and childe of Sebastian Birch. Before she was embraced, she became Cassius's blood bound ghoul behind the Prince's back. When he went to embrace her and discovered it, he punsihed her by keeping her out of positions of power and by not even teaching her THaumaturgy. She is only a few years embraced, but has poured everything she can into Auspex.

    It was discussed that the attack was going to begin that night. Prince Sebastian was convening a council meeting to discuss the situation in Tucson as told by the Gargoyles, that something was ravaging the city, killing Kindred and the Gargoyles fled when the Tremere were eliminated. While the meeting was going on, the citizens were broken into teams, and paired with one of the Anarchs. They would collectively hit the havens of the major players in town, which were mostly Tremere. The Primogen council was spared from direct assault with the idea that they would be in agreement with the Anarchs once the Tremere fell. The Tucson delegation would be the group to assault the Tremere chantry.
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  • SarcasticJazzHands
    Back once again. boy oh boy...

    So, in the aftermath of the attack on the coven, most of the vampires were in the parking lot of the Night Clinic location that Selena had. This Clinic is located in association with the Medical college, which Selena has worked heavily with. Instead of the University of Arizona in Tucson, it is St. Augustine's University, same campus and general focus, but with the residual influence of Selena.

    Anyhow, they had tracked one get a way vehicle to the night clinic, and knew that there were two others out there. Tommy took it upon himself, with how hard the combat with the werewolf had been, to juice up by drinking the werewolf. He proceeded to drain the werewolf, the one of the horses that had drawn the cart which had the blood for the clinic in it. vampires scattered. Renee drove north and used Presence to common Tommy to her to keep the general population safe. While running, she discovered that Pablo, her racetrack owning Toreador friend, was killed. She made a note to deal with that later while running from Tommy to keep him on the move. Fortunately this being the wee hours of the morning in early January, the streets themselves were relatively uncrowded.

    Madigan and Selena were able to track down one get away vehicle to the Marana municipal airport, a township just north of Tucson. It was later discovered that same night, a small plane arrived in phoenix, gassed up, and flew out going to Los Angeles.

    The following day, Selena met with Karl and he gave her the missing piece of the puzzle for the treatment. Basically the disease exists in a person's aura, and then they body contracts it. if you clear one without the other, then you get re-infected. Karl suggested aerosolizing the treatment, so that it saturates the aura and then is taken in by the body, cleansing both. They worked up a sample and tested in on Francois, and he was remarkable better within half an hour. Karl took a inoculation and then left the city, taking the notes with him. He did leave a copy for Selena.

    As people took stock after the attack, the death toll was tallied. The coven lost Mila (Siobhan's childe), Esther (the ananasi masquerading as a Tremere), and Xenia (killed in shoot out at the airport). The Toreador also lost
    Pablo, and it isn't yet determined when/how he was killed.

    Once the disease cure was administered, no vampires had died as a result of that, Francois had been infected a total of 10 days, but with the Night Clinic set up, he was able to be kept on blood. The others were as well, with nearly half the city's kindred infected at the height, but that drastically over taxed the Clinic's blood supply. Will was able to bring in some cattle blood to help shore things up, and Selena got the church to initiate a blood drive, and portion of that would end of going to replenish vampire stocks.

    After Tommy's massive screw up with the werewolf blood, he was made to personally apologies to every Ventrue in town. This has caused a bit of grumbling within the Brujah, but most realize how bad it could have been.

    Next update will cover the happenings in Phoenix.

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  • SarcasticJazzHands
    Sorry about the hiatus. Game, real life and the holidays have been a bugger.

    We've had three game sessions since my last update, so I will work on getting everyone caught up and try not to miss anything.

    The quick and dirty update to bring things current is as follows:

    Half of Tucson's vampires are infected with the disease. It is both a physical and meta-physical, transmissible by auras as well as through normal cold/flu vectors.

    Karl Shrekt is in town. He arrived the day before the city was attacked.

    Half of the Coven is dead or missing. Ethel was killed in an assault on the Coven House. Mila, Xenia and Illianna were kidnapped. Illianna was rescued after her getaway vehicle was found. She was guarded by ghouls, one Anarch vampire and a werewolf. Ragman and Tommy were able to kill the werewolf.

    Xenia was kill when her get away vehicle went to the airport to escape and was shot down by Idamae, She did not know Xenia was in the plane at the time.

    Mila's get away truck went to Marana, a small township suburb north of Tucson, and flew out from there to Phoenix.

    At the time of the assault, Siobhan was at Selena's haven working on a cure, Danah was at the Night Clinic and Gemma was at her Elysium.

    While the Coven was attacked, the city lost power and phones and South Tucson was experiencing rioting and looting. Tommy, in his infinite wisdom, thought that he would need a boost to go and deal with the riots, and proceeded to drain the werewolf dry. He then spent much of the remainder of the night chasing Prince Renee around town while being Summoned. He finally burned through the blood and awoke an hour or so before dawn at his ghoul javalina farm, having destroyed and devoured his stock.

    The one anarch vampire was captured, but it seems that he was dominated, as he does not remember anything after going to sleep 3 days earlier.

    Tucson's vampires had declared open season on Phoenix, by decree of Prince Renee, (Partly due to the rating 8 vinculum she has with Mila). Nemo will be contacted soon about helping to start an uprising, and anarchs may be called in or directed there as well to remove the threat of the Tremere there.

    Selena is on the verge of curing the curse/disease, because of the aid of Karl, who is probably going to take any credit for this, if he even lets it out that this happened.

    I'll get a more blow by blow run down up soon.

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  • SarcasticJazzHands
    As for the disease, here is where that stands.

    It is transmissible by air from Vampires to human and Vampires to Vampires. Right now, Francois is on day 4 of infection. Any human that may have been near him during that time has a chance of infection, as well as any vampire that was near him on day 3. This include Selena, Gemma, Madigan, Renee, Ethel, Xenia. They all had to make Stamina rolls at a difficulty 6 to see if they were infected. Only Ethel failed her roll. Any vampire that they were in proximity to had to make a Stamina roll at difficulty 4 to see if they were infected. Only Danah failed that roll, she was in close proximity to Selena when they spoke of how the Menagerie wanted to procced in light of the Revolt. If all proximity exposures are not exposed again a second day, and pass their second stamina check, they are immune to the disease by contact or air. The problem will come in the humans that the vampires were exposed to, like the one that came to the Night Clinic to fetch Selena and Madigan. The vampires with Herds or that feed from the same batch of humans will be at major risk of infection, with their resistance difficulties increasing greatly. Will see how this plays out over the next few nights, and if word spreads about this or the revolt, and how the Sabbat will capitalize on it.

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  • SarcasticJazzHands
    Well, it was quite a politicking session. Lets see where we stand now.
    It began with Madigan bringing Francois to Selena's Night Clinic. Francois was stating that he felt alright, other than a bit hungry, and made no mention of the blood sweat or tears he was experiencing. (The virus has a mild mind control to keep you from seeing your own symptoms, but you are able to see anyone else's. Francois had shown up at Gemma's new Elysium, and only Madigan and Gemma were there at the time, they do not know that Xenia the Nosferatu was also there. Selena contacted Ethel, the Malkavian nurse who is a germaphobe, to help at the Night Clinic and help tend to Francois. She did state they were taking usual medical precautions of gloves, face cover and scrubs. She had him drink some stored blood and expend blood to see how it reacted, and all seemed normal. He is currently at day 3 of the condition, requiring a second dot of blood to rise in the evening. It is at that time that a runner from the Prince came to fetch them to the council meeting about the Anarch Revolt.
    Renee summoned Ragman and Ethan in first to speak with them first and give them the situation. Both of them expressed concern over it, with Ragman wishing to speak with the Anarchs and know the reason for the grievances. The full council was convened and the situation discussed. Prince Hector of Yuma was brought in first and explained his situation. Then Jeremy MacNeil was brought it and explained how things unfolded. He requested from them a copy of the Gadsden Accords, wanting to use them as a frame work for governance of this new territory he had. He never directly said one way or another if the Anarchs were coming to Tucson, but made no comments about stopping the surge.
    The council came to the idea of sending/directing the Anarchs to Phoenix. That city represented many of the issues the Anarchs had with treatment in California. Selena contacted Nemo in Phoenix to have him discreetly gauge reaction to an Anarch uprising. Tucson feels stuck between a rock and a hard place. They have/had Archons in the new Territory between the US and Mexico, they have Phoenix to the north and now the Anarchs out west.
    The Primogen were tasked with discussing the situation with their clans that night and gathering the following night, but presenting it in a way to not bring about their very own Anarch uprising. Most of the clans were in agreement, they were loyal to the City above the Camarilla, but many made a call for their to be decisiveness on picking a side, no playing one side against the other hoping the stay out of it or on top.
    Tommy is still not in line with his Grand Sire. He feels that they made stupid mistakes leading up to the rebellion, and have no plan for afterwards. I equate this to him looking at it from outside, as he does understand that the Brujah might very well fall in with the Anarchs should they bring the fight to Tucson's door. Fortunately there is about 200+ miles of Werewolf territory between Tucson and California.
    Benjamin did bring up an interested point to Ethan, and talked about the possibility of sending the Anarchs to Phoenix, and then Ben and/or Ethan going north and helping to quell the disturbance and retake the territory for the Camarilla, putting themselves in a potion to be prince of Phoenix. Ethan is not actually opposed to this idea, just knows it has to be played carefully.
    As best can be seen, no clear decision has been made, but the plan in general is to foment discord in Phoenix how ever possible. Tucson will also be in contact with Karl Schrekt and giving him the information they have that the Tremere of Phoenix may not all be loyal to the Camarilla, and may have strong ties tot he Sabbat. It came to that because should Prince Birch in Phoenix come down to "quell an anarch uprising in Tucson," their claim might have less weight with them being potential Sabbat vampires themselves. It will be interesting to see how it plays out.
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  • SarcasticJazzHands
    Oh! So something I haven't much mentioned, but was successful during downtime, was Selena's Sabbat Reeducation initiative. A Malkavian Antitribu captured in 1912 that was slated to be given to Ethan to diablurize should he wish. Selena had a much nicer idea, to try and break the brainwashing of the Sabbat. The idea being if she could do so to one of the most unruly of the clans, then her system could potentially work on anyone, and be another tool to use against the Sabbat.

    We took inspiration for this from one of the V5 loresheets, not sure which one off the top of my head as I am not near my book. It took about 10 years for her first go around, but she was successfully able to work with him and convince him of the atrocity that is the Sabbat. She was given time to teach him of the Camarilla's ways and will soon be presenting him to the Prince and Mary Alice. So far only the Prince, Ethan and Selena (I believe) know of the Malkavian's true origins, it hasn't been decided if Mary Alice will be informed, of if he will be presented as a new comer to the city.

    Additionally, Ragman was given embracing rights for his efforts in locating a large aquifer south of town to help keep the city's water sources well maintained. He will be presenting that childe to the Prince in due course as well.

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  • SarcasticJazzHands
    Nothing new over the weekend. This was our off week to play Pathfinder Reign of Winter, which will wrap up in two weeks. Time for character profile.

    Will Brown

    Will was a retired Buffalo Soldier, going out west to Tucson to work as a ranch hand out in the frontier settlements. His days were fairly uneventful, until the fateful night he came upon a few escaped horses and went to investigate. He was soon beset upon by a pack of vicious, oversized javalina. His future sire, Anu, had been tracking and watching him for some time. Anu had a set up with one of the other ranch hands at Will's work, to collect the blood from the slaughters and have access to it for Anu, Sergio and any other vampire that might have need. After the attack, Anu brought Will back from the brink of death, and then used him a bridge to the civilized world. She was not a very hands on tutor, leaving will to discover some things on his own. Will soon established himself as a supplier of cattle blood. He was friendly with a new comer Gangrel to the city, Estoval, until he met an unfortunate end along with Anu at the hands of the Sabbat. Will has stepped up to fill the role of Primogen, and currently leads the largest single clan of vampires within Tucson, overseeing the growth from 2 after the Sabbat attack, to a height of 8, before two went down to monitor Nogales and keep an eye on things there when Venus left.

    He has one childe, a former Doctor of veterinary medicine from the college. Despite his bestial heritage, Will has provided a cool head on the Primogen council and moral sounding board for some of the other coterie members. Currently his goals are protection and growth of his Clan, along with maintaining safe and minimally destructive practices in regard to mining operations in and around Tucson.

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  • SarcasticJazzHands
    The discord game play has been slow, partly because we are done with down time stuff and partly because I got Kingmaker and have been distracted. in the interim, I'll do some player character profiles. These are as I see the character, and anything they have talked to me about with their plans, goals and schemes. I'll start with our city's prince.

    Renee Richelieu
    Renee always had lofty business aspirations, which did not always jive with her status in her homeland. Coming to America helped expand her opportunities as did coming out west, where she could easily make a name for herself. Her beauty, charismatic leadership and poise drew others to her and she was able to establish the Palace as a local hotspot for drinking, dining and cavorting. Upon becoming embraced, she saw the opportunity to continue her work and see her legacy grow. To that end, she immediately grew her connections within politics. She also made several investments in areas like the railways and the burgeoning telegraph companies. As the vampire population grew over the decades, she expanded her Palace underground to accommodate the vampires and events that would soon see common use.
    Originally she did not plan to come to Princehood, at least perhaps not so quickly as she did. When Sergio was turned into a statue, and she was perfectly fine with Ethan moving up from Sheriff to Prince. It wasn't until Francois suggested himself for position of Seneschal that she grew concerned, and threw her hat into the mix. she had not entirely unfounded concerns with a Tremere in that position, though the original vote was a tie between the surviving council members. It was the idea to bring in Ragman onto the council and establish a position for the unrepresented that swayed the vote her way. Upon becoming Prince, she worked towards the betterment of the city. She has often said she doesn't truly care where a person/vampire comes from, as long as they benefit and make the city better, she will support them. That has allowed for her to retain good will with the city and the vampires.

    Some of her recent projects include helping fellow Toreador Pablo establish a large rodeo ground, along with a horse racing track. She has also been working behind the scenes against Prohibition, as well as working to relax Arizona laws in regard to brothels and prostitution, following Nevada's example. She almost took it personally when Phoenix became the capital of the state when it was established, and has done all she can to position Tucson to be a bigger competitor for human capital.

    She's always been interested in the occult, having done seances at the Palace in her mortal days. With the coming of the Coven, it drew her curiosity and she entered into the blood ritual to become a member. She has also trained with Selena to learn Obtenebration, though only the first steps of knowledge. No one is aware of her growing occult power, and neither of her sources know much about the other's effects on her. If it came to light that she was bound to the Coven, it may bring up questions on her ability to continue to objectivity to rule. And it very well may not, as has been shown by Ethan and Benjamin, though that is a matter only known by about half of the council, mostly the Coterie and some of the older members.

    Her goals right now are to see Tucson thrive and grow to be as big, if not bigger than Phoenix. She would like to see it grow into perhaps a variation on Las Vegas, having entertainment, night life and business growth. She has directed the Primogen to see to it that their members actively work for the betterment of the city.

    Addendum note. Renee has infertile Vitae, so she is currently incapable of having childer. Only Selena knows about this, and is thinking of ways to help her to surrogate a childer or something along those lines.
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  • SarcasticJazzHands
    Also, Ragman did bring up the concern there being an even number on the council, and what to do in the case of ties. The coterie responded that unless it was an immediate, pressing matter, it would be re-debated to establish a majority. In cases of emergency, the Prince, with the help of Seneschal and Sheriff. I wanted to get that established before this uptime, as I knew there would be potential for deadlock or turmoil within the council when the Anarch situation comes out. As it stands right now, Ragman, Siobhan and El Diente may very well push to go Ananrch, unless there is compelling reason not to. "War with Phoenix" is not compelling enough for many of them. Some within the council would point to this as an opportunity to remove the Phoenix threat. Benjamin, with possibly Mary Alice and her coterie, may suggest directing the anarchs towards Phoenix, seeing the Tremere over thrown, and then helping to either instill a Camarilla loyalist in his place that Tucson can get behind, or helping to lead the revolt and coming out as city leaders in the end. Jeremy is not getting the response he originally thought from Tommy, as Tommy is concerned about "Okay, you've toppled the king, who comes in next?" which is why Jeremy wants to use the Gadsden Marches and Accords ideology to help craft the Anarch Manifesto.
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  • SarcasticJazzHands
    Also, here is a current breakdown of the city heading into 1944.

    Mortal population : around 36,000 with another 10,000 within a one hour car ride in unincorporated villages and settlements.
    Vampire population : 38
    Council set up and clan populations:
    Prince - Renee, Toreador
    Seneschal - Ethan, Ventrue
    Sheriff - Ragman, Nosferatu
    Keeper of Elysium - Gemma, Malkavian (Daughter of Cacophony in disguise)
    Brujah Primogen - Tommy, 4 total
    Gangrel Primogen - Will, 6 total
    Malkavian Primogen - Mary Alice, 5 total (one is Daughter of Cacophony as above)
    Nosferatu Primogen - El Diente, 5 total (one is a Samedi)
    Toreador Primogen - Madigan, 5 total (one is Kiasyd in disguise)
    Tremere Primogen - Siobhan, 4 total (one is Ananasi in disguise, soon to "die") and 1 Gargoyle
    Ventrue Primogen - Benjamin, 5 total
    Menagerie Primogen - Selena, 4 total. Lasombra Antitribu, Assamite Sorcerer, Salubri, and free Gargoyle. Nemo, Ravnos, is not included as he is on spy business.

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  • SarcasticJazzHands
    The down time project system has been taking a bit longer than I thought, as the majority of 2 full sessions and a fair amount of Discord RP consisted of down time rolls. So I'm looking to adjust the system accordingly.

    I'm going back to 10 year span for project periods, instead of 5. I'm also upping the number of projects you can do in a span from 3 to 5, as well as increased the end of Downtime EXP boon to 5 instead of 2. You can trade one of your projects to enable a boon to be given to up to two other project rolls. Alternately you can change in the boon dice for 1 exp each. Some of the players were struggling to find worthy projects, but had things they wanted to spend EXP on.

    With this new set up, a character could easily designate a project of learning a discipline to level 5. They apply one of their projects to the task, and are successful, reducing the multiplier cost for in clan discipline from times 5 to times 4. So that makes the 5th dot now cost 16 exp. The remaining 4 projects are turned into boon dice and then to EXP, 8 more points. Add that to their end of downtime EXP for that timeframe, 5, and they have 13 experience points to apply towards the 16 needed. Take 3 from their stash, and in 10 years, they have learned their 5th dot of a discipline.

    I think this will work some most of the players and characters, especially like Will and Tommy who aren't currently big politicking machines. For the ones like Selena and Renee, this will still give them their opportunities to work behind the scenes and on their own ideas.

    Looking ahead with this system as well. We will be going from 1944 into the 60s (two downtime spans) and then going to early 80s (two more down time spans). Just ahead from there to the mid-late 90s (1 more down time span) and that should put us to the "modern day" playing period. I am hoping this will help streamline it for future sessions.

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