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Tucson by Night, Build up/transition game V20 - V5

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  • Tucson by Night, Build up/transition game V20 - V5

    Greetings everyone. I thought I might put together a posting of the work I've done on my current game. Back about a decade ago I chronicled a Changeling the Lost/Dreaming cross over that was run by a friend of mine. Now here is my opportunity to post on some of my work.

    The campaign I am running is set in Tucson, AZ. We've been using the V20 ruleset. I wanted this game to focus a lot on lineage, and how it can color a vampire's view of another. I wanted to have the characters be well connected elders in the city, but I wanted them to feel like they earned what they had, instead of just selecting the dots. To that end we started the game just after the end of the Civil War. At the start of the game, Tucson had only two vampires; Sergio, a Faithful Lasombra Antitribu that kept his haven within the San Javier mission south of town, and Anu, an elder Gangrel who had kept this area as her territory since before the "discovery" of America.

    I had the players put together their characters, what they wanted to become and then designed their embraces to match. in coming posts I'll outline the PCs and the first 75 or so years of the chronicle as played so far. We have been making sure of extended down times and then integrated the Project system outlined in V5.

    Also, I have an Obsidian Portal page set up for the campaign; There is a much more detailed run down of what has happened there as we've went.

    My posting here is going to be a bit freeform, as things and ideas come to me. I am going to catch up on the back story to where we are presently in the game first, then I'll go into some goals of the game and I'll also do NPC spotlights.

    Hope you all will enjoy.
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    Player Characters

    Will, Gangrel. A former Buffalo Soldier, currently working as a ranch hand at one of the cattle ranches outside of town. Unknown to him, Anu had a ghoul at the ranch that helped to harvest cattle blood for her and Sergio.

    Rene, Toreador. Madame of The Palace, a local saloon/brothel.

    Ethan, Ventrue. Town Sheriff.

    Tommy, Brujah. Local bandit.

    Selena, Lasombra Antitribu. Nun in training.
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      The initial game session involved a Sabbat raid on the city. Ethan and Rene were at The Palace at the start, Selena was at the clinic treating a patient. Will was riding patrol at the ranch and Tommy was hiding out at his cousin's ranch house.

      Will was working to track down some lost cattle when he was beset by Anu's pack of ghouled javalina. She was testing him, as she sensed that major changes were coming to the area, and wanted someone with closer ties to civilization to act as her agent. After his horse was tripped up and he was dismounted, she pounced upon him and embraced him.

      Tommy was at the ranch house when there was a knock at the door. A gentleman was at the door, claiming to be lost and looking for Tucson. Tommy sensed an easy mark and offered to lead him back into town with the thought of robbing him. This gentleman turned out to Dutch, childe of Jeremy MacNeil, and ended up attacking Tommy in a mild hunger induced frenzy. Jeremy forced his childe to embrace Tommy, as he knew it would be nice to have another pit stop in the area while they traveled back and forth between Texas and California.

      While those two events are happening, a trio of new comers to town show up at the Palace, as well as an out of town Texas Ranger. Ethan immediately strikes up conversation with the Ranger, Samuel Travis. He is tracking the movements of the trio and enlists Ethan's aid while he is in town. One of the trio slips out while not being observed, while the other two partake of cards. when all hell broke loose in the saloon, Rene was stolen upstairs by one of the trio and though able to fight back some, was killed and embraced by a Toreador Antitribu. Ethan was gravely wounded in the fire fight and Samuel chose to embrace him, to have a foot hold and contact in the area.

      The third member of the trio had slunk off and found Selena at the clinic. He attacked her and embraced her, making her a Lasombra, leaving her in a almost hunger frenzy to attack the boy she had been treating. Once Sergio, Anu, Will and Tommy arrived into town, the third member of the trio was cornered, and in a fit of righteous fury, turned into a pillar of salt by Sergio. It was then revealed that it was Sergio's Childe that had embraced Selena.

      Over the next few weeks, the Tucson population of vampires had suddenly boomed, and the neonates settled in with their guides to help learn the traditions and ways of the Camarilla. Previously there had not really been a formal Camarilla presence, mostly a lack of Sabbat presence.


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        At this point we run some down time. Tucson's Vampire population stabilizes at 10 or so, still no formal leadership framework for the city. A second major Sabbat incursion occurs about 20 years after that start of the game, in 1882, centered around the newly established rail yard. When the coterie tracked down the missing train, they discover it near one of the mines, when they try and rescue some of the mortal that are on board, two of the train cars reveal to be horrendously modified vozhd. The coterie is clearly out classed, until a pack of werewolves reveal themselves and attack the train cars. Once they are dispatched, Selena uses here medical knowledge to help rescue an injured kinfolk, earning some grudging respect from the pack. The bodies of the vozhd are stored deep in the mine and Will begins the work of infiltrating the mining company and keeping tabs on it to keep that under lock and key.

        During the next section of down time, more influences are gained by the coterie. Tommy has a number of bandit connections, especially with rail road raiders. Rene works on increasing her influence in Tucson's government and politics. Ethan increases his overseeing of the law enforcement of Tucson, maintaining some ghouls in various positions. Selena works on her medical and religious contacts. Will grows more knowledgeable of the wildlife in the area and also the mines.

        The next uptime occurs in about 1890. The coterie is approached by a Yaqui woman who was there at the battle of the train cars. She warns them that unusual things may happen in the coming days revolving around the spirit world. It is later revealed by her nephew that she and others of the pack went off to fight a great evil, and she lost her life to seal it away (The Eater of Storms event from Werewolf). The vampires of Tucson have grown to about 15 or so, and there is talk about formally stating inclusion within the Camarilla. Discussions are had by the coterie, Anu and Sergio. Anu is the eldest, but wants nothing to do with the politics. Sergio is the next choice to lead the city, and grudgingly accepts such responsibility. There is concern over his clan lineage, and so some research is done and the name Karl Schrekt comes up as a possibly sympathetic ear. (This came up before I had read BJD and knew of what import he was going to be.) He is contacted and invited to Tucson. Negotiations are had, and a compromise is reached. Since many of the vampires in Tucson have some connection, all be it tenuous, to the Sabbat, Karl would leave his childe, Francois, to help oversee things. All vampire residence would submit to surrendering a sample of their blood, which the Tremere could test should the need arise. Ethan and Rene were tasked with keeping the blood safe, if Francois should ever need it.

        The city Hierarchy became Sergio as Prince with Selena as his Herald. Rene stood as Toreador Primogen and Keeper of Elysium. Ethan, whom had during downtime developed a recipricol blood bond to one of his Sire's other childer, Benjamin, took on the roll of Scheneshal, while Benjamin became Ventrue Primogen. Will took on Gangrel primogen, because Anu wanted nothing to do with it. Tommy stood in as Brujah primogen. Currently there are hardly any Nosferatu or Malkavian presence in the city. Francois would remain in the city as Karl's voice and acting Sheriff.
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          The next batch of uptime would take place in 1912, when Arizona officially became a state and the capital was moved from Tucson to Phoenix. Rene had been trying to use her influence to keep the capital in Tucson, but efforts by the Tremere of Phoenix probably derailed any such plan. ((One of the Phoenix Tremere is a Goldwater)). Tucson's vampire population is now around 16 or so, with a Malkavian and a Nosferatu having also taken up residence. The Prince of Phoenix called the leaders of Arizona together to celebrate and issue an announcement. Sergio, Rene, Tommy and MacNeil attended the event in Tucson's place. It was at this time that a coordinated attack on both cities by the Sabbat began. While under attack, Selena used a small Shadow Sorcery bauble to alert Sergio of the trouble. He and the others disappeared through a shadow portal just as they heard gunshots at the grand estate in Phoenix.
          Several major events occurred during the attack on Tucson, and I'm probably going to get the order mixed up. That first night of the attack, Anu and Estoval, a Gangrel both on patrol were ambushed and killed by 3 Sabbat packs. Only one pack make it out alive. One of those pack fleshcrafted/obfuscated to appear as Mortimer to mess with the citizens. It is discovered that Francois's child may have some how been involved in the attack, much to his surprise. Sergio is able to dominate him to reveal if he had any knowledge of the betrayal, to which he has none. Selena and others are confronted with a vampire that looks exactly like her Sire, and have much power, able to dominate Ragman, the Nosferatu, and attempts to have Selena use her nascent Daimonion power, revealing her lineage to be of the Angelis Ater. They are able to rescued and the unknown "sire" duplicate flees, after capturing Rene and Tommy. They go to check on the salt pillar and discover it is still there. It is revealed that Selena's sire was actually the twin brother of Sergio's child, making Selena Sergio's Great Grandchilde, not Grandchilde as originally thought. There was some confusion on this as he didn't show any lines of diablurie. During the battle to rescue Rene and Tommy, most of the Sabbat are killed, and only through an extreme act of faith, is Sergio able to call down holy fire to obliterate his childe. The backlash from this causes him to solidify into an obsidian statue, which is enough to then break the salt pillar state of Selena's actual sire, whom Tommy had come across while waiting to ambush the Sabbat. He attacks Tommy but is subdued and staked.
          The coterie and some of the more powerful members of the city and council convene. There are grave concerns about another Sabbat attack, as well as any sort of efforts from Phoenix, as the suspicions and rumors would be running rampant that the Lasombra Antitribu prince fled just as an attack was taking place. Ethan offers to step in as Prince, as is his duty as Seneschal. Knowing the fallout with the Tremere up north, Francois puts in his name to step in as Seneschal, being the childe of an Archon, and the same clan as Phoenix leadership, he thinks it could help stay any possible retaliation on their part. Rene has grave concerns about such, as does Tommy, knowing that if it comes to light that his childe was part of the attacks, he would very well be in danger, and is only siding with them to save his own skin. Rene calls for a vote of the surviving council of primogen, which comes up as a tie. Upon further discussion, it is decided that there should be a Primogen representative for those that have non, and it would require a population of 4 or more of a given clan to earn a palce upon the council. Ragman is decided to be the Unaligned Primogen, and is made to cast the deciding vote, putting Rene as Prince, Ethan remains as Seneschal. Damage control is done the rest of the night, and calls and telegraphs are placed to nearby Camarilla cities, asking for vampires that wish to relocate, specifically, Rene seeks another Toreador from Denver to act as Keeper and Primogen since she is now Prince, Ethan sends word to his Sire who is now well established in San Joaquim, TX. The following night a delegation from Phoenix arrives, and it is learned that the Prince of Phoenix is dead. Sebastian has taken his place. He reveals the former Prince's goal of uniting the entire state under one fiefdom, with Phoenix as the main city, and all others are vassal kingdoms. With all the unrest that has gone on, Sebastian intend to follow through with such a plan, claiming they northern cities have all agreed to such in the aftermath of the attack. He offers Tucson one week to decide.
          During this time, Selena has been interrogating her actual sire, trying to learn what she can. She is able to determine that his brother used multiple layers and years of Conditioning to ensure his loyalty, and based on previous talked with Sergio when he was around, probably the only way to gain any useful information would be through Diablurie and sifting through the unlocked memories. Selena takes such a duty upon herself, knowing that she already has the corruptive influence of Daimonion and is unwilling to allow others to be forced to contend with that. She chickens out towards the end, and the sire's soul gains control (Botched roll). In her body, he goes back to Elysium, to try and sow more discord among the inhabitants, but the erratic behavior is noticed by Francois, who pulled out some wicked ability and is able to rip out the soul of the sire, allowing Selena to reassert her dominance of her own body. She reveals what memory fragments she could, namely that the Angelis Ater and the Tremere Antitribu were working in conjunction, and based off names she was able to recall, they determine that Sebastion and his sire are of the same blood lineage going back to Goratrix, and all of the names discovered are also decendants of him as well through one specific 5th generation vampire. Paranoia run rampant at such news, and ideas are discussed about how to proceed with Sebastian's declaration.
          Selena is able to present the idea, using Sebastian's old world terminology, of creating a Marchland, a border territory between waring factions. it is decided that the Gadsden Marches will be created, using roughly the same area gained during the Gadsden Purchase. The idea being that a Margrave would control that territory, and nominally report to Sebastian in Phoenix, but the cities within the Marches would be self contained. Only having a few days time to travel, they look at major population centers in southern Arizona, and break up to travel to find any other vampires and invite them to join the Marches and support them, and not Phoenix.
          Through their explorations they are able to meet a Malkavian, Venus, the only vampire that lives in Nogales, AZ who has a stable relationship with the two werewolf caerns in the area. She was tasked with watching the border by her Sire, who then later dis appeared and has not returned, ((He has in fact forgotten he did so, doing this same thing in periodic cycles, as part of his weakness. They meet a pair of Gangrel in Wilcox, a Nosferatu and a Toreador in Benson, and a Ventrue and Gangrel in Tombstone. They find a group of 4 Brujah in Bisbee, and another 4 vampires in Douglas, led by a Tremere named Siobhan. The city is Yuma is deemed to be too far away to travel to and return by the time Sebastian would return. All of the vamipres met express interest in the Marches, some of them even offering to come and visit Tucson formally when Phoenix comes. During this time the delegation from Denver arrives, Mary Alice the Malkavian, Madigan the Toreador and Chester the Gangrel. Harvey the Ventrue arrives from Texas as well.
          When Sebastian does arrive, the Marches are proposed, and reluctantly agreed to. Francois is declared the Margrave of the territory, which allows Rene to remain prince of Tucson. Behind the scenes discussion between them reveals that Francois hopes one day to become an Archon like his Sire, and controlling the Marches would do well to help ensure that. That also gets a potential threat and obstacle out of Rene's way. After the Marchland Accords are arranged, it is learned that the vampires of Douglas and Bisbee are territorial rivals, something which Margrave Francois will have to deal with. At this point, the population of Tucson's vampires reaches about 22.


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            Okay, back to it. We are almost caught up to where we are actually in game. Currently we are working through the downtime between 1912 and 1944 for the Anarch Revolt. I figure this will play heavily with the group, since Tommy is Jeremy MacNeil's grandchilde.

            So at this time we have a few events happening in the back ground. Mexico is in a statue of civil unrest/war, coinciding with the Sabbat Civil War. In our game, Rene has opted to take advantage of this, and used her influences to help bolster the Border War effort. Through her actions, America invaded Mexico earlier then they actually did, in search of Pancho Villa. They also sent a larger force and had orders to occupy territory, not just chase Pancho Villa from raid to raid. America was able to occupy the Mexican states of Sonora, Chihuahua and parts of several states south of Texas. Of course World War 1 is going on now as well, and Germany has been enticing Mexico to help distract America and keep them out of the events in Europe. Once America discovers German involvement, further blockades and territorial gains occur, and after intervention by Argentina, Brazil and Chile, The ABC countries, a tentative truce is reached. The captured territories of Baja, Sonora, Chihuahua and those south of Texas will remain territory of the USA for a period of 10 years. Because America does join WW1, the negotiations for the status of the territory will not begin for 5 years after the Border War was finished, in 1923.

            We've been using a modified project system from V5 to cover what people are working on in down time, and working on it in 5 year chunks. So far we have worked through two of them, putting us around 1922. Major down time events that have occurred with the end of the Border wars and Mexican Civil War brought the end of the Sabbat Civil war as well. They have gone on a tear through Mexico, claiming and reclaiming territory. This has caused a large number of Camarilla refugees to come fleeing north. Venus of Nogales contacted Tucson about a group of 40 or so refugees that are in Nogales. Rene tells them that any of them that wish to come to Tucson will have to submit to the blood pact, handing over a vial of blood to kept on hand should any funny business happen. Anyone that is unwilling to do so is offered transportation at Rene's expense to another destination for them to make their case for asylum. A total of only 17 vampires seem willing to make such a bargin, and so right now Rene is hosting them in small groups to vet them and decide who should be allowed to come into Tucson.


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              So far the Refugees are as follows:
              El Diente, a Nosferatu. He had been keeping his domain in the catacombs under Hermosillo, but when refuges started pouring in, he set them up and went looking for survivors. He has taken a lead position representing the interests of the refugees. He is missing one of his vampire fangs, but has the tooth of the Tzimisce that too his around his neck.
              Elaina, El Diente's childe. She will stand with him, and follow where he goes.
              Perra, a Gargoyle. Ciudad Obregon was formerly a Camarilla city, and when refugees came to Hermosillo, El Diente returned to find more survivors. He found Perra at the remains of the chantry, she was being dismembered, and he dispatched the 2 fledgling Sabbat that had been tasked with destroying her and the chantry. She has pledged herself to El Diente and has a small cache of tomes from the chantry with her. No Tremere survived the attack.
              Nemo, unknown clan. Probable shovelhead that El Diente picked up while finding survivors.

              Bella, a Toreador. Former Prince of Ciudad Obregon. Able to escape due to the actions of her Sheriff and more martially oriented Primogen. Less than half of the population of Ciudad Obregon survived.
              Cera, a Toreador. Bella's childe, Toreador Primogen.
              Grendel, a Nosferatu. Bella's Seneschal. Was able to cloak the survivors during their escape.
              Ix, a Malkavian. Primogen of Cuidad Obregon.

              Citlali, a Toreador. From Guadalajara.
              Irepani, a Ventrue. From Guadalajara.
              Tazo', a Brujah. From Guadalajara.
              Hombre, a Brujah, Tazo's Sire.
              Sonia, a Gangrel. From Guadalajara.

              Alonso, a Malkavian. He is either the man that Miquel De Cervantes based Don Quixote about, or his derangement has taken on that story as his own life and how he views the world.
              Illianna, currently a Caitiff. She was only embraced 2 weeks ago, has no idea who embraced her, woke up in the middle of a raid and was rescued to El Diente.
              Enriquez, a Ventrue. He is from the city of Chihuahua, and assumes because he is venture the rules don't apply to him. He is waiting for the Brujah and Gangrel (Brutes and Beasts as he calls them,) to retake the city so he can return to his formerly posh unlifestyle.
              Raquel, a Gangrel. Her sire was killed when Chihuahua was invade, and is less than a year undead, so was not tasked with helping to retake the city. Currently Tucson thinks there is some shadey dealings from Enriquez towards Raquel, but mostly it is His vanity feeling that the neonate from his city should be following him. He will not be staying in Tucson longer than a day to arrange passage to El Paso.
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                So based on which of the Refugees are welcomed into Tucson as permanent residents, the Primogen council will surely change. Right now, there are only 3 Nosferatu and 3 Malkavians, not allowing them to have clan representation. I am assuming that at least one of each will be welcomed in, which would mean that a Caitiff or Unaligned Primogen would need to be established, since some Primogen members might take offence with another clan gaining more represented members than them with the Caitiff. I foresee the following set up:

                Prince - Rene
                Seneschal - Ethan
                Sheriff - Ragman
                Keeper of Elysium - May change from Madigan to one of the Coven members that moved in from Douglas.
                Brujah Primogen - Tommy
                Gangrel Primogen - Will
                Malkavian Primogen - If enough join, Mary Alice from Denver.
                Nosferatu Primogen - Ragman, if enough new Nosferatu join
                Toreador Primogen - Madigan
                Tremere Primogen - Siobhan
                Ventrue Primogen - Benjamin
                Caitiff Primogen - If needed, could be Selena


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                  Things I am looking down the road at:

                  Right now, I have the plan for the next uptime to be 1944, the Anarch rebellion, a Sabbat attack and the aftermath of that.
                  Next uptime would be in the late '60s, again, following another massive Sabbat push into Anarch territory.
                  Early 90's would be next era. Based on what Rene is doing with the city, it could very well rival Vegas as a tourist stop. I am planning on taking events that occurred in canon in Chicago and applying them to Tucson instead, that will allow when we transition to modern day V5 game, I can use the upcoming Chicago book for inspirational help. The early 90s event will be a war with the Werewolves, manipulated by the Sabbat and Black Spiral Dancers. This venture will have been something long term in the making. Basically my thought is that the vozhd carcasses that were locked away in the mine, well the BSDs use some minor thunderwyrms to get at those, integrating the Tzimisce fleshcrafting into the thunderwyrms, and plan to use them in an assault on the Tucson and surrounding Caerns.
                  The "true" game will pick up in 1998ish, possibly even picking back up with the Week of Nightmares right off the bat. I plan on doing the majority of major play during this time, setting up for the events that will take place, the minor "Gehenna" of the time period. Once there comes a point when the coterie can no longer remain together, because of elder status, political needs, or just a parting of the ways, we will take a break, and I'll put together city lore sheets for the PCs and events that happened, and we will then transition to modern day V5 setting.
                  My idea is that the "Gehenna" event triggers the changes in the blood, like Hunger and Predators. Much of the political ramifications will depend on if the city goes Anarch in 1944. The way Rene has been running things, I could see them siding with the Anarchs, especially with Jeremy coming to recruit his grandchile's city to the cause. The whole Gadsden Marches may go Anarch.
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                    So a few updates from the weekend. Renee has grave concerns about the two with unknown lineage in the refugees. She has tasked Francois with trying to determine for Nemo, and approached Siobhan about determining Illianna's lineage. I have house ruled that with Path of Blood, on an exceptional success, you can recognize the clan/bloodline of the target if is one that you have experienced before. Therefore, most Tremere test blood of the major clans curing their training, as well as Salubri blood, so they can hopefully recognize it later in the field.

                    Siobhan comes to Elysium and performs the test, but is able to hide her shock from the others. They (Selena, Renee, Illiana, and Siobhan) move into the Council meeting chamber, and Siobhan reveals that Illianna has a Salubri lineage, and will be in grave peril, especially with the "Mantry" in Phoenix as she calls it. Siobhan in unapologetically feminist, but leans towards the equality side than militant anti-man side.

                    One of the other issues discussed is the fact that no Tremere are in the refugee groups, even though at least one of the cities had a large Chantry presence. Renee wants to know if that was due to the fact that the Tremere stayed behind to fight and recapture their territory, or if they were simple massacred.

                    The debate will now happen as to what to do with Ilianna. Siobhan is a childe of Carna, and would happily have access to a Salubri as a secret edge should she need it. She may even petition Renee to recognize her as a Tremere, using the argument that once her powers present, the reasoning that part of Salubri blood flows through all Tremere could be the reasoning for the manifestation. Alternately of course, she presents as Caitiff, and her eventual third eye is kept hidden till those in the city can be trusted with her protection. I see this working out especially if the city turns Anarch.

                    I thought about having Siobhan outright claim Ilianna was a Tremere, but she had concerns about that. She could trust Francois to maintain that fa├žade if he also tested her blood when he passed through. Also, should it come to light, she didn't want to risk the complications of the lie down the road with the Prince. She figures make the gamble, play on the sympathies, and should things turn south later, well, she will deal with it then. For now, she was able to keep the cloth that she had Ilianna put her blood on for testing, so she does have that ace up her sleeve.

                    We will see how these nights continue to progress.


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                      Fascinating stuff.

                      Author of Cthulhu Armageddon, I was a Teenage Weredeer, Straight Outta Fangton, Lucifer's Star, and the Supervillainy Saga.


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                        Originally posted by CTPhipps View Post
                        Fascinating stuff.
                        Thank you! I've been enjoying your takes and games as well.


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                          Some more behind the scenes stuff and a bit of character profiling.
                          Mary Alice, Madigan and Chester.
                          Their story begins when Madigan was 19, and his sister Mary Alice was 9. Madigan was born Madison Stetson, a cousin of John B Stetson. like his cousin and much of his family, he was a Hatter, originally working in Chicago. Madigan had caught the eye of a Toreador aristocrat with his extravagant and lavish hat creations, and she took him on as a ghoul and then childe. Mary Alice suffered from night terrors from a very early age, and when Madison left home, their parents became increasingly frustrated with her condition, and knowing that she would be an increasing burden on them especially as she neared marriageable age and unlikely to find a suitor as she grew increasingly isolated, loosing herself into books and stories. She was institutionalized by her parents, and while there drew the attention of the resident Malkavian, whom ghouled and help feed her delusions. She soon fixated on the story of Alice and the Looking glass. Her domitor would help create and embellish her fantasy world and vision through Presence, Dominate and Obfuscate. It wasn't until several years later, upon returning from a trip with his Sire that Madison learned of them embrace of his sister, when he saw her at a court event. He nearly flew into a rage to attack his sister's sire, but his sire and sister were able to calm him enough. Madison instead took out his anger on his parents, for putting her in the institution, not bothering to inform him in their correspondences, and for neglecting her enough to not even notice she was no longer there.
                          Mary Alice began to picture herself as Alice from the story, often renaming various vampires around her that she came into contact with as persons from the stories. She befriended the Gangrel Charles Monroe, and when his more feline visage came to the surface after frenzying to defender her against a vampire hunter, he earned her unending gratitude and the moniker Chester. Madison also took on a more protective station in Mary Alice's life, selling his family hattery to another cousin. During a particularly tumultuous time in Chicago's history, Madigan was able to exact revenge upon his sister's Sire. He began to sow the seeds in her mind that she was not Alice, but in fact, she was the Red Queen, and that her sire was the White Queen. This kept her anger at bay, and together the three of them left Chicago and traveled further west arriving in Denver and setting up a home there. The change of location allowed her delusions to subside, and they resumed a more normal unlife. After some years, she started to imprint new identities to the inhabitants of Denver, and Madison, who took the name Madigan after fleeing Chicago, started to see a replay of events in Chicago, but with the possibility that Mary Alice would be the instigator, not him.
                          When he got word that a small town in Arizona was seeking a Toreador to come and act as Keeper, he petitioned for the right. He was denied, due to a more senior vampire taking interest in it. Madigan once again turned his sister's attention to that Toreador, making him the White Knight, and worthy of being removed. Together the three of them were able to dispatch the Toreador before he left and before he had sent word of his acceptance. They took his place on the train to begin anew. This time, Madigan had thoughts of working to instill Mary Alice into a position of power, enabling her delusions to be abated by having some semblance of fulfillment. He currently hopes for one Malkavian within the refugees, if not more. This will allow a Malkavian Primogen to be needed and he can get his Sister on the council. He hopes that in time, he can find a new target to be the White Queen, perhaps Renee if she begins to abuse her position of power, or perhaps the Phoenix Tremere, which would be a much larger risk. He is currently gaining influence in the city, and Mary Alice is gaining the confidence of the Malkavian resident. When/if she does ascend to a position of power, she will take on the title of Queen Malice, which Madigan has concerns over the implications of that.

                          Currently Selena is developing a bit of a crush upon Madigan as well. She was only 16 or so when she was embraced, and became infatuated with Sergio before he "statued" on her. Madigan is one of the few men in the city that is remotely close to her age, and is charming. He also knows her secret, as it was stated out during the first council meeting that he was involved with after moving to Tucson. He seems no reason not to play off that infatuation, as it would be another potential ally, tool, or it would at least keep her looking at him and not seeing what Mary Alice is doing.
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                            So we have been running some small group interactions on Discord between game sessions every other week. Last night we did a bit between Renee and Siobhan about Ilianna and the future plans.

                            Ilianna will be recognized as a Caitiff, and receive guidance from Selena as another recognized Caitiff. As far as anyone else is concerned, that is what the blood told them, and if it comes to light later, then Siobhan can claim that the procedure was unsuccessful. Renee then expressed interest in the Coven that Ilianna runs, as she has expressed interest in the occult, going so far as to ask Selena to teach her Obtenebration. Siobhan counter offered that if Renee wished training, that one of the Coven, Gemma, be granted an Elysium, some form of performance hall, which Renee has agreed to.

                            Right now, Madigan is Keeper of Elysium, of which there are two in Tucson. Renee's Palace is still the default Elysium in most vampires minds, and where all the council events happen. Madigan has tried to get another location started, but in all honest, he is not a social butterfly and not suited to keeper. Gemma stepping up as such would take some pressure from him, and help Ilianna gather more power and influence within Tucson.
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                              Character Profiles - The Coven.

                              Founder: Siobhan O'Conner, childe of Carna.
                              Milagros Itzel, or Mila, childe of Siobhan, a human refugee of the Border Wars.
                              Gemma Thatcher, Daughter of Cacophany, masquerading as a Malkavian.
                              Danah Bint Roba El Khaliyeh, renegade Sorcerer of the Assamites, masquerading as a Caitiff
                              Xenia Cresh, Nosferatu
                              Esther Paredes, an Anananasi

                              Carna knew that things were transpiring within the Tremere for some time, and had been taking some measures of protection. She embraced childer in outskirts, frontier settlements, often times from indigenous populations, to help incorporate their innate magic into her descendants. Siobhan was a celtic pagan that Carna met in her travels. She was put up in the American West to keep her away from the trials of the major city chantries. While there, Siobhan met Danah, an outcast of the Assamites who had spoken out against some of the concerns she had within the clan but was unheard because of her low rank and social standing. Their interactions were rocky at first, but over time developed mutual trust and appreciation for each other's power.

                              Douglas, AZ is a border town, and at one point was the domain of a Brujah family lead by Reggie Wallace. He had fled the area during some territorial skirmishes and retreated to Bisbee, setting up in the developing mining town. He would occasionally send raiding parties into the territory of Douglas, making little distinction between the Sabbat that had kicked him out before and the new residents. Siobhan attracted displaced vampires, such as Gemma and Xenia, providing them with protection. It wasn't until recently that she came into contact with Esther, whom had been watching the coven with mild interest. The two fought alongside one another during a Sabbat territorial raid, and Esther took up residence with the Coven afterwards. The Coven knows of her true identity, but that is kept within the Coven.

                              When the Gadsden Marches were created, Siobhan saw this as both an opportunity and a risk. It would provide a measure of protection from the Tremere of Phoenix, which she has been trying to remain under the radar from. It also meant greater interaction with other vampires, with all the risk and reward there in. Once the Border Wars broke out in earnest, and the city of Douglas was raided by bandits and a massive battle fought, she realized that perhaps the safety of Tucson would be better. It was also helpful that Francois had approached her the previous year and offered for her to help lead the Chantry in Tucson, since he would be traveling a great deal monitoring the Marches. After meeting with Renee, and hearing how Tucson was governed, and the need for a clan to have at least 4 members to achieve Primogen recognition, she took claim of Esther as her childe and then embraced Mila shortly before accepting. She didn't have to take these steps, as Francois had already had a Primogen position, and Renee would not remove such from already established clans, but it did help cement her status.

                              In the coming nights, Esther will age, and something will need to happen to her. She is currently seeking a mate in hopes of creating a daughter that can step into her position. In the future, looking ahead to the Anarch revolt and a major Sabbat incursion at that time, she will probably take that opportunity to "be killed," garnering sympathy for the Tremere and allowing her to fade out as she continues to age.

                              Xenia was a beautiful woman before her embrace. She still has some of that, unfortunately she now also profusely sweats blood, making most social interactions, especially with humans, difficult. Siobhan accepted her into the Coven regardless, and she has been an capable defender, becoming one of the more martially oriented of the group. She has trained with Danah on the use of Obfuscate to confound and surprise one's opponent.

                              Danah was drawn to the West after her ousting from her homeland. She is as capable a fighter as she is a sorcerer and valiantly defends the Coven as her new family. In time, especially in the modern nights when Ur Shulgi breaks the blood curse, those abilities might be matched against the Coven and the rest of Tucson.

                              Gemma was a talented cabaret dancer and singer before her embrace, and has developed her new powers accordingly. Siobhan knows of her actual clan, but they agreed it was more prudent to masquerade as not to draw undue attention. and keep from being used or killed for her abilities. It will be interesting to see how things play out should she get Keeper of Elyisum from Madigan, which would give the Coven two votes on the Tucson Council. She and Siobhan also plan on making the coven house into an Elysium. Gemma would like to have multiple Elysium's throughout the city, catering to different needs. The Palace is the drinking, party, social establishment. Gemma's performance hall will be the entertainment venue. The Coven House would be more like a library research style. Selena has plans to have a Symposium area under the hospital, for talks and forums on the vampire condition. It will be interested once Dr. Netchurch, Beckett and other more scholarly tilted vampires get wind.

                              I am pondering that part of the Coven membership is a modified Vaulderie, which would somewhat be in line with the severing of blood ties for Siobhan and the Tremere higher ups. I still haven't decided on that. it would be interesting to see how Renee would react so such a requirement to have access to any of the Coven's hidden knowledge.
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